Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013 Winterfell Winter Home Tour - Is Under Way!

The residents of Winterfell would like to wish you the Happiest of Holidays and welcome you to our realm and homes. 

 Below you will find a list of homes and shops who would like to extend an invitation to come and tour.  Some have listed in the description when they will be home to greet you, but all have extended the invitation to visit while they are away.

 Please Enjoy!
 Princess Selena and the residents of Winterfell


Warren Cottage  

A cottage and garden for a bunny and sometimes bunny! Please do explore the rooms and enjoy our art collection.    We are on roughly 11am to 3pm SL time daily - if nobunny is around, please do IM in case we are on but elsewhere -
 Neill and Eilidh McCullough -

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Winterfell%20Sanctuary/36/47/28   .                        

Winterfell Aislinn  

Our home is the entire sim of Winterfell Aislinn.  Please feel free to explore it all.  We start you at Aislinn Castle, a reproduction of the real-world Stokesay Castle in Southern Shropshire.  Stokesay was built in the late 13th Century, and still exists.  The textures used for our version of it are taken from photographs of the real castle.  Near the castle is a ruined village.  Elsewhere in the sim you will find a ruined Priory (you can dance there 24/7), the Tower House (our primary residence), the Ferryman's Office, and the dock where you can depart on the Winterfell Ferry.  Come back and enjoy our sim at any time."    We would love to greet you, but we can't commit to holding a specific time for an open house during this busy season.  You may usually find us at home late in the SL evening and we will be delighted to welcome you whenever we are there.  - Cee Edman & Litta Nightfire -




Please look around the orangery, and taste the fruit if you desire. Being of elven-kind, my true home is of course in Faerie, far, far to the west of the setting sun, beyond the circle of the world. The Christmas trees can magically take you there, to a grove in the land of Eternal Summer where elves and fauns have been known to dance. Between the fairy ring and two red toadstools is the entrance to my humble hall, where you are most welcome, guests.    I aim to be at home from 12-2 SLT on the 30th - Podruly Peccable -



The Dark Lady  

The private residence of Miss Jeanette Mavendorf.  The first floor is decorated for the Holiday season, please help yourselves to free Egg Nog.    Due to RL, I cannot guarantee to be present to greet visitors, but all are welcome to my home and I wish all a very Happy Holiday - Jeanette Mavendorf



Winterfell Harbor

With the advent of winter, Winterfell Harbor has frozen over so bring your ice skates or pick up a free pair at the hot chocolate cart. Wander over the hills and trails to visit a hunting cabin, manor house, or Celtic cottage.  Find a cozy fireside to warm your hands and chat with friends. Warning, watch out for the bear!     Welcome to visit at any time during the holiday open house.  I'll be dropping in to sweep the snow off the steps and make sure the teapot is filled with warm water - Eleanor Anderton  




My beautiful and loved little cottage on the Winterfell Absinthe sim, where I have really been able to lovingly use the lands prim allowance to the full. Whilst my cottage is not a place at which to purchase my online trinkets found on marketplace, some of the items I do create are on display within my cottage.    I can usually be most often found meandering around my home around 2am-4am SLT though, though often out exploring and blistering my feetsies with long walks through beautiful countryside and townscape vistas - Adrianna Biziou  



Winterfell Wolfsbane  

 The estate of Addison Greymyst.  Please stroll the grounds, Acontium Abbey, the mansion house, is at the top of the hill.  Please enjoy walking the grounds as well, a small path will lead you to points of interest.  Opposite the water is Haven Gardens, please enjoy the garden and tearooms there as well.    The Duke is residence most days 6-9 pm SLT.  Feel free to visit anytime - Addison Greymyst



Olorin and Crescent's Home                                            
"Welcome to our home! Please enjoy your visit. Feel free to explore the entire house. There is a Greedy Greedy game table in the attic. We hope that you love our little lovenest as much we do.
Happy Holidays - Olorin & Crescent



The TigerDragon Teahouse

Welcome to the teahouse of Olorin Tigerpaw and Crescent Renard! Please feel free to stay as long as you wish. Enjoy some tea, absinthe or other fun treats. Click on the ship in a bottle for a drink giver menu.  We hope that you'll take some time to sit by the fire, relax and listen to some music. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!  - Olorin Tigerpaw  




Lighthouse and home in the woods. Visitors welcome to wander, daydream, dance, and relax.    I am often at home between 6:00pm and 8:00pm SLT. - LillieJay Mills  



Edgewood Library

The bottom half of our home is the Edgewood Library - home to the Consulate of Faeries.  The second floor is the ballroom and the upper half our home.  Feel free to take a book and a special gift from the Eldemars!     We plan on being home on Dec. 29th at 1 pm SLT. Cassie and OldeSoul Eldemar  



Star Port

A little harbor deep inside Wildstar's private land, used to reach other destinations with larger ships.  A teleporter inside the port authority office will take the visitors to the ballroom of Wild Castle, a skybox where an annual Christmas event is held.  This year it will be on the 22nd of December 12-3 pm slt



Bright Star Gallery

A little art gallery with Wildstar's own picture, mainly of naval theme.



Wild Fleet Docks

The main dock of the Wild Fleet, the main naval force in Winterfell waters. Currently docked are ships from the 2nd battleship division and 1st escort division, part of the home squadron protecting Winterfell at all times.  Facing the docks is the Admiralty building, on Admiralty Island, where the fleet is headquartered - Wildstar Beaumont



The Wolf Shop

Santa`s Cottage - Come to see alone or with anybody, get some freebie or products for modest prices, watch a small lightshow by the Christmas tree. You can even dance to music if you wear hud. Sit and talk with your buddy, read some quotes from a talking object - find it. If you meet me, I will be glad to take you (may be 3 people with me) for a short tour by carriage (optionaly air vehicle). Just look and observe the beauty of Winterfell. Your visit is very welcome! I plan carriage tours on 21. 12. and 22. 12. (12 AM, 1 PM 2 PM, 3 PM PST) - with my assistance. Santa`s Cottage will be opened and fully furnished 24. 12. - 31. 12. If possible, I will be glad to take you to a tour any day and time! Merry Christmas! - Jan & Magneeta  



  St Columba Chapel

A chapel based on the 12th century Suntaks Gamla Kyrka, Tildaholm, Sweden, and dedicated to Saint Columba, founder and abbot of Iona.  The chapel includes a small library and, upstairs, a scriptorium.    Visitors are always welcome to come into all parts of the chapel to enjoy a quiet moment. - Herndon Bluebird


Grey Havens     

The home of Herndon Bluebird.    Please feel free to wander through the house as well as the grounds during the tour and partake of any refreshments that are set out.  To the northwest of the house, over the little bridge, is a frozen pond.  Free skates are available - Herndon Bluebird  




Undersea home    Visitors are welcome at any time during the tour days - Herndon Bluebird  



der Hut des Jaeger

The pub is open to all at all hours, with an EnGarde piste on the roof, cozy booths for a dinner out, a wide selection of drinks at the bar, and the garden with dancing for couples, singles and monsters.     "The Poetry Slam at der Hut des Jaeger is held every week (barring holidays, political unrest and other emergencies) on Thursday Evenings, 5:00 SLT



Europa Wulfenbach

The anchorage for the BLS Castle Wulfenbach, there is much to see and do on the island, from the mer ballroom to the games of strategy aboard the BLS Luftlowen or the warbugs at the aerodrome, there may even be a laboratory or two hidden away.    Team En Garde practice happens every Tuesday at 4pm SLT in Europa Wulfenbach. - Baron Klaus Wulfenbach


Queen Alice Chess Club

A chess club. All are welcome. Challenge a friend to chess or play against a computer opponent. We also have a Goban to play Go, 囲碁, aka Baduk. Feel free to play, watch others play, or just relax. Enjoy.   Merry Christmas!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2013 Winterfell Winter Home Tour

This year we are offering a unique self serve tour of Winterfell.  If you would like to show off your seasonal landscaping and beautifully appointed homes simply follow the link below and sign up. 

By filling out the form, you are agreeing to turn off your security and opening your home to visitors from December 20th through January 31st.  You do not need to "staff" your home so that someone is home at all times, but if you have a special time you would like to host a small gathering or party, please indicate that on the form so people know when to come back to meet you and your family at your home.

Please keep in mind that this is specifically meant to be a self lead tour of Winterfell homes and if you sign up to be on the list, you will be inviting people into your home while you are not there.


Please sign the form by the December 18th so that I can make up the notecard and list to hand out to our Steamland friends on the 20th.

All questions can be directed to myself,

Happy Chilly Holidays to you and your families!
Princess Selena of Winterfell

Friday, November 29, 2013

2013 Winter Weather Advisory

SL weather central has announced a winter weather advisory this evening. Drastically falling temps are expected with a 90% chance of heavy snow fall. 

Technical details are as follows:

- Winter terrain textures if you wish to use the same as the estate are:

- You will have until December 10th to have your landscaping "winterized"

- We do not expect you to spend a small fortune to be in compliance with the covenant, we are more than happy to place trees and snow mounds if you like.  Just ask us, and we will bring the frosty fun to your home!

Much love and hot chocolate to you all,
Princess Selena and Lady Twilight.

Monday, November 11, 2013

November Moot

[2013/11/02 13:28]  Podruly Peccable: Ahhh.. yes, one must consider the carbon footprint of ruling Europa and getting your comfy slippers
[2013/11/02 13:29]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me chuckles
[2013/11/02 13:29]  Neill McCullough: Good evening
[2013/11/02 13:29]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Good evening
[2013/11/02 13:29]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Laird Neill, Lord DreamWeaver.
[2013/11/02 13:29]  Cee Edman: Greetings, all of you!
[2013/11/02 13:30]  Podruly Peccable: Good day to you, Baronin, a pleasure to meet you
[2013/11/02 13:30]  Oriella Charik: The forest is growing Miss Serra thank you
[2013/11/02 13:30]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Herr Baron and Baronin - nice to see you
[2013/11/02 13:30]  Serra Anansi: Hello Lord Neill!
[2013/11/02 13:30]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Zanta, Laird Neill is of the race of the Tinies, a fascinating people.
[2013/11/02 13:30]  Jan (h0n2a): Greetings everybody, nice to see you again.
[2013/11/02 13:31]  Serra Anansi: "fascinating"
[2013/11/02 13:31]  Serra Anansi: Hello and welcome, Jan!
[2013/11/02 13:31]  Cee Edman: /me smiles at his wife's arrival
[2013/11/02 13:31]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Nice to see you Lady Twilight!
[2013/11/02 13:31]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Hello Admiral
[2013/11/02 13:31]  Serra Anansi: Lord Eldemar!
[2013/11/02 13:31]  Serra Anansi: hello, sir!
[2013/11/02 13:31]  Zantabraxus Aristocarnas: I see.
[2013/11/02 13:31]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Greetings
[2013/11/02 13:32]  Serra Anansi: Where is your lovely wife?
[2013/11/02 13:32]  Night Crow (wolf.earthboy): Good evening.
[2013/11/02 13:32]  Serra Anansi: oh there she is!
[2013/11/02 13:32]  Litta Nightfire: /me finds her way around this client she rarely uses ... greetings, all!
[2013/11/02 13:32]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): There she is now.
[2013/11/02 13:32]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): hello everyone:)
[2013/11/02 13:32]  Cee Edman: Dear, I would like you to meet Baronin Wulkfenbach, seated across the circle, next to her husband.
[2013/11/02 13:32]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me smiles
[2013/11/02 13:32]  Cee Edman: Baronin, may I iuntroduce Litta, my wife of five years.?
[2013/11/02 13:33]  Zantabraxus Aristocarnas: Greetings Litta
[2013/11/02 13:33]  Zantabraxus Aristocarnas: /me smiles
[2013/11/02 13:34]  Litta Nightfire: /me smiles. Greetings, Baronin! So pleased to meet you!
[2013/11/02 13:35]  Litta Nightfire: /me searches discreetly around the floor for her jaw
[2013/11/02 13:35]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): I do beg your collective pardons if I fail to make proper introductions. Her Majesty has met so many worthies lately, we are both losing track of who she has encountered.
[2013/11/02 13:35]  Zantabraxus Aristocarnas: /me chuckles
[2013/11/02 13:35]  Serra Anansi: /me smiles and nods to Litta "good to see you!"
[2013/11/02 13:36]  Litta Nightfire: Hello, Lady Twilight!
[2013/11/02 13:36]  Serra Anansi: please forgive me if I have missed greeting any of you
[2013/11/02 13:36]  Serra Anansi: I am fighting with my viewer
[2013/11/02 13:36]  Podruly Peccable: Oh dear, is it the new Firestorm?
[2013/11/02 13:37]  Litta Nightfire: Oh! I am doing the same, Serra! Perhaps we can banish them both to the outdoors and watch them fight it out with each other.
[2013/11/02 13:37]  Serra Anansi: yes, its being wonky... I was told I installed it incorrectly
[2013/11/02 13:37]  Serra Anansi: I quite like that idea, Litta
[2013/11/02 13:37]  Oriella Charik: It doesn't overwrite the previous one
[2013/11/02 13:38]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Interesting.
[2013/11/02 13:38]  Serra Anansi: Thank you those of you accepting my friendship request.. I like seeing all "friendly colored names tags"
[2013/11/02 13:38]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me chuckles
[2013/11/02 13:38]  Serra Anansi: okay let's get started
[2013/11/02 13:39]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Appropriate, for me you are violet.
[2013/11/02 13:39]  Serra Anansi: Hello all and thank you for taking time out of your day to come to this meeting
[2013/11/02 13:39]  Danko Whitfield: hello Winterfallen
[2013/11/02 13:39]  Danko Whitfield: Good afternoon Lady Twilight
[2013/11/02 13:39]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Hello Ambassador
[2013/11/02 13:39]  Serra Anansi: Ambassador, you are late
[2013/11/02 13:39]  Serra Anansi: /me smiles
[2013/11/02 13:39]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Herr Ambassador.
[2013/11/02 13:39]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): waves
[2013/11/02 13:39]  Danko Whitfield: yes, pardon me
[2013/11/02 13:40]  Serra Anansi: I appreciate the opportunity to see you all, even if it is for a stuffy meeting
[2013/11/02 13:40]  Ichie'n For Tunes: I am at Star Dreams Kids Club today at 2pm!  Singing a mixed set of mostly upbeat songs!   Everyone is welcome and it is a beautiful stage over the ocean so come join us!  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Romeno/84/48/22
[2013/11/02 13:40]  Cee Edman: Shhhh -- let's not tell him the news.
[2013/11/02 13:40]  Second Life: You decline 'StarDream Performers Stage'  ( http://slurl.com/secondlife/Rodos%20Island/100/24/3500 ) from Ichie'n For Tunes.
[2013/11/02 13:40]  Serra Anansi: /me chuckles
[2013/11/02 13:40]  Danko Whitfield: lol
[2013/11/02 13:40]  Serra Anansi: alright, Cee.. just this once
[2013/11/02 13:40]  Cee Edman: Serves him right.
[2013/11/02 13:41]  Serra Anansi: /me taps her forehead and tries to compose her list
[2013/11/02 13:41]  Litta Nightfire: /me takes away Cee's grumpy juice and substitutes happy vodka ... er ... juice
[2013/11/02 13:41]  Serra Anansi: /me chuckles
[2013/11/02 13:41]  Serra Anansi: okay first bit of business
