Monday, May 11, 2015

The Arrival of Princess Selena

(This is document is to be entered into the public history of Winterfell) 

June 27th 2012

 Dearest Uni,

It has been far too long since we have seen each other.  I hope the urgent matters that pulled you from our fair land will be wrapped up soon as I have pressing need of your council. I will be sending this letter to you on the wings of one of my dream ravens in hopes that it is able to find you wherever you may be.

After a long week of working on the affairs of Winterfell, all I wanted to do was stumble to my tower and flop down on my bed for a well-deserved rest.   I rowed my little boat from Laudanum to my tower, I must have been deep in thought because I didn’t notice the distinct feeling that I was being watched.  This is not an unusual feeling for me to have, being the Senechelf of Winterfell, I am used to having people watch me from time to time so I didn't think too much of it.  That feeling of being watched turned to something stronger, something I could not ignore, so I stopped and looked out over the water.  I didn’t find anyone approaching, the water was still and the night quiet but I could see the wispy fingers of The Mist receding from the waters of Anodyne.  It is not unusual for The Mists to be out and playing its little tricks upon the land and I wondered what tales I would hear in the morning.  But being far too tired to consider the matter much more, I resigned myself once again to bed with the intention of investigating in the morning.

As I turned to my door my ears started to tingle as I noticed the door was ajar slightly.  My breath caught in my throat as the feeling of being laughed at tickled in the back of my mind.  At that very moment I knew that The Mist had not visited some other resident of Winterfell, but had come to pay me a visit.

With great trepidation I pushed my door open and took a careful visual inventory of the room... everything seemed in place.  The cats were sleeping, all the art was intact, the carpet was rumpled and the mantel needed a good dusting, but that wasn't new.  Relieved that nothing was amiss I moved to pour myself a glass of wine before turning in for the night, and that is when I heard it.  A mumble?  No.  A murmur?  No. There it was again!  A gurgle?  Yes, that is it… a gurgle!

A gurgle!?  What in the world? 

Quietly I tip toed around the sofa to see what it could be.  Fully expecting to find some sort of other worldly creature nibbling on the leg of my favorite table, but no, all I found was a white woven basket with something carefully wrapped inside.  I cautiously pulled back the white fabric that was tucked over the parcel and I am sure I must have gasped because, my dear Uni, you will not believe what was in that basket!


A plump little elven baby with the softest fluff of white hair covering its round little head and shining little eyes blinking up at me.  In my surprise I dropped the fabric back over the baby and stood up straight and turned to look out the window.  The feeling of being laughed at again tickled across my skin and echoed back at me through the tinkling of that child’s laughter.  

A baby in a basket?!  The Mist?!  And then I suddenly remembered making an off handed joke at Mr Drinkwaters rezday party about having a baby. I do like to see him sweat and try to be diplomatic about such outlandish things and you know how wonderful he is at finding the most ingenious ways to divert the conversation to more proper topics.

I ran to the window, still able to see the very last fingers of The Mist evaporating on the horizon and I called out to it "I WAS KIDDING!!!!". 

A little laugh bubbled from the basket as I made my way back to the basket and carefully pulled back the fabric.   Certainly it was cute and tiny and laughing at me.  Imagine my bewilderment as I inspected the little creature and found a card pinned to its dress that read "Selena".

Uni, The Mists have played an awful trick on me!  I have dire need of your counsel.  I can just see your amusement at my predicament, but this is no laughing matter!  The Mists have always tricks on us.  Varied, unpredictable, playful and sometimes edging on violent and dangerous, but this is all together something new and I am not sure what to make of it.

