About Winterfell and Covenant

Hello and thank you your interest in Winterfell and for taking the time to read these rules, If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email me.

This document is divided into sections dealing with:


Winterfell is a fantasy realm modeled after old world Europe and is graced with deep forests, rolling hills, grand estates, charming towns and many waterways to explore.

Respect and tolerance are always the number one rule in Winterfell; all are welcome provided they are respectful and courteous to everyone.  Winterfell is a mature realm, this means everyone is expected to be respectful and act like a grown up.  All public areas of Winterfell are to be kept clear of overt nudity, foul language and sexual activity.  Your homes and parcels are considered private property as long as adult content is not viewable by the general public.

There is no dress code for Winterfell other than to be dressed.  Period clothing is welcome and encouraged but if you feel like wearing jeans or some other bit of modern clothes, please do.

You do NOT need to be a premium member of Second Life to own land in Winterfell.

Please visit and feel free to join our out of Second Life community page:  http://winterfell.spruz.com/

To join the Winterfell community group cut and paste this link into your chat line and hit enter, then click the link secondlife:///app/group/2b719001-1a87-ba1e-f356-0aa4d32e6a74/about

Winterfell Stats:
Estate Name: Winterfell
Established: October 2006
Total Sims: 19
Owner: Serra Anansi
Owner's display name: Serra
Owners Email Address: Serra.Anansi@gmail.com
Owner's title/office: Seneschelf
Forms of address in conversation:  Lady Twilight, Seneschelf, and Miss Serra
Primary Estate Managers: Uni Ninetails, Charlene Trudeau, SelenaAnansi

Winterfell is graced with the changing of the seasons.  When the season changes you will need to change your plantings and landscaping to match the season.  With all the clever plant and foliage designers in Second Life this is a very simple thing to do.  Many plant designers have plants that can change season with a simple touch of a button.

Winter is observed from November 2nd through February 1st
Spring is observed from February 2nd through May 1st
Summer is observed from May 2nd through August 1st
Autumn is observed from August 2nd through November 1st

Winterfell is a fantasy setting welcoming the European architectural styles ranging from the Tudor Period (1500’s) to the Georgian Era (early 1800’s).  That span of time might sound strange to you, but because Winterfell is a land of dreams and fairy tales, style and "period" are able to merge and meld together.  More important than exact replicas of real world architecture is the underlying narrative and creative use of the building materials and themes.  Stone, Brick, Stucco, and Half Timber are the main building materials used in this time frame.  Accents are done in stone, wood, bronze, brass, silver, gold, crystal.

Because of Winterfell’s close proximity to the Independent State of Caledon (a Steampunk Nation), magic, gear and some steam technology is allowed as long as it uses the materials common in the time line outlined above.  Electricity simply does not work in Winterfell and materials made from relatively modern means (steel specifically) degrade and break shortly after being introduced to the realm.

Each plot size has a maximum building size, which may be waved if you contact me before setting up your building, this is not a guarantee but I can be persuaded if your idea is a compelling one:

512m plots and 1024m plots can have building that take up the entire plot and can be up to 20m tall. Castles are allowed taller turrets when kept to a minimum.

2048m plots can use up to 3/4 of their land for a building and can be up to 25m tall.  Castles are allowed taller turrets when kept to a minimum.

4096m plots and larger can use up to 1/2 their land for a building and can be up to 30m tall.  Castles are allowed taller turrets when kept to a minimum.

Quarter sim parcels and larger can use up to 1/4 their land for a building and can be up to 45m tall. Castles are allowed taller turrets when kept to a minimum. Several shorter buildings are allowed and will not be counted in the 1/4 building limit.

*Please note that height rules are meant to keep people from building monoliths that cause an unsightly eyesore. We all want to enjoy the view and have a beautiful place to live.  These rules can be adjusted on a case by case basis with prior approval by Serra Anansi*

Garden walls and fences are allowed to be built one and a half times as close to the property line as they are tall and walls should not be taller than 2 meters.

Floating buildings and sky boxes are allowed if they are 512m and higher.  Airships (if made of proper materials) are allowed.

Full bright and glowing objects are forbidden, unless they are windows or obvious light sources.  This includes trees and bushes, unless they are specifically decorated with lights.

I personally can't stand blood being used as a decorative medium, so my personal rule is extended to you, no blood fountains, blood rivers, blood waterfalls or blood lakes outside your buildings.

Megaprims are allowed as long as they do not overlap your property line.

Temp-rezzers will not be permitted due to the heavy scripting and resource drain placed on the regions.  The only exception will be for devices such as tour boats and single rezing vendors.   Please set vendors that utilize temp rezing to only function on the command of a customer.  All temp rez devices that are used to specifically and blatantly bypass the parcels prim allotment will be removed without warning.

What you do IN your homes is up to you.  You may use electrical items such as lights, tv’s, radios and such in your homes.


Township parcels are open to any kind of business you like provided that it is in theme, is discrete and does not violate the Linden Lab TOS for Second Life.  Please keep any potentially offensive materials or activities in your buildings and relatively out of general sight.

Billboards, signs and advertisements should only be used on commercial shops in the townships and should be kept in historical theme and in a reasonable size.  No blinking or flashing signs will be allowed.


Do not remove the natural waterways or shoreline.  I reserve the right to make minor edits to all land without consulting you to keep the landscape clean and in theme.  Each plot of land should have, at the very least, 5 trees or bushes if not more.

'Restrict gesture and object sounds to this parcel' must be set in the World - About Land - Media tab. If you use the voice settings, please also set "restrict voice to this parcel" as well.  This will help maintain the tranquility of the regions for all our neighbors.

If you share your land with friends or family and wish them to be able to set "home" to your parcel, please IM Serra Anansi to set the land to the group.  She will need an invite to the group in question as an owner. Once the land is deeded, she will immediately leave the group.

Scripted items are fun and a basic part of life in Second Life.  Some items are not created in a reasonable way, and will suck up the bandwidth of the entire island.  If I do a scan and find that an item is causing lag for then entire community, I will contact you and ask you to remove it.  In some cases if the instance is really bad, I will return the item to you without talking to you first; this will only be done in extreme cases.

Personal disputes between residents are by definition *personal*, and neither I nor my assistant will become involved in the resolution of such disputes.  In the case of groups disbanding or partners splitting up, the person who is registered with the tier meter is considered the resident of record and will retain the rights to the property.

Merging parcels that are directly adjacent is allowed, but moving of parcels is not.


No ban lines, period.  This means you cannot use the land setting access list or the "ban by payment type" options.  You may, however, ban specific people from your land.

All security orbs should be set for, at the very least, 30 seconds if not more while you are not home.  Your privacy is important but so is the ability to sail over the water ways and take airship tours of the area.

RedZone devices or any other device that puts the anonymity of anyone at risk is banned.  Please contact me BEFORE putting in any device that tracks users on your land.  I reserve the right to remove these devices without warning.


    To find land for sale in Winterfell:
    a) log into SL and open the world map
    b) search for Winterfell in the search field
    c) make sure you have the land for sale box checked
    d) double click on any yellow plot to visit it and get more details
    e) note that the map doesn't always fully load, but you can still visit the plots of land.
    f) when you find a parcel you would like to buy, simply right click the land and select "buy"
    g) make sure to check the box that says that you agree to the covenant
    h) find the tier meter and make your first tier payment


Upon purchasing your chosen land, you must make your first week's tier payment. The purchase price of the land does not include tier unless otherwise specifically stated.  If you fail to pay your first weeks tier, and do not respond to our attempts to contact you, I will be forced to clear, reclaim and sell your land again.  If this happens you will not be entitled to a refund of land purchase price.  Tier locations will be listed in the land description.  If you need help finding your tier meter, please IM one of the Estate Managers listed above in the Winterfell Stats section.

    To pay a meter:
    a) locate the meter.
    b) touch the meter to get the weekly tier information
    c) when you are ready to pay, right click the meter and select "pay"
    4) enter in the amount you want to pay, the minimum is one week and the max 6 weeks.
    5) meters can be set up to accept payments from partners.  Simply touch the meter and select “add partner” and follow the instructions

9) SELLING YOUR LAND: You may sell your land at anytime, I will hate to see you go, but I understand things come up.  Please note that you are responsible for paying tier until your land sells.

Any resident may relinquish their land before they are able to sell or transfer it.  There will be no refund of land purchase or rent/tier paid if you choose to leave before selling your land.

Remaining tier will not be transferred to the new owner of the land unless I am specifically notified BEFORE the land is sold.

10) SWAPPING LAND:  You are more than welcome to move to other areas in Winterfell at any time.  Please let me know you would like to move and I will transfer your tier time to the new meter.  Generally you will not pay a purchase price for the new land unless it is a brand new sim. 

11) TERMINATION DUE TO PAYMENT FAILURE: At the end of each payment cycle.  The tier meters will send you reminder note cards to you when your tier is coming due and when it is finally due.  If you do not pay your tier I will be forced to clear, reclaim and sell your land again.  If this happens you will not be entitled to a refund of land purchase price.

If you will be leaving town on holiday, I suggest you check on your meter and make sure you are covered for the time you will be gone.  “I forgot” isn't a good excuse.  If you are not able to log into Second Life, please contact me via email.  Make a note of my email address and keep it somewhere that you can get it if you are unable to log into Second Life.

12)  TERMINATION DUE TO COVENANT VIOLATIONS:  Warnings will be issued for all covenant infractions.  Grave or repeated offenses against our covenant may result in exile.  Should a resident be exiled, their land will be reclaimed and objects returned to their inventory. Please be sure that you understand the covenant, as there will be absolutely no refunds for land purchase or tier payments if you are exiled.

13)  GRID OUTAGES AND BUGS: Please understand that I have the same restraints as you do when it comes to bugs, update downtime and griefer-caused grid outages.  I will not be able to offer any kind of refunds or compensation to make up for these inconveniences.

These rules are simple and based on respect for the island, your neighbors, and our theme.  If anyone is outside of these rules, I will talk to them personally.  I am a reasonable, fair and easy going woman, but my word on the interpretation of these rules is final.  If I see the need to revise these rules, I inform you via the "Winterfell" group.  If you choose not to be part of that group, I ask that you look at the covenant periodically to keep up on updates as it will be your responsibility.

Thank you again,
Lady Twilight, Serra of Winterfell
Serra Anansi


"Dreams rule the night. Dreams inspire us. Dreams enchant us. Dreams free us to be as we truly are"