[2013/11/02 13:42]  Cee Edman: /me grins -- ain't grumpy, just thirsty.
[2013/11/02 13:42]  Danko Whitfield: /me smiles
[2013/11/02 13:42]  Serra Anansi: there will be a very tiny change to the covenant.
[2013/11/02 13:42]  Podruly Peccable: /me has a Nice Cup of Tea
[2013/11/02 13:42]  Neill McCullough: /me perks up ears at TINY change.
[2013/11/02 13:42]  Danko Whitfield: /me brought chicken soup
[2013/11/02 13:42]  Serra Anansi: it is minuscule and wont be noticed much at all
[2013/11/02 13:43]  Wildstar Beaumont: like the LL TOS ?
[2013/11/02 13:43]  Danko Whitfield: lol
[2013/11/02 13:43]  Litta Nightfire: /me braces herself for the disco version of Winterfell
[2013/11/02 13:43]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Heh.
[2013/11/02 13:43]  Serra Anansi: /me rolls her eyes at LL
[2013/11/02 13:43]  Serra Anansi: no
[2013/11/02 13:43]  Serra Anansi: I am simply changing the seasons a bit
[2013/11/02 13:43]  Podruly Peccable: All jewelry must be blong?
[2013/11/02 13:43]  Podruly Peccable: *bling
[2013/11/02 13:43]  Serra Anansi: lol
[2013/11/02 13:43]  Danko Whitfield: i just memorized them today!
[2013/11/02 13:43]  AlewarSandulf: Greetings to everyone
[2013/11/02 13:44]  Cee Edman: Oh I think blong is just right -- bling is so passe
[2013/11/02 13:44]  Serra Anansi: Autumn will last a bit longer.. and winter will be adjusted slightly
[2013/11/02 13:44]  Podruly Peccable: Hullo Alewulf
[2013/11/02 13:44]  Serra Anansi: Welcome, Mr Sandulf, please join us!
[2013/11/02 13:44]  Litta Nightfire: /me lurves autumn.
[2013/11/02 13:44]  Serra Anansi: autumn will continue through the American Thanksgiving
[2013/11/02 13:44]  AlewarSandulf: Thank you...Lady Twilight
[2013/11/02 13:45]  Podruly Peccable: Yes, autumn is my favourite... though I also liked the wolf howl of Winter too
[2013/11/02 13:45]  Serra Anansi: winter will be from the weekend after thanksgiving to the weekend after Valentines day
[2013/11/02 13:45]  Serra Anansi: sorry, weekend BEFORE Valentines
[2013/11/02 13:45]  Danko Whitfield: was there a groundhog involved in this?
[2013/11/02 13:45]  Cee Edman: There will be
[2013/11/02 13:45]  Serra Anansi: no groundhogs will be used.. I fired him
[2013/11/02 13:45]  Danko Whitfield: lol
[2013/11/02 13:46]  Danko Whitfield: nice!
[2013/11/02 13:46]  Danko Whitfield: was tired of him
[2013/11/02 13:46]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Put the costume away, Aislinn.
[2013/11/02 13:46]  Serra Anansi: lazy lout
[2013/11/02 13:46]  Danko Whitfield: he was grouchier than Laird Edman
[2013/11/02 13:46]  Cee Edman: Costume?
[2013/11/02 13:46]  Litta Nightfire: /me hmmms. Costume?
[2013/11/02 13:46]  Danko Whitfield: lol
[2013/11/02 13:46]  Cee Edman: (Got it!)\
[2013/11/02 13:47]  Cee Edman: /me winks at Klaus
[2013/11/02 13:47]  Serra Anansi: Spring/Summer is essentially the same here, so no further changes to the seasons
[2013/11/02 13:48]  Serra Anansi: Oct 1st - November 25th(ish) is autumn... november 26th ish - Feb 14th ish will be winter
[2013/11/02 13:48]  Serra Anansi: any burning objections?
[2013/11/02 13:48]  Litta Nightfire: /me approves!
[2013/11/02 13:48]  Cee Edman: nods
[2013/11/02 13:49]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Winter is coming
[2013/11/02 13:49]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): sighs, no groundhogs......
[2013/11/02 13:49]  Danko Whitfield: /me nods
[2013/11/02 13:49]  Serra Anansi: someone please throw something at Lord Eldemar?
[2013/11/02 13:49]  Cee Edman: Want my costume, Cassie?
[2013/11/02 13:49]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): giggles
[2013/11/02 13:49]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): heheh!!!
[2013/11/02 13:50]  Litta Nightfire: /me whispers 'screw winter' into an invisible groundhog's ear
[2013/11/02 13:50]  Serra Anansi: We had fun with the Halloween Trick or Treat event, it was a bit scattered but we made the best of our hostess being MIA
[2013/11/02 13:50]  Serra Anansi: it was a great test run for the Winter event I want to have this year
[2013/11/02 13:50]  Cee Edman: /me perks up
[2013/11/02 13:51]  Serra Anansi: Id like to invite you all to decorate your homes for the winter season
[2013/11/02 13:51]  Serra Anansi: create a book that you love (Selena will give instructions on how to do it)
[2013/11/02 13:51]  Night Crow (wolf.earthboy): It's all ready to be taken out of the attic.
[2013/11/02 13:51]  Serra Anansi: and we will have a winterfell hunt
[2013/11/02 13:52]  Serra Anansi: with a few hours on a weekend for a group tour of the homes
[2013/11/02 13:52]  Jeanette Mavendorf: Sounds like fun (smiles)
[2013/11/02 13:52]  Litta Nightfire: Yay, home tour!
[2013/11/02 13:52]  Danko Whitfield: very nice
[2013/11/02 13:52]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): wonderful
[2013/11/02 13:52]  Serra Anansi: but Id like the homes to be open to the public for week, to allow for those who cant attend a formal event
[2013/11/02 13:52]  Serra Anansi: people can gather the books
[2013/11/02 13:52]  Serra Anansi: and take them home
[2013/11/02 13:52]  Podruly Peccable: I'd like that, I get to visit people so seldo
[2013/11/02 13:52]  Podruly Peccable: m
[2013/11/02 13:52]  Serra Anansi: and display the books in a collectors book case
[2013/11/02 13:53]  Danko Whitfield: what week will this be?
[2013/11/02 13:53]  Serra Anansi: I am going to shoot for the week of Yule.. December 21st
[2013/11/02 13:53]  Serra Anansi: with the ball being the opening of the event
[2013/11/02 13:54]  Cee Edman: Do you expect a hunt for a hidden book -- or would the books be laid out readily found?
[2013/11/02 13:54]  Serra Anansi: The Yule Ball time has not been set yet, but it will be on Decemeber 21st
[2013/11/02 13:54]  Serra Anansi: I think they should be out in the open
[2013/11/02 13:54]  Cee Edman: nods
[2013/11/02 13:54]  Serra Anansi: not as much a hunt as a walking/TP tour of the realm
[2013/11/02 13:54]  Cee Edman: Collecting them as a sort of evidence of the visit being thorough.
[2013/11/02 13:55]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Der Hut is always open, of course.
[2013/11/02 13:55]  Danko Whitfield: maybe a book on groundhogs? with pictures?
[2013/11/02 13:55]  Serra Anansi: we are a very private estate, I think this will be a nice warm way to welcome people of winterfell and the grid to visit and meet eachother
[2013/11/02 13:55]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me chuckles
[2013/11/02 13:55]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): giggles
[2013/11/02 13:55]  Litta Nightfire: /me wrinkles her nose at Danko
[2013/11/02 13:56]  Danko Whitfield: good for people who have heard of us but haven't visited yet
[2013/11/02 13:56]  Serra Anansi: Welcome, Duke Wolfsbane
[2013/11/02 13:56]  Litta Nightfire: So we are expecting winter decor, not necessarily Christmas, true?
[2013/11/02 13:56]  Serra Anansi: correct
[2013/11/02 13:56]  Addison Greymyst: (bows)
[2013/11/02 13:57]  Serra Anansi: if you want to do christmas, you may
[2013/11/02 13:57]  Serra Anansi: but I have never and will never dictate that sort of thing
[2013/11/02 13:58]  Serra Anansi: any thoughts on the tour?
[2013/11/02 13:58]  Serra Anansi: Selena will have more details by mid month
[2013/11/02 13:58]  Podruly Peccable: Well, I won't be able to very involved, unfortunately... I will be away for two weeks over Christmas... with no access to the aetherical realms
[2013/11/02 13:58]  Serra Anansi: Understandable
[2013/11/02 13:58]  Cee Edman: Horrors, Internet deprivation!
[2013/11/02 13:59]  Serra Anansi: if you want to, you can prepare before you leave
[2013/11/02 13:59]  Litta Nightfire: We chatted about a scripted tour, Serra, and if you'd like that, let me know. But if you wish to go simple, that might be easier for newer residents to cope with.
[2013/11/02 13:59]  Serra Anansi: you can still be on the list of homes open for tours
[2013/11/02 13:59]  Podruly Peccable: /me nods, with wide eyed horror
[2013/11/02 13:59]  Serra Anansi: /me smiles at Litta
[2013/11/02 13:59]  Neill McCullough: For those unfamiliar with the realm, some convenient means of crossing between the major island masses would be a boon.
[2013/11/02 13:59]  Serra Anansi: lets have a talk later this week about something along those lines?
[2013/11/02 13:59]  Serra Anansi: i am thinking simple
[2013/11/02 14:00]  Cee Edman: /me perks up
[2013/11/02 14:00]  Litta Nightfire: Sure!
[2013/11/02 14:00]  Serra Anansi: but I am open to your brilliance
[2013/11/02 14:00]  Litta Nightfire: /me looks around for some brilliance ... er....
[2013/11/02 14:00]  Serra Anansi: Selena will have a map and we will work with the ferry if possible
[2013/11/02 14:00]  Cee Edman: /me smiles a wicked smile at Litta
[2013/11/02 14:00]  Serra Anansi: Id like to make this a well rounded event
[2013/11/02 14:02]  Serra Anansi: Selena has started her preliminary plans for converting the communal land to the infrastructure group
[2013/11/02 14:02]  Serra Anansi: we will work hard to give anyone a heads up about stray prims before they are returned to the owners
[2013/11/02 14:03]  Oriella Charik: ah, those lost and strayed prims...
[2013/11/02 14:03]  Serra Anansi: problem with one of the Firestorm settings that allows any prim you create or place down auto setting to the group the land is set to
[2013/11/02 14:03]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): The occasional crayon, perhaps?
[2013/11/02 14:03]  Podruly Peccable: Ho about catapults to travel from one isle to another?
[2013/11/02 14:03]  Serra Anansi: so all residents are in the winterfell gruoop
[2013/11/02 14:03]  Wildstar Beaumont: oh ... catapults are fun !
[2013/11/02 14:03]  Podruly Peccable: Hehe
[2013/11/02 14:04]  Serra Anansi: it is easy for them to rez prims on the communal land and not know
[2013/11/02 14:04]  Wildstar Beaumont: I have a cataporter somewhere in the inventory
[2013/11/02 14:04]  Cee Edman: You port cats?
[2013/11/02 14:04]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): *lobs some watermelons to Ebonshire
[2013/11/02 14:04]  Serra Anansi: so we are converting all communal land to a closed group saved for official business - upside of this it will help cut back on griefers
[2013/11/02 14:05]  Serra Anansi: /me checks to see if the catapult chatter is over... and if anyone has questions about the land change
[2013/11/02 14:06]  Serra Anansi: /me smiles
[2013/11/02 14:06]  Cee Edman: (all silent on the Western front)
[2013/11/02 14:06]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me chuckles quietly
[2013/11/02 14:06]  Serra Anansi: Cee and Litta, how goes the Ferry install?
[2013/11/02 14:06]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Which group shall it be, Lady Twilight?
[2013/11/02 14:06]  Podruly Peccable: It seems very sensible, Lady Twilight
[2013/11/02 14:07]  Cee Edman: I will begin with a plea and apology.
[2013/11/02 14:07]  Serra Anansi: /me is sorry for back tracking...
[2013/11/02 14:07]  Serra Anansi: the group is Order of the Twilight Rose
[2013/11/02 14:07]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me bows from his seat
[2013/11/02 14:07]  Cee Edman: I have a rather long report today, and I typoe very badly -- please forgive my typonese, for I want to type quickly.
[2013/11/02 14:08]  Cee Edman: The ferry is running.
[2013/11/02 14:08]  Cee Edman: (Not the end of the report)
[2013/11/02 14:08]  Serra Anansi: /me nods her apology to Cee
[2013/11/02 14:08]  Podruly Peccable: Hooray!
[2013/11/02 14:08]  Cee Edman: It is running, anbd we will make the public announcement tomorrow.
[2013/11/02 14:08]  Danko Whitfield: /me applauds
[2013/11/02 14:08]  Litta Nightfire: And we're still partnered!
[2013/11/02 14:09]  Cee Edman: You may have at it -- ride and send eithrer of us comments. Please!
[2013/11/02 14:09]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): :)
[2013/11/02 14:09]  Serra Anansi: yay!!
[2013/11/02 14:09]  Danko Whitfield: hear hear!
[2013/11/02 14:09]  Danko Whitfield: lol
[2013/11/02 14:09]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Congrats Ms. Litta
[2013/11/02 14:09]  Cee Edman: The ferry now is using a completely new system, devised by Litta, based on the procedutre known as
[2013/11/02 14:10]  Cee Edman: feyframemotion.
[2013/11/02 14:10]  Podruly Peccable: Wonderful news
[2013/11/02 14:10]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me raises an intrigued eyebrow
[2013/11/02 14:10]  Litta Nightfire: *KeyFramedMotion
[2013/11/02 14:10]  Cee Edman: This is a woefully underdeveloped but very promising procedure from LL.
[2013/11/02 14:10]  Danko Whitfield: /me scratches his head
[2013/11/02 14:10]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): *looks up in urban dictionary
[2013/11/02 14:10]  Podruly Peccable: Feyframemotion makes more sense in Winterfell ;)
[2013/11/02 14:10]  Cee Edman: It's damnably difficult to work with, and has some unforytunate side-effects.
[2013/11/02 14:10]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Heh, you stole my words, Sir Podruly.
[2013/11/02 14:11]  Podruly Peccable: Hehe
[2013/11/02 14:11]  Serra Anansi: :D
[2013/11/02 14:11]  Cee Edman: The ferry can go off its course for a variety ofn reasons, none of which are controllable.
[2013/11/02 14:11]  Danko Whitfield: great minds
[2013/11/02 14:11]  Cee Edman: So if that happens and you are riding, bear with it.
[2013/11/02 14:11]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Takes a fae with me
[2013/11/02 14:11]  Danko Whitfield: could be interesting
[2013/11/02 14:12]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): So what is the benefit?
[2013/11/02 14:12]  Cee Edman: The Ferry rruns on a route made up of twenty segmnenbts, and if the farry goes off-track, it will jump to the beginning of its next segment. Bear with it -- you didn't do anything it just happens.
[2013/11/02 14:12]  Cee Edman: Litta -- the benefit?
[2013/11/02 14:12]  Serra Anansi: if you end up temporarily off course, blame the mysts
[2013/11/02 14:12]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me grins
[2013/11/02 14:12]  Litta Nightfire: Ah! There are a few
[2013/11/02 14:12]  Podruly Peccable: /me grins
[2013/11/02 14:12]  Litta Nightfire: kIt is much lower load on the sims
[2013/11/02 14:13]  Neill McCullough: Non physical?
[2013/11/02 14:13]  Litta Nightfire: And sim crossing are much smoother than with the previous system
[2013/11/02 14:13]  Serra Anansi: from my trial run, it was seamless at the sim crossings
[2013/11/02 14:13]  Litta Nightfire: Avatars are much more likely to make it across the crossing WITH the ferry, instead of ending up at the bottom of the water
[2013/11/02 14:13]  Cee Edman: /me smiles
[2013/11/02 14:13]  Litta Nightfire: Yes, it is non-physical
[2013/11/02 14:13]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Excellent.
[2013/11/02 14:13]  Litta Nightfire: Altho a Havok feature
[2013/11/02 14:14]  Litta Nightfire: Also, it is more tolerant of small no-script areas
[2013/11/02 14:14]  Litta Nightfire: And eventually we will make available a nice "pause" feature, so one can look around at leisure
[2013/11/02 14:14]  Serra Anansi: oh nice!!
[2013/11/02 14:15]  Cee Edman: nods - exactly!
[2013/11/02 14:15]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me nods
[2013/11/02 14:15]  Litta Nightfire: But, what Cee was referring to, is particularly an issue in two situations
[2013/11/02 14:15]  Litta Nightfire: It no likee people to jump into the boat while it is in motion
[2013/11/02 14:15]  Litta Nightfire: Or indeed, to depart
[2013/11/02 14:16]  Serra Anansi: /me learned that the hard way
[2013/11/02 14:16]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): whispers to Cassie - you must get in first darling
[2013/11/02 14:16]  Oriella Charik: /me will put Duchess Liz on a ferry, push off and See What Happens.
[2013/11/02 14:16]  Litta Nightfire: And, if you have estate management privileges, try not to right-click it while it is in motion ... an odd bug on LL's part
[2013/11/02 14:16]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me raises an eyebrow at the Wizardess
[2013/11/02 14:16]  Litta Nightfire: Cee, did I forget anything?
[2013/11/02 14:17]  Cee Edman: You will have 15 seconds to board when you rez the boat.
[2013/11/02 14:17]  Wildstar Beaumont: that did not sound too reassuring, Ori :)
[2013/11/02 14:17]  Podruly Peccable: DOes it go boom if you are an estate manager? *looks intrigued*
[2013/11/02 14:17]  Cee Edman: There are touch-on-rez boards (The nearest is just outside the back door here).
[2013/11/02 14:17]  Cee Edman: You will be required to wat 45 seconds after a boat has been rezzed to rez another one. This
[2013/11/02 14:18]  Litta Nightfire: (it goes zoom, Mr. Peccable!)
[2013/11/02 14:18]  Cee Edman: helps elimibate pile-ups down the line.
[2013/11/02 14:18]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Will ride with Sir Pod
[2013/11/02 14:19]  Cee Edman: There are several fine-tuning things yet tom be done -- like boats docking with too much space to step off -- wwe may not chasnge thsat --0 it is the only place we can guyarantee to dump you in the water!
[2013/11/02 14:19]  Cee Edman: We have tested asnd tested, but have mostly done it with only one or two passengers.
[2013/11/02 14:19]  Serra Anansi: lol!
[2013/11/02 14:19]  Cee Edman: Try it with its max of 4 -- and tell us if there are peoblems.
[2013/11/02 14:20]  Serra Anansi: we can do that for sure
[2013/11/02 14:20]  Danko Whitfield: alts deserve a nice afternoon cruise
[2013/11/02 14:20]  Cee Edman: That's about all I can think of -- there are rezzers at Absinthe, Laudanum, Forest Floor, Aislinn and Rustica as well as the one here at ROsehaven
[2013/11/02 14:20]  Danko Whitfield: of course, for my alts...i would need 16 ferries
[2013/11/02 14:20]  Podruly Peccable: It sounds as if it has "character", so will fit i well :)
[2013/11/02 14:20]  Serra Anansi: /me smiles
[2013/11/02 14:21]  Podruly Peccable: *in
[2013/11/02 14:21]  Cee Edman: Each location has a boat named for the location (so when one hets returned to me after a didaster,I'll know ehere it started!
[2013/11/02 14:21]  Litta Nightfire: /me nods. We have a lot of discretion as to how the script behaves, so do let us know if something seems odd to you.
[2013/11/02 14:21]  Cee Edman: Litta, anything else?
[2013/11/02 14:21]  Litta Nightfire: I'm done!
[2013/11/02 14:22]  Night Crow (wolf.earthboy): I have to go, rl calls. Goodnight Lady Twilight and everyone, I will speak the next days with Selena about the winter hunt, wich interest very much. Have a pleasant evening everyone !
[2013/11/02 14:22]  Cee Edman: Ok -- then, Serra, we return to you.
[2013/11/02 14:22]  Podruly Peccable: Goodnight Sir
[2013/11/02 14:22]  Serra Anansi: Thank you for the update, Cee and Litta - I am so excited to be able to relax in a ferry again
[2013/11/02 14:22]  Serra Anansi: Good night Mr Crow
[2013/11/02 14:22]  Oriella Charik: farewell Mr Crow
[2013/11/02 14:22]  Serra Anansi: One last bit of news/info
[2013/11/02 14:22]  Litta Nightfire: G'night, Mr. Crow
[2013/11/02 14:22]  Serra Anansi: then we are done!
[2013/11/02 14:22]  Jeanette Mavendorf: Goodnight and have a pleasant evening, Mr. Crow
[2013/11/02 14:23]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): take care NIght Crow
[2013/11/02 14:23]  Podruly Peccable: Yes! I love the ferry... thank you both for gettting it running
[2013/11/02 14:23]  Litta Nightfire: It has been fun!
[2013/11/02 14:23]  Cee Edman: Thank you, Sir Pod
[2013/11/02 14:23]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Yes, thanks to both of you for your hard work
[2013/11/02 14:23]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me applauds
[2013/11/02 14:23]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): bravo
[2013/11/02 14:23]  Serra Anansi: In the past month it dawned on me that I have been deeply and unforgivably remiss
[2013/11/02 14:23]  Danko Whitfield: the Winterfell Ferry is one of the nicest things in SL
[2013/11/02 14:23]  Danko Whitfield: applauds
[2013/11/02 14:23]  /me applauds
[2013/11/02 14:24]  Cee Edman: /me blushes at Dnko's comment
[2013/11/02 14:24]  Danko Whitfield: /me niods to the Aislinns
[2013/11/02 14:24]  Cee Edman: (decides to tell him Klaus's news)
[2013/11/02 14:24]  Danko Whitfield: /me smiles
[2013/11/02 14:25]  Serra Anansi: It has been several years since I have Knighted someone from the great efforts they put into making Winterfell a better place
[2013/11/02 14:26]  Serra Anansi: So with out another day passing I wish to publicly acknowledge Lady Litta for all her work
[2013/11/02 14:26]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me applauds
[2013/11/02 14:26]  Cee Edman: .-'`'-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-'`'-.
[2013/11/02 14:26]  Litta Nightfire: Oh!
[2013/11/02 14:26]  Danko Whitfield: hear hear!!
[2013/11/02 14:26]  Zantabraxus Aristocarnas: /me applauds
[2013/11/02 14:26]  Neill McCullough: ♩♪♫♬  APPAWS! ♩♪♫♬
[2013/11/02 14:26]  Litta Nightfire: Oh my!
[2013/11/02 14:26]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): wonderful
[2013/11/02 14:26]  Serra Anansi: She has been the brains and work horse behind setting up and keeping the Ferry running
[2013/11/02 14:26]  Wildstar Beaumont: ♪♫♥ Applauds!!! ♥♫♪
[2013/11/02 14:26]  Oriella Charik: hear hear
[2013/11/02 14:26]  Danko Whitfield: applauds
[2013/11/02 14:26]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Well earned.
[2013/11/02 14:26]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): bravo
[2013/11/02 14:26]  Kerry Takashi: Great
[2013/11/02 14:26]  Danko Whitfield: CHEERS!!
[2013/11/02 14:26]  Jeanette Mavendorf: /me applauds
[2013/11/02 14:27]  Addison Greymyst: bravo
[2013/11/02 14:27]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Absolutely!!!!
[2013/11/02 14:27]  Jan (h0n2a): APPLAUSE! :)
[2013/11/02 14:27]  Podruly Peccable: Huzzzah!
[2013/11/02 14:27]  Podruly Peccable: Hear! Hear!
[2013/11/02 14:27]  Serra Anansi: Lady Litta, will you do me the honor of accepting the title of Knight of Winterfell?
[2013/11/02 14:27]  Danko Whitfield: A wise decision, Lady Twilight
[2013/11/02 14:27]  Litta Nightfire: I am so honored and overcome!
[2013/11/02 14:27]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): I suspect that is 'ja'.
[2013/11/02 14:27]  Serra Anansi: As the humblest "thank you" that I can bestow upon you? I can never repay your hours of work or dedication to the realm
[2013/11/02 14:27]  Cee Edman: nods
[2013/11/02 14:28]  Danko Whitfield: /me smiles
[2013/11/02 14:28]  Cee Edman: She single-handedly wrestled the beasst that is keyframed motion to the ground and tamed it for the ferry
[2013/11/02 14:28]  Litta Nightfire: I am so astonisshed, I have no idea what to say! Thank you, Serra, for this great honor, and everyone, for your kind words!
[2013/11/02 14:28]  Serra Anansi: Three cheers for Litta, a bright star in the twilight!
[2013/11/02 14:28]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Vivat!
[2013/11/02 14:29]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): hurrah
[2013/11/02 14:29]  Danko Whitfield: HOORAY!!!
[2013/11/02 14:29]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): May the mysts be with you always
[2013/11/02 14:29]  Cee Edman: /me hands his wife a handkerchief.
[2013/11/02 14:29]  Litta Nightfire: Oh goodness!
[2013/11/02 14:29]  Podruly Peccable: Hooray!
[2013/11/02 14:29]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me applauds
[2013/11/02 14:29]  Litta Nightfire:
[2013/11/02 14:29]  Danko Whitfield: Huzzah!!!!!
[2013/11/02 14:29]  Serra Anansi: Hurray!!!
[2013/11/02 14:29]  Podruly Peccable: Hooray!
[2013/11/02 14:29]  Serra Anansi: Hurray!
[2013/11/02 14:29]  Zantabraxus Aristocarnas: Vivat!
[2013/11/02 14:29]  Serra Anansi: Hurray!!!
[2013/11/02 14:29]  Podruly Peccable: Hooray!
[2013/11/02 14:29]  Cee Edman: Indeed, HUrrah!
[2013/11/02 14:29]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul):                        *•.¸'*•.¸ ♥ ¸.•*´¸.•*
[2013/11/02 14:29]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul):                   .•*♥¨`•  BRAVO!!!!  •¨`♥*•.
[2013/11/02 14:29]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul):                     ¸.•*`¸.•*´  ♥  `*•.¸`*•.¸
[2013/11/02 14:29]  Litta Nightfire: /me preens
[2013/11/02 14:30]  Cee Edman: (Two knights in a family is sort of remiscent of "Two Nights in a Basrroom")
[2013/11/02 14:30]  Serra Anansi: I am in your debt, Lady Litta... ask and you shall receive
[2013/11/02 14:30]  Litta Nightfire: I could not possibly need anything more, Lady
[2013/11/02 14:31]  Serra Anansi: :)
[2013/11/02 14:31]  Serra Anansi: (check for a group invite, dear)
[2013/11/02 14:31]  Litta Nightfire: ( I thought I accespted it)
[2013/11/02 14:31]  Serra Anansi: (must not auto title anymore)
[2013/11/02 14:32]  Cee Edman: It did me
[2013/11/02 14:32]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): the latest fs requires you to hit Save
[2013/11/02 14:32]  Serra Anansi: Thank you all for coming and giving me an hour of your day... I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart
[2013/11/02 14:32]  Danko Whitfield: thank you Lady Twilight
[2013/11/02 14:33]  Podruly Peccable: Thank you for doing it
[2013/11/02 14:33]  Danko Whitfield: Congratulations Lady Litta
[2013/11/02 14:33]  Litta Nightfire: Thank you!
[2013/11/02 14:33]  Serra Anansi: Next month I am giving Selena a stab at keeping you all on track
[2013/11/02 14:33]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Shall it be 'Dame' or 'Sir'?
[2013/11/02 14:33]  Serra Anansi: be kind her her.. LOL
[2013/11/02 14:33]  Serra Anansi: Dame Litta
[2013/11/02 14:34]  Litta Nightfire: /me smiles gratefully at Serra
[2013/11/02 14:34]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): I have seen lady knights use either, and I would rather be certain.
[2013/11/02 14:34]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me smiles
[2013/11/02 14:34]  Serra Anansi: :D
[2013/11/02 14:34]  Serra Anansi: very thoughtful of you, Herr Baron
[2013/11/02 14:34]  Serra Anansi: does anyone have any news they want to share
[2013/11/02 14:35]  Cee Edman: I think you might now bring people like the Ambasador up to date on the news
[2013/11/02 14:35]  Serra Anansi: lol
[2013/11/02 14:35]  Danko Whitfield: there really is some news?
[2013/11/02 14:35]  Danko Whitfield: lol
[2013/11/02 14:35]  Wildstar Beaumont: if anybody wants to write their nominations for the avi choice awards (the oscar of SL) this is the site : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CataporterTM-brand-catapult-The-CAT-is-BACK/278518
[2013/11/02 14:36]  Cee Edman: lol
[2013/11/02 14:36]  Serra Anansi: oh nice, its that time again!!!
[2013/11/02 14:36]  Litta Nightfire: /me eyes the URL dubiously
[2013/11/02 14:36]  Wildstar Beaumont: ooops
[2013/11/02 14:36]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Herr Ambassador, we are graced with the presence of the Queen of Skifander today.
[2013/11/02 14:36]  Serra Anansi: HAHAHAHAHAH
[2013/11/02 14:36]  Wildstar Beaumont: sorry !!!
[2013/11/02 14:36]  Serra Anansi: oh admiral
[2013/11/02 14:36]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): but I am getting one of those
[2013/11/02 14:36]  Wildstar Beaumont: here is the correct url https://avichoiceawards.wordpress.com/enter-your-nominations-here/
[2013/11/02 14:36]  Wildstar Beaumont: blame the professor !
[2013/11/02 14:36]  Wildstar Beaumont: ;)
[2013/11/02 14:37]  Litta Nightfire: /me roars quietly to herself
[2013/11/02 14:37]  Serra Anansi: and yes the news Cee was teasing you with, Danko... is that the beautiful and talented woman next to Herr Baron is his wife... the Queen of Skifander and Baronin Wulfenbach
[2013/11/02 14:37]  Danko Whitfield: Welcome to Winterfell, Yoiur Highness
[2013/11/02 14:37]  Danko Whitfield: /me bows to The Queen
[2013/11/02 14:38]  Cee Edman: (whispers: She's also the Baron's wife, Danko)
[2013/11/02 14:38]  Podruly Peccable: Ohh, lovely catapult
[2013/11/02 14:38]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me beams
[2013/11/02 14:38]  Litta Nightfire: /me throws welcome rose petals
[2013/11/02 14:38]  Danko Whitfield: Well, this is big nes. Congratulations Baron
[2013/11/02 14:38]  Danko Whitfield: /me bows again to The Queen
[2013/11/02 14:39]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): It has taken all this time to persuade her here.
[2013/11/02 14:39]  Zantabraxus Aristocarnas: Thank you Danko
[2013/11/02 14:39]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): congratulations Baron and Baronin:)
[2013/11/02 14:39]  Serra Anansi: /me smiles and see's Littas tag \0/
[2013/11/02 14:39]  Litta Nightfire: /me beams
[2013/11/02 14:39]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Danke, Lady DreamWeaver.
[2013/11/02 14:40]  Serra Anansi: Thank you all again for coming
[2013/11/02 14:40]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): /me bows
[2013/11/02 14:40]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Congratulations and we wish you well Baron and Baronin
[2013/11/02 14:40]  Podruly Peccable: Goodnight everyone
[2013/11/02 14:40]  Jan (h0n2a): Thank you Lady Twilight, congratulations Lady Litta, Baron & Baronin and wish pleasure rest of the day to all of you, Winterfallen. Good bye!
[2013/11/02 14:40]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): If you will pardon us, there are fireworks in New Babbage and we must change.
[2013/11/02 14:40]  Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): take care everyone and merry paths:)
[2013/11/02 14:40]  Kerry Takashi: thank you and good night all
[2013/11/02 14:41]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Good evening!!!
[2013/11/02 14:41]  Litta Nightfire: Goodnight all, thank you again.
[2013/11/02 14:41]  Addison Greymyst: Take care all, nice to see everyone
[2013/11/02 14:41]  Wildstar Beaumont: good night all
[2013/11/02 14:41]  Neill McCullough: Good evening all - might see some of you at PHC
[2013/11/02 14:41]  Cee Edman: For my part, thank you are for your warm expressions of appreciatio n of our work.
[2013/11/02 14:41]  Serra Anansi: /me grins as she watches everyone "dismounting" from the chairs

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Winterfell Autumn Photo Contest

October 5th through the 19th

Photos from around Winterfell - Landscapes or portraits

One photo per entrant

Each photo will need to be delivered to Selena Anansi by midnight on the 17th of October.

Each photo (textures only) will need to be full permission and named with the person entering it into the contest and the location where it was taken listed in the description.

Photos will be on display at Rosehaven from Oct 18th and 19th where people will be able to vote for their favorite photo.

The winners will be announced Saturday afternoon at 3pm.

First place will receive $L1000
Second place will receive $750
Third place will receive $L500

Saturday, October 5, 2013

2013 BoobieThon

The Sixth Annual BoobieThon in SL will be a fantastic, yet bittersweet, addition to this October.

Since 2008, we have been working with wonderful volunteers, artists, builders, scriptors, and donors in Second Life.  We find that the time has come for us to end this particular fund-raising effort in Second Life. 

It is not without regret that we have decided that this will be the last year for the BoobieThon in SL.  We have found such enjoyment in getting to know survivors in our community, sharing art, builds, and irreverent pleasures as we have raised money to fight breast cancer through research, survivor support programs, and prevention education.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support in the past 6 years and invite you to join us for the final BoobieThon, may it be the best ever!

Your Bosom Buddies,
The Lady of Skye;  Lady Chief of Clan Bellambi; Duchess Loch Avie,  Eva Bellambi
Lady Twilight; Keeper of Dreams; Seneschelf of Winterfell, Serra Anansi

2013 BoobieThon Schedule and Land Marks

Sunday Oct 6th
7pm - 9:30p  SLT
Art Auction and Opening Dance
Hostess and DJ, Eva Bellambi
Wednesday Oct 9th
7pm - 9pm  SLT
Blue Mermaid Event  
Hostess and DJ, Magda Haiku
Thursday Oct 10th
12pm - 2pm
Strip Blitz Chess
Hostess Toubanua T'Kreth

Thursday Oct 10th
7:30 - 8:30pm
Burlesque for Breasts (no children avatars, please) 
Hostess, Ahnyanka Delphin  
Location TBD
Friday Oct 11th
7:00pm - 10:00pm
"Swords and Sorcery" themed dance
Hosts, Consulate Europa and Steelhead
DJ's, Fuzzball Ortega and Zanya

Saturday Oct 12th
11 - 1pm
Strip En Garde Tournament (no children avatars, please)
Hosts, Stereo Nacht and Wulfriðe Blitzen

Saturday Oct 12th
1pm - 3pm SLT  SLT
Art Auction closing
Hostess and DJ, Eva Bellambi
Sunday Oct 13th
1pm - 4pm SLT
THE BoobieBall (no children avatars, please)
Hostesses, Eva Bellambi and Serra Anansi
DJ and Mistress of Ceremony, Gabrielle Riel