Please hurry home!
Your friend, Serra

Friday, April 17, 2015

April 2015 Moot - completely unedited

[2015/04/04 13:15]  Eilidh McCullough: Hello Mr Pod
[2015/04/04 13:15]  Podruly Peccable: How are you?
[2015/04/04 13:16]  Eilidh McCullough: Good, thanks - just explaining to someone why I can;t drop everything and go to a concert
[2015/04/04 13:16]  Eilidh McCullough: and you?
[2015/04/04 13:17]  Podruly Peccable: I'm fine thank you... what's the concert?
[2015/04/04 13:17]  Eilidh McCullough: Susan Longtail at Raglan
[2015/04/04 13:18]  Podruly Peccable: Is the seat being awkward/
[2015/04/04 13:18]  Podruly Peccable: Hullo love
[2015/04/04 13:18]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): hello!
[2015/04/04 13:18]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): my poor computer
[2015/04/04 13:18]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): LOL
[2015/04/04 13:19]  Eilidh McCullough: I'm not keen on the anim
[2015/04/04 13:19]  Podruly Peccable: Whats the matter with it?
[2015/04/04 13:19]  Eilidh McCullough: so swapping for one of mine
[2015/04/04 13:19]  Eilidh McCullough: makes me look fidgety
[2015/04/04 13:19]  Podruly Peccable: :)
[2015/04/04 13:19]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): and no one wants that
[2015/04/04 13:20]  Podruly Peccable: Nope
[2015/04/04 13:20]  Eilidh McCullough: Hello Princess
[2015/04/04 13:20]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): Hello Eili *waves*
[2015/04/04 13:21]  Eilidh McCullough: I made these for Vic's hotel
[2015/04/04 13:21]  Eilidh McCullough: and now one in right tartan for here
[2015/04/04 13:21]  Podruly Peccable: :)
[2015/04/04 13:21]  Podruly Peccable: Thank you!
[2015/04/04 13:22]  Eilidh McCullough: pleasure
[2015/04/04 13:22]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): thank you!
[2015/04/04 13:22]  Eilidh McCullough: I like your matching outfits
[2015/04/04 13:22]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): haha
[2015/04/04 13:23]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): well I sorta made him wear it
[2015/04/04 13:23]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): well not made...
[2015/04/04 13:23]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): I had it first
[2015/04/04 13:24]  Podruly Peccable: I'm just copying
[2015/04/04 13:24]  Eilidh McCullough: You nearly had me as a biggy
[2015/04/04 13:25]  Eilidh McCullough: I was updating outfits with new Slink parts
[2015/04/04 13:25]  Eilidh McCullough: Hello Ceejay
[2015/04/04 13:25]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): Hello CeeJay
[2015/04/04 13:25]  Podruly Peccable: Hullo Ceejay
[2015/04/04 13:25]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): hello Cassie!
[2015/04/04 13:25]  CeeJay Tigerpaw: PURR!
[2015/04/04 13:25]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): hello Selena!
[2015/04/04 13:25]  Eilidh McCullough: Hi Cassie
[2015/04/04 13:25]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): hi Podruly
[2015/04/04 13:26]  Podruly Peccable: I missed the first part of that, Eilie, for a moment I thought Slink were making bunnies
[2015/04/04 13:26]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): hello CJ
[2015/04/04 13:26]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): me too!
[2015/04/04 13:26]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): hi Ms Eili and Ori
[2015/04/04 13:27]  Podruly Peccable: Hello Cassie, Hello wizardess
[2015/04/04 13:27]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): off the table, cat
[2015/04/04 13:27]  Podruly Peccable: Yeah, like that ever works
[2015/04/04 13:27]  Eilidh McCullough: Hello Andrea
[2015/04/04 13:27]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): I love the easter outfits Princess and Podruly!
[2015/04/04 13:27]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): heh
[2015/04/04 13:27]  Eilidh McCullough: Hi Ori
[2015/04/04 13:27]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): hehe, thanks
[2015/04/04 13:27]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): hello Ori
[2015/04/04 13:27]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): hi Andrea
[2015/04/04 13:27]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): greetings
[2015/04/04 13:27]  Oriella Charik: hi hi!
[2015/04/04 13:27]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): welcome, Andrea
[2015/04/04 13:28]  Second Life: Select residents to share with.
[2015/04/04 13:28]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): TY
[2015/04/04 13:28]  Podruly Peccable: Hello Miss Andrea
[2015/04/04 13:28]  Second Life: Items successfully shared.
[2015/04/04 13:28]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): Olde tore himself away from a Madonna concert:)
[2015/04/04 13:28]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): Welcome< Herndon ^^ good to see you
[2015/04/04 13:28]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): (one of his teams put it on)
[2015/04/04 13:28]  Eilidh McCullough: Hello Miss Herndon
[2015/04/04 13:28]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): madonna??
[2015/04/04 13:28]  Herndon Bluebird: Hello all!
[2015/04/04 13:28]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): I didnt know he was a fan
[2015/04/04 13:29]  Eilidh McCullough: I don't think it's THAT Madonna
[2015/04/04 13:29]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): Apparently, it was quite a show..full house
[2015/04/04 13:29]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): hello, Aethelswith
[2015/04/04 13:29]  Eilidh McCullough: or was it?
[2015/04/04 13:29]  Aethelswith: Good Afternoon.
[2015/04/04 13:29]  Herndon Bluebird: Hmm. Am I in cloud form for all of you?
[2015/04/04 13:29]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): nope, i can see you
[2015/04/04 13:29]  Eilidh McCullough: Hello Aethelswith
[2015/04/04 13:29]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): Hello Savannah and Toubanua
[2015/04/04 13:29]  Eilidh McCullough: Everybunny is rezzed today
[2015/04/04 13:30]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): hello Aethelswith
[2015/04/04 13:30]  Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Hello :)
[2015/04/04 13:30]  Podruly Peccable: Hello Aethelswith, Savanahh
[2015/04/04 13:30]  Savannah Blindside: Hello, your highness, and hello everyone
[2015/04/04 13:30]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): hi Toubanua and Herndon
[2015/04/04 13:30]  Eilidh McCullough: Hello Savanna, Toubanua
[2015/04/04 13:30]  Eilidh McCullough: Hello Wild
[2015/04/04 13:30]  Herndon Bluebird: I'll take your words for it. At least I see everyone else.
[2015/04/04 13:30]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): hi Wild
[2015/04/04 13:30]  Wildstar Beaumont: greetings
[2015/04/04 13:30]  Savannah Blindside: Oh my land your BUNNY SUITS
[2015/04/04 13:30]  Podruly Peccable: Greetings ADmiral
[2015/04/04 13:30]  Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Hello, all :)
[2015/04/04 13:30]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): giggles
[2015/04/04 13:30]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): hello Wildstar, *waves happily*
[2015/04/04 13:30]  Aethelswith: I'm sorry, there seems to be a hare in my meeting.
[2015/04/04 13:30]  Herndon Bluebird: The bunny suits are spectacular.
[2015/04/04 13:30]  Eilidh McCullough: Hi Olde
[2015/04/04 13:31]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): HI Il
[2015/04/04 13:31]  Wildstar Beaumont: I like the music ;)
[2015/04/04 13:31]  Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Eggywegs!
[2015/04/04 13:31]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): heh
[2015/04/04 13:31]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Hello!!!
[2015/04/04 13:31]  Podruly Peccable: Nice hat, Toubanua
[2015/04/04 13:31]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): hi love
[2015/04/04 13:31]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): Olde...
[2015/04/04 13:31]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Good to see everyone !
[2015/04/04 13:31]  Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Thank you :)
[2015/04/04 13:31]  Savannah Blindside: I was just about to say!
[2015/04/04 13:31]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): you have not rezed for me fully
[2015/04/04 13:31]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): grins :-)
[2015/04/04 13:31]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): there you are!
[2015/04/04 13:31]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): I was an egg
[2015/04/04 13:31]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): you were missing your skin
[2015/04/04 13:31]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): it was strange
[2015/04/04 13:32]  Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Sounds horrifying.
[2015/04/04 13:32]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): /me looks around the room
[2015/04/04 13:32]  Savannah Blindside: The garden looks amazing, Selena
[2015/04/04 13:32]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): wow, I didnt think many would show up today being that it is easter weekend
[2015/04/04 13:32]  Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Yes, beautiful
[2015/04/04 13:32]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): oh thank you!!
[2015/04/04 13:32]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): It is?
[2015/04/04 13:32]  Podruly Peccable: /me nods, it is lovely
[2015/04/04 13:32]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): grabs an easter egg.....
[2015/04/04 13:32]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): easter i mean
[2015/04/04 13:32]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): i have a few more things to add, but I havent been in the mood to get the last bits done
[2015/04/04 13:32]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): hello Cierra
[2015/04/04 13:32]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): Welcome, Cierra
[2015/04/04 13:33]  Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Hello, Cierra :)
[2015/04/04 13:33]  Podruly Peccable: Miss Cierra
[2015/04/04 13:33]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): Hello Mr Dean!
[2015/04/04 13:33]  Cierra Anatine: Greetings everyone :-)
[2015/04/04 13:33]  Podruly Peccable: TWelcome Mr Dean
[2015/04/04 13:33]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): hi Telemachus
[2015/04/04 13:33]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): Everyone, Mr Dean is our newest resident. He has moved into the Fountain Park area of Sanctuary
[2015/04/04 13:33]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): hallo Herr Baron
[2015/04/04 13:33]  Savannah Blindside: Oh lovely, just across from me!
[2015/04/04 13:33]  Wildstar Beaumont: greetings Mr. Dean .. welcome to Winterfell
[2015/04/04 13:33]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): Herr Baron, A pleasure to see you
[2015/04/04 13:33]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): It is excellent to have Ritter Telemachus back.
[2015/04/04 13:34]  Eilidh McCullough: Hello Mr Dean
[2015/04/04 13:34]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): a pleasure to meet you
[2015/04/04 13:34]  Telemachus Dean: smiles....thank you your Grace, just call me Tele, rhymes with jelly... grins
[2015/04/04 13:34]  Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Welcome :)
[2015/04/04 13:34]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): bows in her seat to thre baron
[2015/04/04 13:34]  Cierra Anatine: Welcome to Winterfell. Mr. Dean!
[2015/04/04 13:34]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me bows
[2015/04/04 13:34]  Savannah Blindside: Yes, welcome!
[2015/04/04 13:34]  Wildstar Beaumont: apart from the frozen noobs in the cellars we are a good bunch
[2015/04/04 13:34]  Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Hi, Baron :)
[2015/04/04 13:34]  Savannah Blindside: /me grins
[2015/04/04 13:34]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Highness.
[2015/04/04 13:34]  Eilidh McCullough: Guten Abend, Herr Baron
[2015/04/04 13:34]  Telemachus Dean: Baron! good to see you!
[2015/04/04 13:34]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Guten Abend, everyone.
[2015/04/04 13:34]  CeeJay Tigerpaw: PURR!
[2015/04/04 13:34]  Podruly Peccable: Good day, Herr Baron
[2015/04/04 13:35]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): Happy Easter and Passover to those who celebrate
[2015/04/04 13:35]  Wildstar Beaumont:
[2015/04/04 13:35]  Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Yes, a more decent folk would procure only fresh noobs for meals rather than trying to preserve their bodies but frozen noobs aren't bad. Just don't feed them to the ducks.
[2015/04/04 13:35]  Savannah Blindside: /me smiles
[2015/04/04 13:35]  Cierra Anatine: Oh Princess and look adorable!
[2015/04/04 13:35]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): /me grins and fluffs her ears
[2015/04/04 13:35]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): thank you
[2015/04/04 13:35]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me chuckles
[2015/04/04 13:35]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): most of you have been to a moot before
[2015/04/04 13:36]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): basically this Moot is a community meeting that happens on the first saturday of each month at 1:30 pm
[2015/04/04 13:36]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): we start out with my agenda , usually news of the realm, changes... my thoughts and sometimes a tutorial
[2015/04/04 13:37]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): then I ask for updates from people around the realm on long standing long term projects
[2015/04/04 13:37]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): and then I open the floor to tom foolery and welcome people announcements and news
[2015/04/04 13:38]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): This month I only have a short list of topics for myself
