Friday, January 11, 2013

Winterfell Ferry Is Up and Running!

The Winterfell Ferry is up and running again.  Better than ever!

We have a new route, and a beautiful new mesh boat designed by Maxwell Graf of Rustica.  Eight launching points -- touch a sign to rez the ferry -- Instant gratification any time you want to explore our beautiful Winterfell, or travel from one point to another without the agony of walking, flying or teleporting!

Cee and Litta tried to improve the ride, especially crossing sim boundaries.  The boat seats up to four passengers, and while things may be a bit rough when there are more than one or two of you, tests show that you will most likely not get dumped in the water.  

But watch out when you want to get out at a dock.  Step lively and mind the gap!

The full 35-minute tour starts at any one of the eight locations below and stops at each of the others.  Get out to explore and rez a new ride when you are ready.  Enjoy!!

Winterfell Absinthe
Winterfell Laudanum
Winterfell Anodyne
Winterfell Ebonshire
Winterfell Aislinn
Winterfell Community Center (Rosehaven)
Winterfell Embassy in Caledon Cape Wrath

P.S. and Minutia:  There's a forced two minute delay after you rez a boat before another one can be rezzed at the same location.  That keeps things from bunching up later.   Please notify Cee Edman of any bad glitches you encounter.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

January 2013 Moot

~ ~ Happy New Year Winterfell ~ ~ 

This months Moot* will be held on January 5th at 1:30pm SLT at the RoseHaven Community Center

Transcript is in the comments.

Separate and Join Parcels Tutorial

In this tutorial you will be shown  how to join parcels in Second Life using Phoenix Firestorm Release v4.2.2.29837 (not sure if those extra numbers are really necessary, but there you go).

The process is pretty much the same on any Second Life viewer with the exception that the exact wording and placement of the tools may be different.  Please feel free to post your questions in the comments area of this post.

Step 1.
Turn on property lines so you can see what you are working with.  To do this you will press CTRL ALT SHIFT P all at once. This will activate glowing lines along the ground that will show you the outline of your parcel.

Red lines mean that parcel is not owned by you.
Green lines mean that parcel is owned by you.
Cyan lines mean that parcel is owned by a group you belong to.

Step 2.
Right click the ground and select EDIT TERRAIN

Step 3.
When you have the land edit menu open, left click the land and hold it down while you pull your mouse to draw a box of desired size.  Then click the SUBDIVIDE button.

 The result will be shown in a green outline, as shown here:

 You can do this as many times as you like.  Each parcel you make will have separate land settings, so you can have areas of your land have special music or video streams.  This can be useful for privacy settings as well, please see the tutorial regarding parcel security settings for more information on that topic.

 Step 4.
Now that you know how to make parcels, mimic the same steps to join parcels.  Right click the ground and open the EDIT TERRAIN menu and then left click the ground and hold to draw a box from one side of the property line to the next and then click the JOIN button, like the below image shows:

 The end result will be a new parcel with the settings of the largest of the parcels joined: