Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Winterfell's 8th Anniversary!

All events will be held at Rosehaven Castle in Second Life on November 1st, 2014 - with the exception of the Folly Building Contest.


 What kind of building is a Folly, you ask?  Read the Wikipedia article here: for all the definition you need.  Note such words as "extravagant",  "silliness", "no practical purpose", "eccentric in design or construction".  Also note that if you could (conceivably) live in it, it is not a folly,  Nor is it simply a garden ornament, statue, or a fountain, although a folly might include any of those.

The contest will be held on a sky platform over Winterfell Aislinn.  Beginning on Wednesday, October 29 (at 12:01 AM SLT) and ending on Saturday, November 1 at 11:59 AM SLT, contestants will build a folly.  You will be allocated  a space of 10 meters by 10 meters for the build (the finished build may fill that space, or be a small as you wish) with adjacent space to do preparatory work.  (If you need to use a Sculpty Oven or Mesh Studio, there will be room to rez one).  You may use prims, sculpties or mesh parts, or a combination of them.  Within reason, you will not be limited as to Land Impact.  ("Within reason" means a LI of 200 or so).  Remember, however, that it is intended that your build will be suitable to grace someone's estate in SL, so keeping prim count down is a desirable trait.  However, Land Impact in itself will not be a criterion in judging the contest.

While you are expected to do all building at the contest site, which will be open to spectators, you may do planning and testing of concept elsewhere, if you prefer.

Anyone, amateur or professional (other than one of the judges).  You do not need to be present at the time for judging.

First prize: $L 5000.  Second Prize: $L 2500.  Third Prize: $L 1000.

A panel of three qualified judges will judge the entries beginning at noon on Saturday, Novemeber 1.  Winners will be announced  at the Masquerade Ball that evening.  The criteria for judging will be entirely the province of the judges.  If they like it most, it wins.  Why they like it will be a symptom of the eccentricity of the judges, perhaps, but that is the nature of folly!

Please send a notecard to Cee Edman by October 28 so a space can be assigned to you.  You will receive an LM to the contest platform at that time.

October 2014 Moot

[13:36] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): We have a new sim in the realm... well not new really... but re-purposed
[13:36] Oriella Charik: oo
[13:37] Jan (H0n2a Resident): That's a great news! :)
[13:37] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): wonderful
[13:37] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Punchinello as left the realm and that left us with a homestead open
[13:37] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (KlausWulfenbach Outlander): Ah.
[13:37] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): what was once Gryphondale is now known as "Mists of Winterfell"
[13:37] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (KlausWulfenbach Outlander) smiles
[13:37] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (KlausWulfenbach Outlander): They have finally declared themselves, eh?
[13:38] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): you can see it on the map just off the northeastern corner of the Winterfell map
[13:38] Cee Edman: Will you move it to attach it to the rest?
[13:38] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) chuckles at the Baron
[13:38] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) glances over to Cee
[13:38] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): it may, in the future
[13:38] Cee Edman: nods
[13:38] Nonesuch Ra: Sounds like parlous sailin', t'me.
[13:39] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Sir Pod is the new owner
[13:39] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) smiles
[13:39] Oriella Charik: The land moving dwarves demand a price for that
[13:39] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): Oh, congratulations
[13:39] Podruly Peccable smiles happily.. "Prims, wonderful prims"
[13:39] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (KlausWulfenbach Outlander) applauds
[13:39] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): yes the land movers are a bit expensive
[13:39] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): lol
[13:40] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): oh, that is good news!
[13:40] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): giggles
[13:40] Nonesuch Ra: All that dredgin' an' shovlin'
[13:40] Eilidh McCullough: Excellent, Sir Pod
[13:40] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): The hills are alive with the sound of prims, eh? :)
[13:40] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Sir Pod, would you like to share with us what your ideas and plans are?
[13:40] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (KlausWulfenbach Outlander): We could pass a hat to get him started, perhaps.
[13:40] Podruly Peccable: The Mists haven't told me what they want there yet... apart from being, well... misty
[13:40] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): :)
[13:41] Nonesuch Ra: 's a good beginnin'
[13:41] Oriella Charik: Mists I can cope with
[13:41] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): it is good to listen to the Mists
[13:41] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): Congratulations Sir Pod!
[13:41] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): you mentioned that you are going to keep it open for visitors?
[13:42] Podruly Peccable: Oh yes, anyone is welcome, but it will be a while before there is anything worth seeing
[13:42] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) smiles
[13:42] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): Nice, I look forward to seeing what you do. :)
[13:43] Podruly Peccable: and I do hope to join the mainland of Winterfell at some point
[13:43] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I am sure people will like to see the progress
[13:43] Podruly Peccable: :)
[13:43] Podruly Peccable: They'd be very welcome
[13:44] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I am passing out the copy of the poster you see behind me
[13:44] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): no need to rez it
[13:44] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): That is a really lovely heart design on the top of the poster.
[13:44] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (KlausWulfenbach Outlander): Danke.
[13:44] Eilidh McCullough: Thank you
[13:44] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): Thank you !
[13:44] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): Thanks :)
[13:45] Podruly Peccable: Thank you
[13:45] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): oh, a masquerade ball!
[13:45] Kakesu  鳥人 (Jay Horches): ty
[13:45] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): delightful
[13:45] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I will be sending this out this afternoon as well in a notice.
[13:45] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Herr Baron, if you would be so kind as to share that with the Steelhead community?
[13:45] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): I hope I can find a mask in time.
[13:45] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) giggles at Toubanua
[13:45] Podruly Peccable: :)
[13:45] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): :)
[13:45] Cee Edman: Princess, at the last moot, you expressed the idea of having a "Folly Building" contest. I am prepared to undertake that if you wish to have me do so.
[13:46] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): certainly - I had left it on the side because I have run out of time for much more -
[13:46] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I have quit my second RL job because it was proving to be too much but I still have two weeks there
[13:46] Cee Edman: I wil take care of it, except we will need some judges.
[13:46] Nonesuch Ra: Mud Wrasslin'!
[13:47] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): so I will be a bit thin for the next two weeks
[13:47] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): I'm glad you decided to quit, Princess.
[13:47] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I will edit the poster to reflect the building contest
[13:47] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I am too, Toubanua... i was/am a wreck
[13:47] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): LOL
[13:47] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): :)
[13:47] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (KlausWulfenbach Outlander): I could ask Herr Lunar if he wishes to judge.
[13:47] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): Do we wear mediaeval swimsuits for the mud wrestling?
[13:48] Cee Edman: I suggewst a building period of threer days before November 1, and judging on Oct 31 or Nov 1. Would that suit?
[13:48] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): that would suit for me, yes
[13:48] Beware Hax: medieval swimsuits gives me immediate thoughts of those 1900s scuba diving suits
[13:48] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): lol
[13:48] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): Mediaeval swimsuits are cheaper than that, much lighter. :)
[13:48] Cee Edman: I propose to put up a large platform overv Aislinn, and allow 200 prims for each builder.
[13:48] Podruly Peccable grins
[13:49] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): very good idea, Cee
[13:49] Podruly Peccable: That sounds splendid, Sir Cee
[13:49] Cee Edman: Baron, I tghink Herr Lunsr would be an excellent judge.
[13:49] Nonesuch Ra: Warn't medieval swimsuits, er, th' one outfit what ever'body has?
[13:49] Cee Edman slaps his right hand.
[13:49] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (KlausWulfenbach Outlander): I shall ask, then.
[13:49] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): Indeed, Ra :)
[13:49] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): 200 seems extravagant - but I am not against it
[13:50] Cee Edman: I can allocate 4000 prims, so that would allow 20 builders.
[13:50] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): *nods*
[13:50] Cee Edman: Or, each could have 100, and allow 40.
[13:50] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): but my thought is who can support a winning folly of 200 prims
[13:50] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): after the fact
[13:50] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): it would be nice if these were usable after the fact
[13:50] Cee Edman: Ah, yes, there is that!
[13:51] Cee Edman: Then we can allow the builder to use whatever they deem appropriate, and bank on them using rather fewer.
[13:51] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (KlausWulfenbach Outlander): Looseness around the edges.
[13:51] Podruly Peccable: Well, you wouldn't have to use all the prims
[13:51] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) nods
[13:51] Nonesuch Ra: Will there be diff'rent categories? Prims & sculpies & mesh?
[13:52] Oriella Charik: Give people a prim limit, they will use it al....
[13:52] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): i've heard of a folly house.....but a folly? seems very open...
[13:52] Cee Edman: I would antiuciupate letting the loosness" abide.
[13:52] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (KlausWulfenbach Outlander): Captain Veles has a Folly on his property in Steelhead. A rather charming fountain.
[13:52] Cee Edman: I would set a maximum sixe of. say, 10 x 10 on the base.
[13:53] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): ah....a whimsical build then
[13:53] Cee Edman slaps his left hand
[13:53] Cee Edman: Yes, that is the definition of "folly" in this context.
[13:53] Cierra Anatine: Is the building to be on site during a set time?
[13:53] Podruly Peccable: Whimsy :)
[13:53] Cierra Anatine: or can it be worked on off-site?
[13:53] Cee Edman: Yex, it would be built ON SITE
[13:53] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident):
[13:54] Podruly Peccable: Ohhh, the pineapple building is adorable!
[13:55] Cee Edman: There would be no reason why some "testing of an idea" could not be done off-site, of course.
[13:55] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I am sure there will be plenty of that
[13:55] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): I have an avi launching trebuchet if you want to put it with the cannons.
[13:55] Cee Edman: But with three days of building time, there should be plenty of time for doing everything on site.
[13:55] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) looks at the poster "I think I have room to put in two or three more lines of text... maybe 4
[13:56] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (KlausWulfenbach Outlander) grins
[13:56] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Id like to see that Toubanua
[13:56] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): My friend Marissa made it.
[13:56] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): very nice!
[13:56] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): I'll show you whenever you like, let me know :)
[13:57] Oriella Charik: We used to have a catapult for getting across the canal
[13:57] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I will also be sending out a note card very soon.. inviting previous designers who had shops in our lands to have a merchant table
[13:57] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): anyone currently living in winterfell will be invited as well
[13:57] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): AND
[13:57] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): I would love to get across the canal that way.
[13:57] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): i thought, many of us are Gacha fans ... we could have a gacha resale tent for theme appropriate items
[13:58] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): That sounds fun
[13:58] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): there are SO many fantasy themed gachas
[13:58] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (KlausWulfenbach Outlander) makes another note
[13:58] Oriella Charik: It fired the Duchess right over Nepenthe bridge and she declined to try it again
[13:58] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (KlausWulfenbach Outlander) chuckles
[13:58] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): hahaha
[13:58] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): lol
[13:58] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): i am sure
[13:58] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): and had a few choice words for you
[13:59] Cierra Anatine: lol
[14:00] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): the cannon is funny.. you shoot yourself towards caledon and you end up in Aislinn
[14:00] Podruly Peccable: hehe
[14:00] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): quite baffling
[14:00] Jan (H0n2a Resident): OT - somebody asked in a group what is the name of the river under the bridge. yesterday :) Does it have a name?
[14:00] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): it does
[14:00] Podruly Peccable: A charming destination though, even at high speed
[14:00] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Nepenthe Chanel
[14:00] Cee Edman: Perhaps that accounts for our having some visitors who stay ony 5 seconds!
[14:00] Jan (H0n2a Resident): :)
[14:00] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): lol
[14:00] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) laughs
[14:01] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): well I was one of those a few times
[14:01] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): There will be a tarot reader at the evnt
[14:01] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): she will be doing very very short readings...
[14:01] Eilidh McCullough: A note of warning - the Faire falls at that curious time when the clocks have changed in Europe but not in SL.
[14:02] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): but, I will be raffling off a full reading from her
[14:02] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): oh dear
[14:02] Podruly Peccable: Hmm, so we'd be another hour adrift?
[14:03] Eilidh McCullough: I was about to offer to fix all the calendar times, which appeared to be an hour off from the poster. ;)
[14:03] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): so.. an hour later for you all across the sea?
[14:03] Cee Edman: When do the times change in Europe, Eili?
[14:03] Eilidh McCullough: the weekend before
[14:04] Podruly Peccable frowns as he tries to work it out
[14:04] Eilidh McCullough: and it makes the event an hour earlier for us.
[14:04] Cee Edman: So people would have a week to become accustomed to the difference, but still.....
[14:04] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): an hour earlier, thats good
[14:04] Podruly Peccable: :)
[14:04] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I know it will be late for you all
[14:04] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): and the first of November is on a Saturday
[14:04] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) nods
[14:05] Eilidh McCullough: Yes - 10pm start with Mr Eponymn
[14:05] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): so every one needs to take a disco nap
[14:05] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): he is currently in Australia
[14:05] Eilidh McCullough: 11 for the Admiral
[14:05] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): lol
[14:05] Podruly Peccable: I'm looking forward to that, I haven't heard him in an age
[14:05] Nonesuch Ra: A *medieval* disco nap
[14:05] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): hehe
[14:05] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): lol
[14:05] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): are power naps still in vogue?
[14:06] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): for me they are!
[14:06] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): :)
[14:06] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I am going to hunt me up one this afternoon
[14:06] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): :)
[14:06] Podruly Peccable: Naps are like bacon, always good
[14:06] Cee Edman: I never have to hunt one up, they fall on me.
[14:06] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): like a 50 pound anvil?
[14:06] Cierra Anatine: lol
[14:06] Cee Edman: At least.
[14:07] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): any news from you all?
[14:07] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): I was never good at naps, but I love to day drea[14:07] Podruly Peccable smiles
[14:08] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): No news from me.
[14:08] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Hernon, how is back to school for you?
[14:08] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): *herndon
[14:08] Herndon Bluebird: Crazy.  That's why I escape to Winterfell.
[14:08] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): <3 div="">
[14:08] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): :)
[14:08] Cee Edman: Princess, I have just finished a book about how Aislinn ws brought out of Thge Mists, and am starting the illustrations. I *hope* to have it done by the end of the month.
[14:08] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): crazy is sometimes good, I hope it keeps you on your toes
[14:09] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): :O
[14:09] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): really!!?!?!
[14:09] Herndon Bluebird: More like under the anvil at the moment. But it will pass. :-)
[14:09] Cierra Anatine: wow, Cee!
[14:09] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): Wow, nice
[14:09] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): how thrilling!
[14:09] Cee Edman: Yes,, it's the story Litta dn I started long ago in ther blog.
[14:09] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): hello Gish!
[14:09] Herndon Bluebird: Oh wonderful, Cee!
[14:09] Cee Edman: Whehn we were all sort of telling our individual stories.
[14:10] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Hello, Madame!
[14:10] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I am really excited to read that, Cee
[14:10] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (KlausWulfenbach Outlander) smiles
[14:10] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): Hello everyone, forgiveme for being late, dinner was in the oven
[14:10] Jan (H0n2a Resident): Hello Gish, haven't see you for ages :)
[14:10] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (KlausWulfenbach Outlander): What a pleasant project.
[14:10] Cee Edman: You shall be the first
[14:10] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): oh that is really exciting, Cee!!
[14:10] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I cant wait
[14:11] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (KlausWulfenbach Outlander): Ritter JJ, welcome.
[14:11] Podruly Peccable: :)
[14:11] JJ Drinkwater: What's this I hear about a book?
[14:11] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): greetings Sir JJ
[14:11] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Hullo, Sir JJ :)
[14:11] Cee Edman: I hope you will find it fits right well into your concept of The Mists.
[14:11] Jan (H0n2a Resident): Wellcome Sir JJ :)
[14:11] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): Hello, Sire JJ :)
[14:11] Podruly Peccable: Hello Sir JJ
[14:11] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I would be so surprised if it didnt, Cee
[14:11] Podruly Peccable: and Finster
[14:11] Cee Edman: Coming soon, Mr. Librarian!
[14:12] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): whispers...hello Finster
[14:12] Eilidh McCullough: Hello, Sir JJ
[14:12] JJ Drinkwater: Greetings, gentlebeings!
[14:12] Finster makes his bow
[14:13] JJ Drinkwater: Admiral!
[14:13] Cee Edman: Greetings, Admiral!
[14:13] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): greetings Admiral Wild!
[14:13] Tee Auster is offline.
[14:13] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): Hello Sir JJ. If it is alright the Princess and Council I will be producing a live theater production at my theater set in the 1750's and I would like to begin the play at my home to introduce people to the land.
[14:13] JJ Drinkwater: Welcome....someone has just said something or othr about a book, but I haven't got to the nottom of it yet
[14:13] Wildstar Beaumont: greetings all !
[14:13] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (KlausWulfenbach Outlander): It seems some peoples' clocks have changed already.
[14:13] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): Hello Admiral and Lord JJ
[14:13] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): well I shall get the poster updated with the building contest info... mostly it will say to contact you Cee.. I am not sure, but a separate promotion of the building event would be good?
[14:14] Cierra Anatine: Greetings to all the new arrivals
[14:14] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Hullo, Wildstar
[14:14] Cee Edman: I shall clue you in via IM, Sir JJ
[14:14] JJ Drinkwater: Pray do, Lord Aislinn! I am all afire to hear the news
[14:15] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Cee I shall provide $$ prizes - you may select the amounts
[14:15] Cee Edman: Im think a separate notice wiukld be good, and I will prepare it for your approval.
[14:15] Cee Edman: I shall, also, provide the prizes.
[14:16] Eilidh McCullough: Hello Admiral
[14:16] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): as you wish,
[14:16] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): has anyone been taking minutes so that we new comers can get our heads around the event?
[14:16] Cee Edman: I wish. You do enought for us. That is one thing I cabn do.
[14:16] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): I have
[14:16] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I need to remember to copy the transscript
[14:16] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): I think Lord Eldemar has been
[14:17] Cee Edman: I always prepare a transcript for Litta when she is not able to attend.
[14:17] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): The Princess usually posts the transcript on the Winterfell blog
[14:17] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): lovely. I would liek to become part of my community more.
[14:17] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): oh good idea
[14:17] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): :)
[14:17] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): when I remember to do it... I try. would one of you toss the transcript to me?
[14:17] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): after we are done
[14:17] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): It keeps me quiet and well behaved
[14:17] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): lol
[14:17] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): giggles
[14:18] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I have a land sale after this and I am sure I will crash or forget
[14:18] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): giggles at OldSoul
[14:18] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): sorry to get you all off track asking ofr minutes.
[14:18] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): for*
[14:18] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): not at all!
[14:18] Nonesuch Ra: I'll be 'appy to, yer 'ighness
[14:18] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): i need to be better at it
[14:19] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): it was my new years resolution to post them every month with out fail
[14:19] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) coughs and laughs
[14:19] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (KlausWulfenbach Outlander) grins
[14:19] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): nominates Olde to be out Minute Man
[14:19] Podruly Peccable: :)
[14:19] Cierra Anatine: the year isn't over yet!
[14:19] Cee Edman: There is a new year coming, Princess.
[14:19] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) smiles
[14:20] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): our*
[14:20] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) smiles and nods
[14:20] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I like that idea!
[14:20] Wildstar Beaumont: the year won't end before we are covered in snow *grins*
[14:20] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): now I get to duck!
[14:20] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): haha
[14:20] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): lol
[14:20] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): i can show you how to post them to the blog, Olde
[14:21] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I know you love learning new technologies
[14:21] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (KlausWulfenbach Outlander): That saves a step.
[14:21] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) imagines Olde throwing things at Cassie in RL
[14:21] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): ADMIRAL~~~~
[14:21] Cierra Anatine: hahaha
[14:21] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): looks for a quiet spot under the table........
[14:21] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): hehe
[14:21] Podruly Peccable: lol
[14:21] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): its not easy to catch a faerie
[14:22] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): lol
[14:22] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): well I think today I will have the transcript posted for sure
[14:22] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): smiles
[14:22] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (KlausWulfenbach Outlander) chuckles
[14:22] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): (that is how I get things posted on blogs- my other way is MISS EILI!!!)
[14:22] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Okay all you beautiful people, I think we are done!
[14:22] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): thank you all so so much for coming
[14:23] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): It was good seeing everyone :)
[14:23] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): Thank you, Princess :)
[14:23] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): it means so much to me to have your participation
[14:23] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): thank you Selena:)
[14:23] Podruly Peccable: Its lovely to see everyone
[14:23] Jan (H0n2a Resident): So many good news today, larger and stronger Wintefell - new sim, celebrations, competitions and performances! Thank you for all your info Her Highness. Was good to see you all too, take care. :)
[14:24] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): bravo!
[14:24] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): thank you all!
[14:24] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): take care everyone and merry paths:)
[14:24] Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): speaking of a strong winterfell.. I have a land sale waiting on me

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Winterfell Pirates?!

Dearest Residents of Winterfell,


You all know how rarely I bother with addressing the shenanigans of outside forces and nations, but my attention was drawn to a truly disturbing occurrence in far off New Toulouse. 


It seems that an establishment known as the “Severed Head Pub” is suffering from some sort of larceny that relieved said establishment of its beloved mascot.  Further inquiries reviled that the mascot is none other than the severed head of Joseph Merrick (they refer to him as John Merrick, which is a common mistake) which has been somehow reanimated with dark magics to retain the semblance of life and has been known to, as I am told, cry out “I am not an animal! I am a man”.


Now, without getting into the particulars of how disgusting (really rather gross to say the least) we find it to be that someone thinks it is a good idea to have the reanimated head of this troubled man who lived his life with such dignity to be on display for the amusement of the public, I am going to get to the point about why I am writing this letter at all.  It seems that there is a rumor that Winterfell had something to do with the missing mascot.  It was suggested that pirates from Winterfell were connected with the crime.


This ridiculous rumor was obviously started by someone who has zero connection to or knowledge of Winterfell at all because the waters of Winterfell have been pirate free for years and years thanks to the hard work of Admiral Beaumont.


In addition to the absurdity of the rumor of pirates in Winterfell, the owner of the “Severed Head Pub” has returned the head to its shameful perch without explanation of where it was or how it was recovered.  We are left to wonder if this was all an ill colored publicity stunt and if the rumors of Winterfells involvement were equally manufactured. 


Thursday, August 7, 2014

August 6th - Unquiet Crypt - Space Opera Night

Zanya and Magda

Herr Baron and Frau Baronin

Cassie and Olde




Sunday, August 3, 2014

August 2014 Moot - UnEdited

[13:22] Selena (selenaanansi): hello everyone
[13:22] Cee Edman: Greetings, Princess!
[13:22] Oriella Charik: waffles, hm
[13:22] Eilidh McCullough: Hello Princess
[13:22] Cee Edman: Those must be very stale by now, Eili.
[13:22] Selena (selenaanansi) snags a waffle as she passes
[13:23] Selena (selenaanansi): magic waffles
[13:23] Eilidh McCullough: indeed ;)
[13:23] Cee Edman: Hmm. Edible and a month old. Yes, magical.
[13:23] Selena (selenaanansi): :D
[13:24] Oriella Charik: Waffles are forever
[13:24] Cee Edman: Not in my house. They barely last through a meal.
[13:24] Cee Edman: Greetings, Liz
[13:25] Liz Wilner: :) hello Cee
[13:25] Liz Wilner: hi Selena
[13:25] Selena (selenaanansi): well I am not sure if my chat went to group... it keeps closing on me
[13:25] Liz Wilner: hi Eili
[13:25] Cee Edman: It did.
[13:25] Cee Edman: Hello, JJ
[13:25] Liz Wilner: hi JJ
[13:25] Selena (selenaanansi): thank you, Sir Cee :D
[13:25] Selena (selenaanansi): hullloooooooo JJ
[13:26] JJ Drinkwater: Good day to you, Gentlebeings!
[13:26] Liz Wilner: brb
[13:26] Cee Edman: Hello, Miss Mavendorf
[13:26] Eilidh McCullough: Hello Liz, Sir JJ, Miss Mavendorf
[13:26] Jeanette Mavendorf: Hello Mr. Edman :)
[13:27] Jeanette Mavendorf: Hello Miss McCullough :)
[13:27] Cee Edman: Greetings, Miss Woodrunner!
[13:27] Shannon Woodrunner: hello
[13:27] Liz Wilner: back
[13:27] Liz Wilner: hello Shannon
[13:28] Jeanette Mavendorf: Greetings everyone :)
[13:28] Liz Wilner: hello Jeanette
[13:28] Selena (selenaanansi) just woke up from a nap and is still half zombie from sleep
[13:29] Jeanette Mavendorf: Hello Liz :)
[13:29] Jan (h0n2a): Hello everybody :)
[13:29] Liz Wilner: hello Jan
[13:29] Cee Edman: Good afternoon, Jan!
[13:30] Liz Wilner: hi Olde
[13:30] Cee Edman: Hello, Olde!~
[13:30] Eilidh McCullough: Hello Olde
[13:30] Liz Wilner: hi Ray
[13:30] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Hello Your Grace
[13:30] Selena (selenaanansi): Thank you everyone for coming
[13:30] Ray (ray.weyland): Hi Liz
[13:30] Cee Edman: Greetings, Ray!
[13:30] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Hello Laird Aislinn
[13:30] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Hello Princess
[13:31] Liz Wilner: wb Ori :)
[13:31] Selena (selenaanansi): happy saturday to all of you ^^
[13:31] Oriella Charik wonders why the Internet just disconnected from her
[13:32] Selena (selenaanansi): persnickety Internet!
[13:32] Eilidh McCullough: Hello Ray
[13:32] Second Life: The message sent to Winterfell is still being processed.
If the message does not appear in the next few minutes, it may have been dropped by the server.
[13:32] Oriella Charik: hi hi more Winterfallen anyway
[13:32] Cee Edman: In my experience, the internet unwillfully disconnects when you most need it.
[13:32] Cee Edman: Hello, Toub!
[13:32] Selena (selenaanansi) laughs as her connection to the Winterfell group and gives up
[13:32] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Hello :)
[13:33] Liz Wilner: hi Toubanua
[13:33] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Hi :)
[13:33] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Hi, all :)
[13:33] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Hello Ms. Toubanua
[13:33] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Hello :)
[13:33] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): and Lord JJ - so nice to see you
[13:33] Eilidh McCullough: Hello Ms Toubana
[13:33] Selena (selenaanansi): okay this seems to be the last of our numbers so I will get started
[13:34] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Hi :)
[13:34] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): *wonders what is in his cup?
[13:34] JJ Drinkwater: Always a pleasure, Lord Eldemar!
[13:34] Cee Edman: Hello, Addison!
[13:34] JJ Drinkwater: And everybody else
[13:34] Selena (selenaanansi): I have been doing some upgrades around winterfell
[13:34] Cee Edman: Afternoon, Baron!
[13:34] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Greetings Addison
[13:34] Addison Greymyst: Hello everyone!
[13:34] Liz Wilner: hello Baron
[13:34] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): und Herr Baron
[13:34] Selena (selenaanansi): First has been the tier meters
[13:34] Liz Wilner: hi Addison
[13:34] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) bows
[13:34] Eilidh McCullough: Guten abend, Herr Baron
[13:35] Selena (selenaanansi): I have been converting from the Hippo meters to the Casper meters
[13:35] Selena (selenaanansi): the conversion is a snap as casper has a script that takes the Hippo meter and updates to the Casper script with out any effort at all
[13:36] Selena (selenaanansi): I have been noticing a few changes
[13:37] Selena (selenaanansi): the hover text isnt as robust on the "upgraded" meters to some of that functionality is missing... so my previous method of having the rental name hovering over the meter is not working
[13:37] Selena (selenaanansi): and the split texture that I had been using.... the name of the meter on top and the bottom stating if the meter is rented or not is not working
[13:37] Evil Librarian whispers: Like hovering ever did anybody any good
[13:38] Selena (selenaanansi): so I am having to recreate all the textures
[13:38] Selena (selenaanansi): which isnt hard, just time consuming
[13:38] Selena (selenaanansi): about 50% of the meters are converted as of today
[13:38] Selena (selenaanansi): and the rest will be converted in the next week or two
[13:39] Selena (selenaanansi): if you stumble upon any issues with the meters, please let me know ASAP
[13:39] Selena (selenaanansi): oh and the other issue is that the partners on meters does not seem to convert, but you still have the option to re add your partners to the meter
[13:39] Cee Edman: Hello, Dear.
[13:40] Liz Wilner waves to Litta
[13:40] Selena (selenaanansi): has anyone had any noticeable issues with the meters so far?
[13:40] Litta Nightfire: Hello!
[13:40] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I haven't
[13:40] Liz Wilner: we haven't
[13:40] Cee Edman: Not I. It accepted my money very well, thank you.
[13:40] Addison Greymyst: So far so good
[13:40] Selena (selenaanansi): the benifit to the change is that the Hippo (old system) used 17 scripts in each meter
[13:41] Selena (selenaanansi): the Casper ones use one per meter
[13:41] Eilidh McCullough **Faints**
[13:41] Liz Wilner fans Eili
[13:41] Selena (selenaanansi): and when each sim has 4 - 20 meters
[13:41] Selena (selenaanansi): that is a huge savings
[13:41] Liz Wilner: bravo...sounds like an excellent change then
[13:41] Selena (selenaanansi): :)
[13:42] Ray (ray.weyland) mutters that Hippo seemed an appropriate name
[13:42] JJ Drinkwater: Allowing for more scripted hair...
[13:42] Selena (selenaanansi) giggles
[13:42] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Ach, that's quite a change.
[13:42] Cee Edman: ....and shoes!
[13:42] Liz Wilner: ooo
[13:42] Oriella Charik: I know the temptation - "just one more script will fix this..."
[13:42] Selena (selenaanansi): dont forget unicorn masks!
[13:42] Litta Nightfire glances uneasily at her hair
[13:42] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): or wings
[13:43] Selena (selenaanansi) grins
[13:43] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): lol
[13:43] Selena (selenaanansi): the next update I have been working on is related to the tier meters
[13:43] Selena (selenaanansi): I have been updating the streets/hedges/pillars in Laundanum
[13:44] Selena (selenaanansi): the streets were comprised of so many prims... when Serra and Uni built the streets
[13:44] Selena (selenaanansi): there was no need to be conservative in prim use
[13:44] Selena (selenaanansi): so they did a method where there were about 10 textures that had the curbs baked onto the prims
[13:45] Selena (selenaanansi): each corner or intersection was
[13:45] Selena (selenaanansi): about 4 prims sometimes 6
[13:45] Selena (selenaanansi): and each straight away was 2-6 as well
[13:45] Selena (selenaanansi): each pillar was 2-4 prims each
[13:45] Selena (selenaanansi): it was adding up quick
[13:46] Selena (selenaanansi): so while I was moving and updating meters I built a new pillar
[13:46] Selena (selenaanansi): and converted the streets to normal prim construction
[13:46] Selena (selenaanansi): that can be hulled and all that so save prims
[13:47] Liz Wilner: :)
[13:47] Liz Wilner: I do like the cobblestones
[13:47] Selena (selenaanansi): yes the new texture is cobble stone
[13:47] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Cobblestones are good, yes.
[13:47] Selena (selenaanansi): and this is the new pillar
[13:48] Liz Wilner: yes, very nice
[13:48] Selena (selenaanansi) points down
[13:48] Selena (selenaanansi): that is the new textures
[13:48] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) nods
[13:48] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Nice
[13:48] Cee Edman: Nice!
[13:48] Ray (ray.weyland): yes
[13:48] Selena (selenaanansi): the hedges are staying the same, those are sculpts and dont lose their 1 prim status no mater how big I make them.. which is delightful
[13:49] Selena (selenaanansi): the texture set is by Skye so you can get the same set
[13:49] Selena (selenaanansi): its the "Skye Essential Textures - Lush & Enchanted Wall 2" set
[13:49] Selena (selenaanansi): so it was made for walls
[13:49] Selena (selenaanansi): but I think they look nice as streets
[13:50] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Yes :)
[13:50] Oriella Charik: they do
[13:50] Litta Nightfire: Very nice, very 3D!
[13:50] Liz Wilner: oh yes...the streets look very nice
[13:50] Selena (selenaanansi): so this update will also be happening in Absinthe and into Winterfell
[13:51] Litta Nightfire: (pardon me, RL is bellowing. Glad to have seen you all, even briefly!)
[13:51] Liz Wilner: the cobblestone adds to the charm :)
[13:51] Cee Edman: /me(realizes he has not walked through central Winterfell in a long time, and determines to do so, today)
[13:51] Selena (selenaanansi): safe travels, litta!! *hugs*
[13:51] Selena (selenaanansi): The progress on the new Rosehaven is coming along
[13:51] Selena (selenaanansi): slower than I had anticipated
[13:52] Selena (selenaanansi): but some design break throughs these past few weeks
[13:52] Selena (selenaanansi): we have the stairs and beams hashed out
[13:52] Selena (selenaanansi): so the rest should fall into place easily
[13:52] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Sehr gut.
[13:52] Selena (selenaanansi): next item is the windows
[13:53] Selena (selenaanansi): Last meeting we announced that the region known as "Here Be Dragons" was in need of a new benefactor
[13:53] Selena (selenaanansi): I wanted to thank Sir JJ Drinkwater again publicly
[13:54] Selena (selenaanansi): Thank you for sponsoring the region for as long as you had
[13:54] Liz Wilner waves to Zanta
[13:54] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) applauds
[13:54] Selena (selenaanansi): it was so very generous
[13:54] Oriella Charik: hear hear
[13:54] Selena (selenaanansi): thank you
[13:54] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Nice :)
[13:54] Cee Edman: Yes, indeed.
[13:54] Addison Greymyst: Thank you sir
[13:54] Selena (selenaanansi): So generous in fact that it was impossible to find a replacement
[13:55] Selena (selenaanansi): basically Sir JJ was paying for an expensive region he did not get any benifit or use out of
[13:55] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Ah
[13:55] Selena (selenaanansi): it was purely for the beautification and community use
[13:55] Selena (selenaanansi): and that was with out measure, a completely selfless act
[13:55] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) nods
[13:56] Ray (ray.weyland): agrees
[13:56] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas) smiles in greeting to everybody
[13:56] Selena (selenaanansi): and I believe Sir JJ is a f k
[13:56] Cee Edman: Greetings, Zanta
[13:56] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Hello :)
[13:56] Jan (h0n2a): Hello :)
[13:56] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) chuckles
[13:56] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): All this praise gone to waste.
[13:56] Selena (selenaanansi): i know, right?
[13:57] Liz Wilner: i'm sure he knows how grateful we all are :)
[13:57] Selena (selenaanansi): the region is now leased by Mr Blake Panache
[13:57] Cee Edman: Zanta, leave your husband standing in the corner and come sit by me.
[13:57] Cee Edman: Hello, Dimi
[13:58] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas) chuckles
[13:58] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) laughs
[13:58] Selena (selenaanansi): he is the gent who is building the new Rosehaven building
[13:58] Jan (h0n2a): Hello Dimi :)
[13:58] Cee Edman: nods
[13:58] DimiTarantello: Greetings! & Yar!
[13:58] Selena (selenaanansi): he has been quietly part of the community for about a year now
[13:58] Liz Wilner: hello Dimi
[13:58] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas): I will stand with him, thank you.
[13:58] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) holds Zanta's chair for her
[13:58] Cee Edman: Hello, Mark!
[13:58] Selena (selenaanansi): and asked to take on the region when he heard of it coming available
[13:58] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas): Greetings, Dimi
[13:58] DimiTarantello: TY ㋡
[13:58] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas) sits
[13:59] Selena (selenaanansi): So we renamed the sim and upgraded it to a proper homestead
[13:59] Selena (selenaanansi): the new name is Winterfell Aria
[13:59] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Aha.
[13:59] Blake Panache: hello
[13:59] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Oh, cool
[13:59] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Ach, I did like the old name.
[14:00] Addison Greymyst: Aria is a lovely name
[14:00] Selena (selenaanansi): he has stated to me, and I share it with you, that he is excited to be part of Winterfell and hopes to meet you all
[14:00] Ray (ray.weyland): Aria, though, has a nice sound to it
[14:00] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): It is.
[14:00] Liz Wilner: I like the name Aria as well
[14:00] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Are there underwater parcels for rent?
[14:00] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): The land is well-sculpted.
[14:00] Selena (selenaanansi): He asked for the name change because the "here be dragons" seemed too dangerous for his delicate ways *winks*
[14:00] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) chuckles
[14:01] Blake Panache: too true
[14:01] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): :)
[14:01] Liz Wilner: :)
[14:01] Selena (selenaanansi) laughs!!
[14:01] Selena (selenaanansi): youre here, Mr Panache!!
[14:01] Selena (selenaanansi) giggles
[14:01] Blake Panache: yes i just snuck in
[14:01] Selena (selenaanansi) laughs
[14:01] Cee Edman supposes the sea in aria will be peopled by sirens
[14:01] Selena (selenaanansi): nice of you to join us
[14:01] Oriella Charik: It has fine beaches and seagulls
[14:01] Cee Edman: Hello, Blake
[14:02] Selena (selenaanansi): we took the time to make sure the water ways were still sailable
[14:02] Eilidh McCullough: Hello Blake :)
[14:02] Blake Panache: hello everyone
[14:02] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Has the Admiral tested the racing through there yet?
[14:02] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Hello, Panache :)
[14:02] Shannon Woodrunner: this could be a new naming tradition -- think Winterfell Cantata or Winterfell Nocturne
[14:03] Selena (selenaanansi): he said the waters look to be open enough, but I have not gotten any reports back of the actual sailability
[14:03] Oriella Charik: there is small lighthouse to circle around
[14:03] Selena (selenaanansi): oh I like Nocturne
[14:03] Selena (selenaanansi): i will have to keep that name in my back pocket
[14:03] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Nocturne would be quite fitting.
[14:03] Selena (selenaanansi): Though I am fairly set against adding anymore regions to the area
[14:04] Shannon Woodrunner: i have sailed there but only in a very small boat so i cannot speak to its usability by great ships
[14:04] Selena (selenaanansi): this was an upgrade so technically not an addition
[14:04] Selena (selenaanansi): any questions about the topics so far?
[14:04] Selena (selenaanansi): meters, streets... Winterfell Aria?
[14:05] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Are you going to have underwater parcels for rent?
[14:05] Selena (selenaanansi): there have been and are all water parcels as of today
[14:05] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Ah, okay :)
[14:05] Selena (selenaanansi): they are hard to sell so adding more isnt in my plans
[14:06] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Okay
[14:06] Selena (selenaanansi): mostly the homesteads are open to be all water
[14:06] Selena (selenaanansi): currently Winterfell, Winterfell Undertow, and Winterfell Eventide have all water parcels
[14:06] Selena (selenaanansi): and I believe Blake is planning on some underwater gardens
[14:06] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Oh, cool
[14:06] Blake Panache nods
[14:06] DimiTarantello: Is there a water outlet to the Blake Sea per chance?
[14:06] Selena (selenaanansi): many people around winterfell have underwater gardens
[14:07] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I have swam through some of those gardens, yes :)
[14:07] Selena (selenaanansi): the Blake Sea is hundreds of sims away
[14:07] Eilidh McCullough: we need a worm hole ;)
[14:07] Liz Wilner looks at Ori
[14:07] Cee Edman: Another world, entirely.
[14:07] Selena (selenaanansi): there is no way to have a connection to the Blake Sea
[14:07] DimiTarantello: Or a space ship ㋡
[14:07] Selena (selenaanansi): :D
[14:07] Selena (selenaanansi): exactly
[14:07] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas): A transdimensional portal.
[14:08] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov) thinks of Nemo finding an underground tunnel to the Mediterranean.
[14:08] DimiTarantello: Got a in SL geography ;)
[14:08] Selena (selenaanansi): TPing still gives me goosebumps
[14:08] Shannon Woodrunner: storisende has a lot of open water but it is hard 2 get there
[14:09] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Imagine a void-sim corridor to the Blake Sea.
[14:09] Cee Edman: Given your name, that's rather awkward.
[14:09] Eilidh McCullough: we need to get Mr Ebbe Linden VERY drunk
[14:10] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) laughs
[14:10] Selena (selenaanansi): One of the random things that crossed my mind this past week was a FaceBook page
[14:10] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): That would be some sail, wouldn't it.
[14:10] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): lol
[14:10] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Yes
[14:10] Selena (selenaanansi): I have seen more and more people using Facebook pages for SL communities and brands
[14:10] Cee Edman: Please remember that opening to the Blake Sea is an opening to......Mainland!
[14:11] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Ah, true
[14:11] Selena (selenaanansi) gets the heebie jeebies hearing the word "mainland"
[14:11] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): lol
[14:11] Cee Edman: So do I
[14:11] Selena (selenaanansi): no need to swear
[14:11] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas) laughs
[14:11] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): lol
[14:12] Cee Edman: But, Dear Princess, you just said "Facebook"!
[14:12] Selena (selenaanansi): yes, but I am the Princess :P
[14:12] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): :)
[14:12] Cee Edman: But to some of us that is worse than "Mainland".
[14:12] Eilidh McCullough: Indeed
[14:12] Selena (selenaanansi): Is there ANY interest in a Winterfell Facebook page??
[14:12] Selena (selenaanansi): we barely use the blog
[14:13] Selena (selenaanansi): is FB easier?
[14:13] Selena (selenaanansi): pointless?
[14:13] Oriella Charik tells her typist to put that browser away
[14:13] Liz Wilner: I don't think it's necessary if we still have the blog
[14:13] Cee Edman: Probably pointless.
[14:13] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I like the blog
[14:13] Selena (selenaanansi) nods
[14:13] Selena (selenaanansi): I agree that FB would be pointless, but I felt the need to ask
[14:14] Cee Edman: The blog is finbe -- we just need to use it more.
[14:14] Oriella Charik: I can't see it would add anything
[14:14] Selena (selenaanansi): Perhaps this fall I will work on getting the blog used more
[14:14] Liz Wilner: I agree
[14:14] Eilidh McCullough: Many of us use Plurk for daily soial communications
[14:14] DimiTarantello: Where can one find the blog?
[14:14] Selena (selenaanansi): I need to get the streets, meters, tunnels and Rosehaven completed before getting more projects started
[14:14] Cee Edman: I liked the old idea of having us tell our stories -- we need to revive that.
[14:14] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): I never even look at this Facebook thing; I can usually not see the content.
[14:15] Liz Wilner: I so rarely use Facebook
[14:15] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas) takes her husband's face firmly in both her hands and points it at his IMs
[14:15] MarkTarantello: for me facebook is very easy to use and read
[14:15] Selena (selenaanansi):
[14:15] DimiTarantello: ty
[14:16] Selena (selenaanansi): I may look into a FB page and just do some updates on it when I do blog updates
[14:16] Liz Wilner: besides...Facebook is always changing something
[14:16] Selena (selenaanansi): I use FB all day at work
[14:16] MarkTarantello: try it and if no one reads it then delete it
[14:16] DimiTarantello: Wow that is nice!
[14:16] DimiTarantello: Didn't know there was one
[14:16] Selena (selenaanansi) looks at the page and laughs
[14:17] Oriella Charik: <
[14:17] Eilidh McCullough: AS long as any news is also on the blog, that would work.
[14:17] Selena (selenaanansi): well that really highlights how my new years resolution has not panned out
[14:17] Selena (selenaanansi): my resolution was to keep up to date on the moot transcripts