[2015/04/04 13:38]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): so we will have lots of open time to chat and share
[2015/04/04 13:38]  Cierra Anatine: You know we all come for the tom-foolery :-)
[2015/04/04 13:38]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): I know I kno
[2015/04/04 13:38]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): :D
[2015/04/04 13:38]  Telemachus Dean: I've always liked tom...
[2015/04/04 13:38]  Cierra Anatine: lol
[2015/04/04 13:38]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): First I want to share with you all why I have been MIA on and off for the last 4-6 weeks
[2015/04/04 13:39]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): My mother got very ill and was admitted to the hospital a month ago
[2015/04/04 13:39]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): just over a month ago
[2015/04/04 13:39]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): they wanted to prep her that month for an operation they thought would go over fine and dandy
[2015/04/04 13:40]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): but ended up having complications
[2015/04/04 13:40]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me frowns in concern
[2015/04/04 13:40]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): we got her home last week Friday and I have moved in with her as she heals and gets used to her new lifestyle
[2015/04/04 13:40]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): our prayers have been with you
[2015/04/04 13:40]  Savannah Blindside: /me catches the Baron's eye and nods
[2015/04/04 13:40]  Savannah Blindside: Very much so.
[2015/04/04 13:40]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): I wont get into any details other than that... but its going to be a rough month going forward
[2015/04/04 13:41]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): I will be here as much as I can
[2015/04/04 13:41]  Telemachus Dean: nods sympathetically
[2015/04/04 13:41]  Cierra Anatine: I'm glad to hear she is home and getting well
[2015/04/04 13:41]  Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I wish you strength
[2015/04/04 13:41]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): I have gotten SL GO to work on her computer so I have reasonable access for the next month
[2015/04/04 13:41]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): We are here to help as much as possible
[2015/04/04 13:41]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me nods in agreement
[2015/04/04 13:41]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): thank you all for your support and prayers - it means so very much to me to know that I have your understanding and support
[2015/04/04 13:41]  Podruly Peccable: /me nods
[2015/04/04 13:42]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): /me smiles and nodds
[2015/04/04 13:42]  Aethelswith: Were you aware SLGo is going away at the end of the month?
[2015/04/04 13:42]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): SL GO was purchased by Sony recently and plan on closing up SL GO at the end of this month
[2015/04/04 13:42]  Podruly Peccable: Yes :(
[2015/04/04 13:42]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): so I have a month to get her independent enough so that I can move back home
[2015/04/04 13:42]  Aethelswith: I'm sure a lot of us are being adversely affected b that :(
[2015/04/04 13:42]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): not that SL GO is really my
[2015/04/04 13:43]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): sorry, the mother called
[2015/04/04 13:43]  Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): No problem
[2015/04/04 13:43]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): SL Go isnt my litmus test to her being independent but it would help
[2015/04/04 13:44]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): that was her calling to get me to come back, something has come up ... I can finish most the meeting then I have to go
[2015/04/04 13:44]  Podruly Peccable: I'll be very sad to see SLGo go... its the best way for me to see how lovely Winterfell is
[2015/04/04 13:44]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): I am sorry :(
[2015/04/04 13:44]  Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): We understand
[2015/04/04 13:45]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): /me nodds
[2015/04/04 13:45]  Eilidh McCullough: Hugs
[2015/04/04 13:45]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): Okay... so I will be here and gone and with out much control over when I can be here
[2015/04/04 13:45]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): as we just had happen
[2015/04/04 13:45]  Podruly Peccable: /me squeezes the Princess's hand
[2015/04/04 13:45]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): now worries, Mom's always come first
[2015/04/04 13:45]  Cierra Anatine: we understand
[2015/04/04 13:45]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): no*
[2015/04/04 13:45]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): I am at my own apartment currently, I am lucky that my mothers place is only a mile or so away
[2015/04/04 13:45]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): She comes first
[2015/04/04 13:45]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): family first
[2015/04/04 13:45]  Herndon Bluebird: Of course
[2015/04/04 13:45]  Eilidh McCullough: That is handy
[2015/04/04 13:46]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): One of the things that I have been contemplating is security orbs
[2015/04/04 13:46]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): /me ears perk up.
[2015/04/04 13:46]  Telemachus Dean: listens
[2015/04/04 13:46]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): and I know they are a highly emotional topic
[2015/04/04 13:46]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): so I am going to test out some ideas
[2015/04/04 13:46]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): get feed back and not make any changes now
[2015/04/04 13:46]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): Currently we allow orbs
[2015/04/04 13:47]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): I do not want to ban them but I do want to come up with a sliding scale of what is allowed
[2015/04/04 13:47]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): to use an orb in Winterfell you have to have the warning time set to 60 seconds
[2015/04/04 13:47]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): this is fine on smaller parcels
[2015/04/04 13:48]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): where it only takes 15 seconds or so to get though the parcel
[2015/04/04 13:48]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): some land owners have rather large parcels
[2015/04/04 13:48]  Savannah Blindside: /me laughs ruefully. I always get in a panic, forgetting how to leave for a second or four
[2015/04/04 13:48]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me grins sympathetically
[2015/04/04 13:49]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): that, when combined with lag and the intricacies of water ships and air ships, it can take much longer to get out of a parcel
[2015/04/04 13:49]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): I personally dont understand the need for orbs, but it is not my place to put my own thoughts upon how you live in SL
[2015/04/04 13:49]  CeeJay Tigerpaw: The orbs I am familiar with produce a spherical security field. And a 90-meter height can be quite a bother.
[2015/04/04 13:50]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Agreed.
[2015/04/04 13:50]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): they can be limited
[2015/04/04 13:50]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): to much smaller areas
[2015/04/04 13:50]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): so I was hoping to get some feed back from people who do use them on what might be a good comprimise
[2015/04/04 13:50]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): i used to use one in caledon
[2015/04/04 13:50]  Cierra Anatine: Some can be configured to a box shape, which works well for homes, yet allows people to enjoy the gardens
[2015/04/04 13:51]  Oriella Charik: There are orbs that can follow irregular borders and have adjustable heights
[2015/04/04 13:51]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): I set the range so it does not extend beyound the walls....and Roof...of our home.
[2015/04/04 13:51]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): that is how ours it set
[2015/04/04 13:51]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): It was my understanding Caldeon does not allow orbs below 500M?
[2015/04/04 13:51]  Podruly Peccable: How ingenious
[2015/04/04 13:51]  Eilidh McCullough: I like Cassie's solution.
[2015/04/04 13:51]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): what system is that?
[2015/04/04 13:51]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): this was from 512 and up and had notifiers for those that wandered on the parcel. then i ejected should they not leave
[2015/04/04 13:51]  Cierra Anatine: I do too
[2015/04/04 13:52]  Telemachus Dean: I was thinking of just getting a large wolf....
[2015/04/04 13:52]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): Code Blue I think...Ori made me aware of them
[2015/04/04 13:52]  Cierra Anatine: I can see not allowing people into your home, but the gardens should be walkable for guests
[2015/04/04 13:52]  Telemachus Dean: agreed Your HIghness
[2015/04/04 13:52]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): i will send you a nc on what i used my orb for and why.
[2015/04/04 13:53]  Oriella Charik: I have two orbs, one for the house the other for the garden
[2015/04/04 13:53]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): I will look into the Code Blue
[2015/04/04 13:53]  Cierra Anatine: I use Triple Labs. You can set the sorners and height
[2015/04/04 13:53]  Savannah Blindside: /me eyes Tele. Zooby's.
[2015/04/04 13:53]  Cierra Anatine: corners
[2015/04/04 13:53]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): /me jots down Triple Labs as wel
[2015/04/04 13:53]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me remembers one time he was threatened with being pitched out of Trikassi.
[2015/04/04 13:53]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): it was a matter of perspective awareness of privacy or me and other newb avis
[2015/04/04 13:54]  Savannah Blindside: I agree with Cierra about the house/garden thing
[2015/04/04 13:54]  Podruly Peccable: I was attacked by security bees many years ago in Winterfell... that was quite fun:)
[2015/04/04 13:54]  Oriella Charik: My inability to spell your name Baron (blushes)
[2015/04/04 13:54]  Savannah Blindside: Oooh.
[2015/04/04 13:54]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me grins
[2015/04/04 13:54]  Telemachus Dean: smiles at MIss Peccable
[2015/04/04 13:54]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): Mr Peccable
[2015/04/04 13:54]  Savannah Blindside: /me is helplessly recalling a Eddie Izzard comedy routine
[2015/04/04 13:54]  Telemachus Dean: oh! my apologies...
[2015/04/04 13:54]  Telemachus Dean: bluishes
[2015/04/04 13:54]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me chuckles
[2015/04/04 13:54]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): :)
[2015/04/04 13:54]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): He is a Knight like you.
[2015/04/04 13:55]  Cierra Anatine: Covered in bees!!
[2015/04/04 13:55]  Savannah Blindside: /me points to Cierra "Exactly."
[2015/04/04 13:55]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): some people use attack animals to push people off the parcels. Would those be considered orbs?
[2015/04/04 13:55]  Podruly Peccable: hehe... onesies aren't the most macho of garments
[2015/04/04 13:55]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Heh.
[2015/04/04 13:55]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): I would not consider them orbs, Andrea
[2015/04/04 13:55]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): but I would want to make sure they only push to the parcel limit
[2015/04/04 13:56]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): would it be considered assault under the tos?
[2015/04/04 13:56]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): I dont know
[2015/04/04 13:56]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): I think not
[2015/04/04 13:56]  Cierra Anatine: heheh
[2015/04/04 13:57]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): My biggest concern is making sure that the airways and waterways are welcoming
[2015/04/04 13:57]  CeeJay Tigerpaw: The key might be the selection of an appropriately humiliating defender.
[2015/04/04 13:57]  CeeJay Tigerpaw: Perhaps an attack gerbil.
[2015/04/04 13:57]  CeeJay Tigerpaw: Or a snail.
[2015/04/04 13:57]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): :)
[2015/04/04 13:57]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): it is very pleasant to be able to stroll around Winterfell, either walking or in a boat
[2015/04/04 13:57]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): yes, Id like to keep that up
[2015/04/04 13:58]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): some parcels have the path ways cutting through a section of the parcel
[2015/04/04 13:58]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): I have tried to keep that limited
[2015/04/04 13:58]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): but it does still happen
[2015/04/04 13:59]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): has not made the time to fully read the covenant. Is there a provision to keep the parcel land open with the exception to the homes themselves?
[2015/04/04 13:59]  Savannah Blindside: And y'all are welcome to come and explore Aurora. Once again, I missed the home & garden tour sign up.
[2015/04/04 13:59]  Herndon Bluebird: I don't mind the path through. It's nice to have people stroll by.
[2015/04/04 13:59]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): I have never needed to get into that level of detail before, but I will if it seems prudent
[2015/04/04 13:59]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): unfortunately, there are noobs that feel free to enter a residence and make themselves at home.
[2015/04/04 13:59]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): yes has had that hppen
[2015/04/04 14:00]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): I just boot them on a case by case basis when that happens
[2015/04/04 14:00]  Telemachus Dean: aye, that is true about the doors used to lock
[2015/04/04 14:00]  CeeJay Tigerpaw: I wish there were a security orb that had an age-dependent feature.
[2015/04/04 14:00]  Oriella Charik: My noob alarm goes off most days
[2015/04/04 14:00]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): giggles
[2015/04/04 14:00]  Oriella Charik: And the orb does have an age setting
[2015/04/04 14:00]  Savannah Blindside: and that's fine, as long as they don't realize they can cam inside a house and sit in a chair to circumvent
[2015/04/04 14:00]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): right
[2015/04/04 14:00]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): which is easy
[2015/04/04 14:00]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): nods
[2015/04/04 14:01]  Herndon Bluebird: /me admits to locking doors for my residence -- keeps out most Noobs anyway.
[2015/04/04 14:01]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): true
[2015/04/04 14:01]  Telemachus Dean: oh, yes, had not thought of that. now I can break in anywhere!
[2015/04/04 14:01]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): orbs mainly seem to help if you are building or distracted and do not wish to have a surprise when someone shows up suddenly
[2015/04/04 14:01]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): okay so I will keep researching and getting feed back
[2015/04/04 14:02]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): I dont want to alienate anyone
[2015/04/04 14:02]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): that is the last thing on my mind
[2015/04/04 14:02]  Telemachus Dean: nods
[2015/04/04 14:02]  Cierra Anatine: Is the problem too much security, or not enough?
[2015/04/04 14:02]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): so I will keep the changes to the orb rules as flexible and easy to follow and keep the orb uses happy
[2015/04/04 14:02]  Cierra Anatine: Why does it need to b echanged?
[2015/04/04 14:02]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): depends on your midset
[2015/04/04 14:03]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): *mindset
[2015/04/04 14:03]  Oriella Charik: Perhaps a request that people inform Admin if they intend to put in security?
[2015/04/04 14:03]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): in the last month I have gotten many "I was visiting Winterfell and kicked all over the place by an orb"
[2015/04/04 14:03]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): they lose their vehicles
[2015/04/04 14:03]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): or get sent home
[2015/04/04 14:03]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): ah, but where did these folks try to go
[2015/04/04 14:03]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): we've had orbs in Winterfell for years....but there may be a few residents who do not read the covenant closely....
[2015/04/04 14:03]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): or get TPed to some other location
[2015/04/04 14:03]  Cierra Anatine: so it needs to be restricted. It's not a problem with too many noobs
[2015/04/04 14:03]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): nodds
[2015/04/04 14:03]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): I was surprised by one, but managed to remove myself in time.
[2015/04/04 14:04]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): they were simply air sailing the realm
[2015/04/04 14:04]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): I was well up in the air at the time, which was more surprising.
[2015/04/04 14:04]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): rl follows us inhere. people want a sense or privacy
[2015/04/04 14:04]  Podruly Peccable: Perhaps identify the bad spots, and see if those orbs can be tuned more finely?
[2015/04/04 14:04]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): Winterfell is one of the more picturesque realms so we get lots of visitors coming to sight see
[2015/04/04 14:04]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): and do not read th einstructions onthe orbs
[2015/04/04 14:05]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Ah, the bane of modern society - being forced to read.
[2015/04/04 14:05]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me grins
[2015/04/04 14:05]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): heh
[2015/04/04 14:05]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): thats a good point Andrea
[2015/04/04 14:05]  Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): lol
[2015/04/04 14:05]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): I had 512 set too as much privacy as i could manage
[2015/04/04 14:06]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): i don't bother anymore
[2015/04/04 14:06]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): again I want to say that I dont want to remove privacy
[2015/04/04 14:06]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): I jsut feel there must be a happy medium
[2015/04/04 14:06]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): Speaking of RL....a home security system does not boot out stray cats and dogs!
[2015/04/04 14:06]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): hee
[2015/04/04 14:06]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): Undewrstood, but people bring in their preconcieved notions
[2015/04/04 14:07]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): from rl
[2015/04/04 14:07]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): yes
[2015/04/04 14:07]  Eilidh McCullough: Perhaps those wanting more privacy could consider above-clouds residences?
[2015/04/04 14:07]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): I do not want to push that
[2015/04/04 14:07]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): because the sky is the same here as it is anywhere
[2015/04/04 14:07]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): I will not push out residents
[2015/04/04 14:07]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): people are here for the ambiance
[2015/04/04 14:08]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): yes