[14:17] Selena (selenaanansi): last one updated was January
[14:17] Selena (selenaanansi): fail!
[14:17] Liz Wilner: lol
[14:18] Eilidh McCullough: Instead of a transcript, perhaps a few brief notes of the discussion would be easier?
[14:18] Selena (selenaanansi): perhaps yes *nods*
[14:19] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Perhaps a summary on the journal, and a transcript in Google documents?
[14:19] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): I always have a copy of the transcript if you wish to use it
[14:19] Selena (selenaanansi): from each month this year, Olde?
[14:19] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): I think so
[14:19] Selena (selenaanansi): wow
[14:19] Selena (selenaanansi): if you can send them to me
[14:20] Selena (selenaanansi): with the death of my computer last month I have lost all my chat histories
[14:20] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): I will
[14:20] Cee Edman: I have often hyad to send a transcript to Litta, so I may well have any Olde does not have.
[14:20] Selena (selenaanansi): it would be wonderful to get them up
[14:20] Selena (selenaanansi): its a nice thing to be able to go back and check things out
[14:20] Cee Edman: Olde, see if you are missing any, and check with me to see if I have them.
[14:20] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): I will
[14:20] Selena (selenaanansi): Two more topics for todays meeting
[14:21] Selena (selenaanansi): while getting Blake moved into Aria
[14:21] Selena (selenaanansi): he asked me about palm trees
[14:21] Selena (selenaanansi): he was yanking my chain because he knew better than to ask to have them
[14:22] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) snorts
[14:22] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas): Palm trees.
[14:22] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): grins :-)
[14:22] Selena (selenaanansi): but it was his way of pointing out that we have no real mention of "where" Where winterfell is... only when
[14:22] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas) makes a small face
[14:22] Cee Edman facepalms
[14:22] Eilidh McCullough: I'd always assumed northern Europe
[14:22] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov) wonders if there are any tropical beach sims in SL . . . ?
[14:23] Liz Wilner: there are Toubanua
[14:23] Cee Edman: But surely, Winterfell is a "when". It's "where" is in our souls.
[14:23] Selena (selenaanansi): and I said "well you know... its like where fairy tales are"
[14:23] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I know, lol
[14:23] Cee Edman: Exactly.
[14:23] Selena (selenaanansi): and he got even more cheeky and said WHICH fairytails
[14:23] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Tropical beach sims, in my experience, are ubiquitous :)
[14:23] Selena (selenaanansi): So...
[14:23] Selena (selenaanansi): I am going to take another look at the covenant
[14:24] Selena (selenaanansi): and poke some new words in there
[14:24] Selena (selenaanansi): take some out
[14:24] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas) mutters something scathing about tiki huts
[14:24] Selena (selenaanansi): the core of the covenant will stay in tact
[14:24] Cee Edman nods at Zanta
[14:24] DimiTarantello: Palm trees? Nah--they carry big palmetto roaches--no good
[14:24] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I always thought sort of Eastern Europe with a splash of Ireland
[14:24] Selena (selenaanansi): and like every other covenant update, it will be simply to clarify
[14:25] JJ Drinkwater: Winterfell is a country in the pleasantest part of Neverwhere
[14:25] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): :)
[14:25] Cee Edman applauds JJ
[14:25] Oriella Charik: It is just across the border from Europa and Caledon, that fixes it
[14:25] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Most mainlandish rental properties are built as 'tropical beaches' because the landscaping is simple, and the view is of an ocean horizon.
[14:25] Jeanette Mavendorf: I gave someone directions to Winterfell once...I think they ended up in Oz, or NeverNeverLand
[14:25] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): This seems quite desirable for some reason.
[14:25] Selena (selenaanansi): to be honest, the Wintefell in my mind has always been based on the northern peninsula of wisconsin which is very very much like the British isles and then up into the Scandinavian lands
[14:26] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): :)
[14:26] Shannon Woodrunner: is there a Winterfell cheese then?
[14:26] Selena (selenaanansi): hehe
[14:26] Selena (selenaanansi): perhaps
[14:26] Liz Wilner laughs
[14:26] JJ Drinkwater: East of the Sun, West of the Moon
[14:26] Ray (ray.weyland): lol .. know of such a land :-)
[14:26] Ray (ray.weyland): knows*
[14:26] Oriella Charik: Denmark then
[14:26] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I vote yes to cheese
[14:26] Selena (selenaanansi) smiles at JJ
[14:26] Cee Edman searches inventory for crackers
[14:26] Selena (selenaanansi): always the romantic
[14:27] DimiTarantello: Fertile earth with all these horses running around
[14:27] JJ Drinkwater looks through his folders for a cheese avatar
[14:27] Selena (selenaanansi): So, look for some more flavor text to be added to the covenant
[14:28] Selena (selenaanansi): and a bunch of the leagleeze to be removed
[14:28] Cee Edman notes the prolonged silence from the cheeky Mr Panache.
[14:28] Cee Edman grins
[14:28] Selena (selenaanansi): he crashed when I told the tale
[14:28] Selena (selenaanansi): he missed the entire thing
[14:29] Shannon Woodrunner: may be Winterfell velveeta
[14:29] Selena (selenaanansi): I was telling htem about your question about "WHERE" is winterfell
[14:29] Blake Panache: best to keep silent than betray yourself by speaking as a fool
[14:29] Cee Edman: Shame. He;s officially had the Winterfell dressing-down.
[14:29] Cee Edman: We tease, but we are harmless, Blake.
[14:29] Blake Panache: ah yes the Mists..
[14:30] Selena (selenaanansi) looks at Cee with a puzzled look on her face
[14:30] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) chuckles
[14:30] Selena (selenaanansi): I explained to Blake the Mists as well
[14:30] JJ Drinkwater: Mist cheese....
[14:30] Selena (selenaanansi): one final bit of info I feel the need to pass on to you all
[14:30] Cee Edman: Has anyone determined what the mists smell like?
[14:30] JJ Drinkwater: ...sounds like a blue
[14:30] Selena (selenaanansi): wait, is that like spray cheese?
[14:31] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Mist Cheese Us.
[14:31] Shannon Woodrunner: we could use cheese 4 ground textures
[14:31] Selena (selenaanansi): the mists smell like rain and fire smoke
[14:32] Cee Edman: Ah, yes. With a touch of whiskey fragrance, too?
[14:32] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): :)
[14:32] Selena (selenaanansi): fresh whiskey... not old man whiskey breath
[14:32] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Only when certain people pass.
[14:32] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I'm starting to like the sound of these mists :)
[14:32] JJ Drinkwater resembles that remark
[14:32] Cee Edman: So there realoly IS a still hidden here somewhere!
[14:33] Selena (selenaanansi) chuckles
[14:33] Selena (selenaanansi): I will never tell
[14:33] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): *smiles at Lord JJ
[14:33] Selena (selenaanansi): final spot of information
[14:33] Selena (selenaanansi): then I will let you all get back to your afternoon
[14:33] Cee Edman: Personally, I suspect the Aos Si who live under my castle.
[14:33] Selena (selenaanansi): and naps
[14:33] Selena (selenaanansi): mmmm naps
[14:33] JJ Drinkwater's eyes glaze over "Naps....."
[14:33] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): :) I wish
[14:34] Selena (selenaanansi): hehe
[14:34] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) thought he saw a still in the tunnels once.
[14:34] Selena (selenaanansi): good place for a still
[14:34] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I am so jonsing for whisky now.
[14:34] Selena (selenaanansi): hehe
[14:35] Selena (selenaanansi): I wanted to let you all know that I have started a second job RL, it shouldn't effect my time in SL but it may make me a bit less available in the evenings
[14:35] Selena (selenaanansi): As always you will be able to reach me via offline IMs and email
[14:36] Selena (selenaanansi): I have rejoined a former employer as their Community Manager
[14:36] Selena (selenaanansi): It is for a childs chat and learning website
[14:36] Liz Wilner: how wonderful
[14:36] Eilidh McCullough: sounds most worthwhile
[14:36] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Nice, congratulations :)
[14:36] Shannon Woodrunner: best of luck 2 u
[14:37] Selena (selenaanansi): I will be restructuring their membership end of the business
[14:37] DimiTarantello: Great!
[14:37] MarkTarantello: sounds great Selena, wish you the best with the new job
[14:37] Eilidh McCullough: Children will be easy after us ;)
[14:37] Selena (selenaanansi): hehe
[14:37] Liz Wilner laughs
[14:37] Selena (selenaanansi): when the site is back up and running again, I may share the sites address in case you all have kids or grandkids who may like the site
[14:38] Selena (selenaanansi): it was one of Club Penguins competitors before the owners life went topsy turvy with a family member who passed recently from cancer
[14:38] Eilidh McCullough: Future bunnies and Winterfallen!
[14:38] Selena (selenaanansi): so I will me helping getting the site back up and running
[14:39] Selena (selenaanansi): the focus is learning through play
[14:39] Selena (selenaanansi): anyways, like I said it shouldn't effect my time in SL.. but in case if you notice my absence
[14:39] Liz Wilner: is this every day of the week?
[14:40] Selena (selenaanansi): it will be about 20 hours a week
[14:40] Selena (selenaanansi): so a few hours each week night
[14:40] Selena (selenaanansi): and some hours on the weekend
[14:40] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas): I do not know about the Mists
[14:40] Liz Wilner: ah, ok :)
[14:41] Liz Wilner: :)
[14:41] Selena (selenaanansi): The Mists of Winterfell are ....
[14:41] Selena (selenaanansi): oh
[14:41] Selena (selenaanansi): they have been around since the birth of Winterfell
[14:41] JJ Drinkwater: The smell ike toasted cheese :D
[14:41] Selena (selenaanansi) laughs
[14:41] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) chuckles
[14:41] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas) had just come back from a brief distraction and caught up  "My pardon for being so abrupt with the question."
[14:41] Cee Edman: and whiskey
[14:41] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Smoked gouda? :)
[14:41] Selena (selenaanansi): in the begining of Winterfell, the mists were an unknown force
[14:42] Liz Wilner: ooo...smoked gouda
[14:42] Oriella Charik: liable to swallow whole islands
[14:42] Selena (selenaanansi): they came and went and sometimes left gifts swallowed entire swaths of land
[14:42] Cee Edman: or reveal new ones when they lifted.
[14:42] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas): Interesting