[2015/04/04 14:08]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): themost i would use on now is inthe home.
[2015/04/04 14:08]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): /me shakes out her fingers to type better.
[2015/04/04 14:08]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): I need to educate myself on the options available for specific orbs
[2015/04/04 14:08]  Eilidh McCullough: hmm, was not suggesting instead of a conventional home, more as an "extra room"
[2015/04/04 14:09]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): less parcel based and more .... boundary based?
[2015/04/04 14:09]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): if you add orbs up there it will get congested
[2015/04/04 14:09]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): people don't always educate themselves or feel the restrictions on use do not apply to them
[2015/04/04 14:10]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): I appreciate the feed back and education on the new brands of orbs... I will for sure look into them
[2015/04/04 14:10]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): Olde.. are you here?
[2015/04/04 14:10]  Savannah Blindside: /me nods, agreeing 1000% with Andrea
[2015/04/04 14:10]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Yes , your highness
[2015/04/04 14:10]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): I will send you the ncon my orb if you want
[2015/04/04 14:10]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): would you like to give your update?
[2015/04/04 14:11]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): sure!
[2015/04/04 14:11]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): I am once again the captain of Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps Relay For Life with a host of fantastic co captains and team members - as shown here, If anyone is interested in contributing to our convio - this is the website There are convio challenges and we earned 41K for meeting all of them by kickoff.
[2015/04/04 14:11]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me applauds
[2015/04/04 14:11]  Savannah Blindside: convio?
[2015/04/04 14:11]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): I am also one of the coaches as is Lady Kitty, one of our new members of Winterfell. Admiral Beaumont is the Lead Photographer - *ducks under the table!!! Winterfell is well recognized and many members of Relay reside here. Thanks to Ms. Eili - Relay For Life has an events calendar for everyone to use - it can be purchased for $0 lindens at this site
[2015/04/04 14:12]  Savannah Blindside: oooh, very helpful!
[2015/04/04 14:12]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): I will answer any questions you may have - I wish for the Princess to help her mother
[2015/04/04 14:12]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Our team is Team 50 and we are already at $302,300 and in the Gold Category of Fundraising This is about what we did last year !! The most important thing for us is to smile, have fun and do (p)awesome things. Noooo Stressing is allowed . If you would like to join our team, please feel free to let one of us know or for right now, the group is open during the moot.
[2015/04/04 14:12]  Wildstar Beaumont: Convio = a way to send RFL donation to SL from RL using a credit card or paypal
[2015/04/04 14:12]  *CABS* Tiny Bunny Body v2014: Franimation override off.
[2015/04/04 14:12]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): thank you Admiral
[2015/04/04 14:13]  Savannah Blindside: ohhh
[2015/04/04 14:13]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps - is on its way to another successful year. We had the Time Traveler's Dance with Jarl Otenth Paderborn. Everyone had a wonderful time. Lady Panza did a Bid Me Bald event with the Relay Rockers and raised 40K Tomorrow we are having a dual event with Team Caledon at Ms. Magdalena's new sim - a sim warming event - a dual kiosk will be used
[2015/04/04 14:13]  Podruly Peccable: I was sorry to miss the Time Travellers Ball
[2015/04/04 14:13]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): We have many exciting events coming up including Swim for a Cure at Trikassi on April 11th at 1pm. We will also be having a Bring Your Own Kiosk event at Skybeam estates on Sunday April 12th at 12pm SLT. Other events are in the works .. and we have our kiosk at several venues in SL that requested our kiosk such as Junkyard Blues, and Cay's Woodland.
[2015/04/04 14:14]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): nice
[2015/04/04 14:14]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): :)
[2015/04/04 14:14]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): and this is a personal thought
[2015/04/04 14:14]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): One thing that I would like to emphasize is that if you see an event that interests you, please attend. It is not so much about how much money can we raise or making anyone feel like they have to donate - but our builders put a lot of time into these events - your presence is most welcome - most of all!
[2015/04/04 14:14]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): thank you olde!
[2015/04/04 14:15]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): you are most welcome Princess
[2015/04/04 14:15]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): Does anyone else have any announcements or updates?
[2015/04/04 14:15]  Eilidh McCullough: Is the SkyBeam event at the team HQ parcel, or Nevar's?
[2015/04/04 14:15]  CeeJay Tigerpaw: I have a question of sorts.
[2015/04/04 14:15]  Wildstar Beaumont: if I may add ...
[2015/04/04 14:15]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): I think Nevar's
[2015/04/04 14:15]  Telemachus Dean: listens
[2015/04/04 14:16]  CeeJay Tigerpaw: We had a ball at Borderlands a week or two ago, it was quite successful.
[2015/04/04 14:16]  CeeJay Tigerpaw: I was thinking of holding more.
[2015/04/04 14:16]  Telemachus Dean: loves Borderlands
[2015/04/04 14:16]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): enchanting CeeJay - it was wonderful
[2015/04/04 14:16]  CeeJay Tigerpaw: I don't want to conflit with regular Winterfell events.
[2015/04/04 14:16]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): /me smiles "I am sorry I missed your event, CeeJay... I was at work"
[2015/04/04 14:16]  CeeJay Tigerpaw: Would there be any big conflicts with a Sunday 10 AM SLT time slot?
[2015/04/04 14:16]  Savannah Blindside: I would love that, and was sorry to miss the last one...was that the Mer ball?
[2015/04/04 14:16]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): Olde fed me some updates while the event was going on though
[2015/04/04 14:17]  Savannah Blindside: /me has a tail and everything
[2015/04/04 14:17]  CeeJay Tigerpaw: Yes, the Mer Ball.
[2015/04/04 14:17]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): not that I am aware of
[2015/04/04 14:17]  CeeJay Tigerpaw: Good enough, that is all I need to know.
[2015/04/04 14:17]  Wildstar Beaumont: ... as we did last year , we are planning a Giant Snails Race through Winterfell ... it will be the 25th of April ... we are still designing the race course , so , any idea is welcome
[2015/04/04 14:17]  CeeJay Tigerpaw: Thinking of a formal ball in the Grand Ballroom.
[2015/04/04 14:17]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): I cant think of any running conflicts with a 10 am
[2015/04/04 14:17]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): YAY for snail races!
[2015/04/04 14:17]  CeeJay Tigerpaw: Shutting up.
[2015/04/04 14:18]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): that snail race was fun
[2015/04/04 14:18]  Podruly Peccable: That sounds lovely, Ceejay
[2015/04/04 14:18]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): CeeJay - I think it is a grand idea
[2015/04/04 14:18]  Podruly Peccable: I loved it when all the snails went the wrong way
[2015/04/04 14:18]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): heh
[2015/04/04 14:19]  Wildstar Beaumont: the race usually goes life on treet tv ... last year many people were quite amazed by the views of Winterfell
[2015/04/04 14:19]  Cierra Anatine: I had such fun at the snail race...and got SO lost
[2015/04/04 14:19]  Wildstar Beaumont: live*
[2015/04/04 14:19]  Podruly Peccable: hehe
[2015/04/04 14:19]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): laughs
[2015/04/04 14:19]  Savannah Blindside: tee hee
[2015/04/04 14:19]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): it was a very funny event
[2015/04/04 14:19]  Podruly Peccable: It is a splendid event
[2015/04/04 14:19]  Wildstar Beaumont: yes .. Racer asked me for a "less confusing" path this year :)
[2015/04/04 14:19]  Telemachus Dean: laughs
[2015/04/04 14:19]  Podruly Peccable: awww
[2015/04/04 14:19]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): LOL
[2015/04/04 14:19]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): giggles
[2015/04/04 14:19]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): we can work on taht
[2015/04/04 14:19]  Eilidh McCullough: LOL
[2015/04/04 14:20]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): That was some race last year.
[2015/04/04 14:20]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): okay I hate hate hate to do this.. but I have to scoot back to my mothers place
[2015/04/04 14:20]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): it was a bit adventurous......
[2015/04/04 14:20]  Eilidh McCullough: I remember "rescuing" lost snails - fed us for a month.
[2015/04/04 14:20]  Herndon Bluebird: Oh please feel free to take the course through my place again.
[2015/04/04 14:20]  Podruly Peccable: lol
[2015/04/04 14:20]  Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Okay, it was good seeing you, Princess
[2015/04/04 14:20]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): good even to you
[2015/04/04 14:20]  Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I wish you and your mother luck.
[2015/04/04 14:20]  Savannah Blindside: Lovely to see you, all of you
[2015/04/04 14:20]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): I will be back later on SL Go again
[2015/04/04 14:20]  Eilidh McCullough: Take care, Princess
[2015/04/04 14:21]  Cierra Anatine: Take care, Princess
[2015/04/04 14:21]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): thank you Princess
[2015/04/04 14:21]  Wildstar Beaumont: SLGo :((
[2015/04/04 14:21]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): I am sorry, I had hoped to have a few hours to myself
[2015/04/04 14:21]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me bows from his seat
[2015/04/04 14:21]  Podruly Peccable: Oh and mine... happy to build something in Mists
[2015/04/04 14:21]  Telemachus Dean: thank you Princess
[2015/04/04 14:21]  CeeJay Tigerpaw: I have togo myself.
[2015/04/04 14:21]  Herndon Bluebird: Take care of yourself.
[2015/04/04 14:21]  Oriella Charik: /me waves fare well
[2015/04/04 14:21]  CeeJay Tigerpaw: Take care, all.
[2015/04/04 14:21]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): sorry!!!!
[2015/04/04 14:21]  Podruly Peccable: Take care love
[2015/04/04 14:21]  Cierra Anatine: It was good to see you
[2015/04/04 14:21]  Telemachus Dean: nice to meet everyone!
[2015/04/04 14:21]  Savannah Blindside: No worries, we're just happy to see you
[2015/04/04 14:21]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): olde will you send me the moot transcript in Email form this time?
[2015/04/04 14:22]  Princess Selena (selenaanansi): /me flees to save the RL mamma
[2015/04/04 14:22]  Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): :)
[2015/04/04 14:22]  Cierra Anatine: :-))
[2015/04/04 14:22]  Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Stuck in the table
[2015/04/04 14:22]  Podruly Peccable: oops
[2015/04/04 14:22]  Savannah Blindside: Sorry if I kicked anybody in the head
[2015/04/04 14:22]  Cierra Anatine: It was good to see everyone! Take care, and safe paths
[2015/04/04 14:22]  Telemachus Dean: ah, made it
[2015/04/04 14:22]  Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): It was good seeing all of you :)
[2015/04/04 14:23]  Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Farewell :)
[2015/04/04 14:23]  Eilidh McCullough: Have we a PHC location yet?
[2015/04/04 14:23]  Podruly Peccable: Goodbye
[2015/04/04 14:23]  Savannah Blindside: Very much
[2015/04/04 14:23]  Wildstar Beaumont: not yet, Eili
[2015/04/04 14:23]  Telemachus Dean: you are looking good Baron
[2015/04/04 14:23]  Wildstar Beaumont: maybe the gardens of wild castle
[2015/04/04 14:23]  Eilidh McCullough: Sounds good
[2015/04/04 14:24]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Very kind of you to say so, Ritter Telemachus.
[2015/04/04 14:24]  Wildstar Beaumont: good bye everybody !
[2015/04/04 14:24]  Telemachus Dean: smiles
[2015/04/04 14:24]  Telemachus Dean: I will see you around for sure. :)
[2015/04/04 14:24]  Podruly Peccable: Goodbye Admiral
[2015/04/04 14:24]  Telemachus Dean: and now, back to house hunting
[2015/04/04 14:24]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Do feel free to visit the island - it is southwest of Winterfell.
[2015/04/04 14:24]  Telemachus Dean: oh, thank you much! I will have to call.
[2015/04/04 14:25]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Wander around as you like, just beware of zombies and meteors.
[2015/04/04 14:25]  Podruly Peccable: eep
[2015/04/04 14:25]  Savannah Blindside: /me eyes light up
[2015/04/04 14:25]  Eilidh McCullough: See some of you in half an hour :)
[2015/04/04 14:25]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): goodnight her baron
[2015/04/04 14:25]  Savannah Blindside: Zombies?
[2015/04/04 14:25]  Andrea Jones (andreajonesms): nad all left
[2015/04/04 14:25]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Gute Nacht, Fraulein Jones.
[2015/04/04 14:25]  Telemachus Dean: I keep doing that....bye all
[2015/04/04 14:25]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Zombies. A patch of them, somehow.