[14:42] Selena (selenaanansi): sometimes left gifts swallowed OR entire swaths of land
[14:42] Shannon Woodrunner: speaking of ground textures is 2day teh first day of autumn>
[14:42] JJ Drinkwater: ...and left everyone's cheese out of the fridge.
[14:42] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Ridges became valleys, valleys became inlets....
[14:42] Selena (selenaanansi) sighs and gives up correcting herself
[14:42] JJ Drinkwater hated that part
[14:43] Liz Wilner: Autumn...already?
[14:43] Selena (selenaanansi): already?
[14:43] Selena (selenaanansi): oh dear.. is it really?
[14:43] Cee Edman: Please, no
[14:43] Shannon Woodrunner: the covenant says it starts august 2
[14:43] Selena (selenaanansi) looks
[14:43] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Lammas is one of those holidays, ja?
[14:43] Liz Wilner: oh no :(
[14:43] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): But back to the Mists.
[14:43] Selena (selenaanansi): so the mists
[14:43] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Winter is coming
[14:44] Liz Wilner: hush Olde!
[14:44] Shannon Woodrunner: i am new so i wanted 2 be sure my land was set up right
[14:44] Cee Edman: Booo, Olde
[14:44] MarkTarantello: yay, can't wait to see the snow fall, ㋡
[14:44] Selena (selenaanansi): turns out that the Mists are the manifestation of the spirit of Winterfell
[14:44] Selena (selenaanansi): the true ruler of the land
[14:44] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas) leans forward curiously
[14:44] Selena (selenaanansi): when it wants something it gets it
[14:45] Selena (selenaanansi): and has a sharp sense of humor
[14:45] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): *puts on my hat!
[14:45] Cee Edman: We fear and love the Mists at the same time.
[14:45] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Like leaving babies on doorsteps.
[14:45] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): That was amusing.
[14:45] Selena (selenaanansi) coughs to clear her throat
[14:45] Selena (selenaanansi) looks to Klaus and shakes her head
[14:45] Selena (selenaanansi): shhhh
[14:45] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas) glances at Klaus, then back to Selena
[14:45] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) smirks
[14:45] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas): I will get it out of him later.
[14:46] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas) grins
[14:46] Selena (selenaanansi) looks uncomfortable
[14:46] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) winces a little
[14:46] Selena (selenaanansi): Frau Baronin...
[14:46] Selena (selenaanansi): I wasnt born
[14:46] Selena (selenaanansi): like normal people or elves
[14:46] Selena (selenaanansi): I was a gift... a joke you might say... from the Mists
[14:46] Addison Greymyst: (wispers - sorry gotta go - nice seeing everyone)
[14:46] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): 'Gift', definitely.
[14:46] Liz Wilner: she is part of the mists :)
[14:46] Selena (selenaanansi): to play with and tease Lady Twilight and Sir JJ
[14:47] JJ Drinkwater: Everyone's a little, ah, forrgy on the details
[14:47] JJ Drinkwater: *foggy
[14:47] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) groans quietly
[14:47] Selena (selenaanansi) smiles
[14:47] Jeanette Mavendorf: You're not normal Selena? Hell, we knew that about you for a long time :)
[14:47] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas) looks surprised at Klaus' wince,  and listens to the story
[14:47] Selena (selenaanansi): the Mists looooove puns
[14:47] Cee Edman (likes "forrgy")
[14:47] Selena (selenaanansi): and Daddy feeds it all the time
[14:47] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) leans over and whispers to Zanta
[14:47] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas): You are very special. Mistborn.
[14:47] JJ Drinkwater: The mists spell better than swome of us, however
[14:47] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): :)
[14:48] Selena (selenaanansi) giggles
[14:48] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Hm, that's a nice title.
[14:48] Selena (selenaanansi): I wonder if Wildstar has the story saved on his google thing
[14:48] Cee Edman: nods
[14:48] Liz Wilner: Selena was so cute as a baby :))
[14:48] Selena (selenaanansi): he seems to always have archived websites
[14:48] Liz Wilner: I think he does
[14:48] JJ Drinkwater: For about a week :D
[14:48] Jeanette Mavendorf: well, I'll leave you all to your little RP games. take care all
[14:48] Selena (selenaanansi): we lost the story of my arrival when we lost the old website
[14:49] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) mutters 'RP games?'
[14:49] Selena (selenaanansi): my
[14:49] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas) raises her brows
[14:49] Selena (selenaanansi): that was abrupt
[14:49] Cee Edman mutters "little"?
[14:49] Eilidh McCullough: No idea what she refers to
[14:49] Liz Wilner: goodness, what was that about?
[14:49] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): That was condescending.
[14:49] Selena (selenaanansi) shrugs
[14:49] Selena (selenaanansi): oh well
[14:49] JJ Drinkwater: I would just like to say that I play perfect enormous RP games
[14:49] Selena (selenaanansi): I suppose we are taking up peoples time with silly stories
[14:49] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): :)
[14:50] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Not at all, Princess
[14:50] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I thought it was lovely
[14:50] Cee Edman: We LIKE silly!
[14:50] Selena (selenaanansi): :)
[14:50] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas): I thought it was very informative, Princess, as well as mysterious.
[14:50] Selena (selenaanansi) bobs her head in thanks
[14:51] Eilidh McCullough: before I must relog, where is PHC today, please?
[14:51] Ray (ray.weyland): well, though I love stories, and remember those days, also ... I must go bank some coals for cooking dinner :-)
[14:51] Selena (selenaanansi): it was always my intent to write the story of Winterfell... I should make that a priority
[14:51] Selena (selenaanansi): thank you all for coming!
[14:51] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): That would be splendid.
[14:51] MarkTarantello: thank you for all the new information
[14:51] Eilidh McCullough: Merry Moot
[14:51] Blake Panache: thank you Princess
[14:52] Cee Edman: A thoroughly enjoyable Moot, Princess!
[14:52] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): It was good seeing everyone :)
[14:52] Selena (selenaanansi): please contact me if you have questions about the upgrades around Winterfell
[14:52] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Cassie and I will have PHC at the castle
[14:52] Oriella Charik: thank you all!
[14:52] Ray (ray.weyland): thank you all
[14:52] Liz Wilner: thank you! :))
[14:52] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas) smiles
[14:52] Ray (ray.weyland): good day
[14:52] Jan (h0n2a): Thank you all and have a fine rest of the day in this magic land of wonders. :) See you next time.
[14:52] Eilidh McCullough: I shall leave swifttly, in order to return on time for our enetertainment
[14:52] MarkTarantello: have a great day or night everyone
[14:52] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Gute Nacht, everyone leaving.
[14:53] Cee Edman heads out for a walk around Winterfell Laudanum.
[14:53] Blake Panache: good afternoon to you all
[14:53] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Good night :)
[14:53] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas): Farewell, Eilidh *smiles* and to all who are leaving
[14:53] DimiTarantello whispers: Fair winds and smooth sails!
[14:53] Liz Wilner waves goodbye :)
[14:53] Cee Edman bows to all
[14:53] Selena (selenaanansi): Good afternoon all!
[14:54] MarkTarantello: bows back
[14:54] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): take care all and have a lovely evening
[14:54] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) bows
[14:54] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Highness.
[14:55] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas): Princess.
[14:55] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas) smiles, bows
[14:56] Selena (selenaanansi): IM's so many IMs
[14:56] Selena (selenaanansi): LOL
[14:56] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Well, I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel of the big pile of work I have to-day :) So I'd better get back to it
[14:56] Selena (selenaanansi): sometimes I get flooded after a moot
[14:56] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I bet :)
[14:56] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) smiles
[14:56] Selena (selenaanansi): I hope you defeat the pile of work!
[14:56] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Me too :)
[14:56] Selena (selenaanansi): and I love your armor!
[14:56] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) nods at the Fraulein.
[14:56] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Thanks :) I got it at Bare Rose
[14:57] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I'll see you later :) Nice moot again :)
[14:57] Selena (selenaanansi): toodles
[14:57] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): All right, I have an outworld errand if I might be pardoned.
[14:57] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Zanta?
[14:58] Selena (selenaanansi): Good afternoon, Herr Baron
[14:58] Selena (selenaanansi): thank you for coming
[14:58] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Gladly, Highness.
[14:58] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Have fun with the gift.
[14:58] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) grins
[14:58] Selena (selenaanansi): I shall
[14:58] Selena (selenaanansi): in the tunnels somewhere
[14:59] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) kisses Zanta and hurries off
[15:01] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas) comes back from another distraction and chuckles to see him already gone
[15:01] Selena (selenaanansi): aww
[15:04] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas): He had to hurry.
[15:04] Selena (selenaanansi): I hope all is okay
[15:05] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas) whispers: Yes. *smiles8
[15:05] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas): He had some errands to take care of before this evening, and does not want to be delayed in returning for plans later.
[15:05] Selena (selenaanansi) nods and understands
[15:06] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas): I am puzzling about the lady who left sor abruptly.
[15:06] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas): What is her reason for being in a realm like this if she is going to say things like that to the people in it?
[15:06] Selena (selenaanansi): I am not sure, shes been a resident of Wintefell on and off for a long long time
[15:06] Selena (selenaanansi): i have no idea
[15:07] Selena (selenaanansi): perhaps just having a bad day?
[15:07] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas): Maybe.
[15:07] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas): I hope so.
[15:07] Zantabraxus (zantabraxus.aristocarnas) shrugs pleasantly