October 2013 Moot

[13:18] Eilidh McCullough: Hello
[13:23] Eilidh McCullough: Hello Cee
[13:23] Cee Edman: Hello, Eili
[13:25] Serra Anansi: Hello all
[13:25] Cee Edman: Greetings, Serra
[13:26] Cee Edman: Heello, Scout
[13:26] Serra Anansi: how do I turn off the notice when people log into SL?
[13:26] Eilidh McCullough: Hello, Scout and Pod
[13:26] Eilidh McCullough: which viewer?
[13:26] Scout Danger (scout.eberhardt): i lost my hair and ears in the tp in
[13:26] Serra Anansi: FS
[13:26] Eilidh McCullough: no idea :(
[13:26] Podruly Peccable: Good evening Lady Twilight,
[13:27] Podruly Peccable: EEk! I hate that
[13:27] Podruly Peccable checks he has a body
[13:27] Eilidh McCullough makes a note - if arriving in unusual transport, be LATE, not early/
[13:27] Serra Anansi: just to your viewer, scout... you look normal to me
[13:27] Scout Danger (scout.eberhardt): ok
[13:28] Cee Edman: You do, ideed, have a body, Pod. A ver fine body it is, too.
[13:28] Serra Anansi: hello all, sorry for my lack of greeting as you all arrived
[13:28] Serra Anansi: two land sales in IM
[13:28] Serra Anansi: YAY, but yikes... such timing!
[13:28] Eilidh McCullough: Yay
[13:28] Cee Edman: Excellen reason to be away
[13:28] Addison Greymyst is online.
[13:29] Podruly Peccable: Oh, more new chums :)
[13:29] Jan (h0n2a): Hello :)
[13:29] Serra Anansi: and I was typing up the photo contest info... as I promised in the notice of the moot
[13:29] Cee Edman: Hello, Jan
[13:29] Eilidh McCullough: Hello Jan
[13:29] Serra Anansi: hello Jan
[13:29] Podruly Peccable: Well, new theoretcial chums who mostly hide away like the rest of us.. or is that just me?
[13:30] Cee Edman: No, we are often "in absentia"
[13:31] Litta Nightfire is online.
[13:31] Podruly Peccable: well, its nice we can be mildly antisocial togther
[13:31] Podruly Peccable: :)
[13:32] Cassie Writer-Eldemar (cashew.writer): hello!
[13:32] Rose (slavetoserve.andel): hi
[13:32] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Hello :)
[13:32] Podruly Peccable: Hello
[13:32] Ada Zaurak: hello
[13:32] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): These are my friends Ada and Rose
[13:32] Jan (h0n2a): hello :)
[13:32] Cassie Writer-Eldemar (cashew.writer): hello Rose
[13:32] Cee Edman: Hello to all those arriving in a bunch!
[13:32] Rose (slavetoserve.andel): hi
[13:32] Cassie Writer-Eldemar (cashew.writer): hi Ada
[13:32] Cassie Writer-Eldemar (cashew.writer): a pleasure
[13:33] Winterfell Rosehaven Chair: Hi Serra Anansi! Touch me to change and/or adjust pose.
[13:33] Eilidh McCullough: Hello to those arriving
[13:33] Cee Edman: Good afternoon, Baron
[13:33] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) bows
[13:33] Rose (slavetoserve.andel): hello
[13:34] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Guten Abend, all.
[13:34] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Hello, Baron :)
[13:34] Addison Greymyst: Hello everyone
[13:34] Podruly Peccable: Good evening, Herr baron
[13:34] Cassie Writer-Eldemar (cashew.writer): hello Lady Serra, Herr Baron, and...everyone!
[13:34] Serra Anansi: welcome all!
[13:34] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Sir Podruly.
[13:34] Litta Nightfire: Hello, all!
[13:34] Rose (slavetoserve.andel): hi
[13:35] Danko Whitfield: Greetings Lady Twilight. Hello Winterfallen!
[13:35] Serra Anansi: welcome, dear JJ
[13:35] Addison Greymyst: Greetings Ambassador
[13:35] Cee Edman: Greetings!
[13:35] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Hello Lady Twilight and Gentlebeings of Winterfell
[13:35] Litta Nightfire: (I beg everyone's pardon in advance if it happens that I must dash with little ado)
[13:35] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Hello :)
[13:35] Danko Whitfield: Greetings Lord Twlight. And Your Grace, Duke Wolfsbane
[13:35] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) holds a chair for Fraulein Sidonie
[13:35] JJ Drinkwater: Greetings, all you lovely Winterfelons
[13:36] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) chuckles
[13:36] Danko Whitfield: Greetings Herr Baron
[13:36] Cassie Writer-Eldemar (cashew.writer): smiles
[13:36] Litta Nightfire steals JJ's wit, just to prove him right
[13:36] Cassie Writer-Eldemar (cashew.writer): giggles
[13:36] Cee Edman: Looks askance
[13:36] Serra Anansi: Welcome everyone, it is so good to see you all. I know you all have busy lives on this grid and other, not tomention those pesky RL's
[13:36] Jan (h0n2a): Greetings all arriving :)
[13:37] Cassie Writer-Eldemar (cashew.writer): sighs...that rl grid.....
[13:37] Serra Anansi: I shall endeavor to keep this meeting as short as possible.
[13:37] Serra Anansi: Lets begin with the poster behind me... while not a Winterfell specific event, it is a well loved event here in the realm
[13:38] Serra Anansi: Tomorrow marks the opening of the 6th annual BoobieThon
[13:38] Podruly Peccable enjoys looking at teh poster
[13:38] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) applauds
[13:38] Danko Whitfield: Three cheers for Boobies!!
[13:38] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov) cheers thrice.
[13:38] Podruly Peccable: HOORAY1
[13:38] Serra Anansi: if you touch the poster you will get a notecard with the information for the event... you can also view it all here http://winterfell-sl.blogspot.com/
[13:38] Cee Edman: TWO cheers!
[13:38] Rose (slavetoserve.andel): do we have a buffet?
[13:38] Danko Whitfield: lol
[13:39] Serra Anansi: A buffet?
[13:39] Rose (slavetoserve.andel): yes
[13:39] Rose (slavetoserve.andel): wine and food with the meeting
[13:39] Scout Danger (scout.eberhardt): mumbles i even auctioned myself to raise money. :S
[13:39] Rose (slavetoserve.andel): else i could schedule it as a agenda point
[13:39] Rose (slavetoserve.andel): :)
[13:39] Rose (slavetoserve.andel): i am joking please go on lol
[13:39] Serra Anansi: No, I didnt think of it
[13:40] Danko Whitfield: where's the rum?
[13:40] Danko Whitfield: i am not joking
[13:40] Serra Anansi: in your hip flask, Ambassador
[13:40] Cee Edman pats his hip pocket
[13:40] Litta Nightfire admires the poster, even without rum
[13:40] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Is it too late for me to offer a chess tournament as part of Boobiethon events?
[13:40] Rose (slavetoserve.andel): ooh
[13:40] Danko Whitfield: oh yes, heavens...
[13:40] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): There's the rum, now can we please let her talk?
[13:40] Rose (slavetoserve.andel): well in that case
[13:40] Rose (slavetoserve.andel): lol
[13:40] Cee Edman: Topless, Touba?
[13:40] Danko Whitfield: lol
[13:40] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Well, it could be strip chess :)
[13:40] Serra Anansi smiles and waits for the excitement to clear
[13:41] Rose (slavetoserve.andel): we chess ppl are decent...we never do naked chess :)
[13:41] Litta Nightfire: :(
[13:41] Cee Edman: )must have small audiences, then)
[13:42] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) sets out the leftover Oktoberfest pretzels as well.
[13:42] Rose (slavetoserve.andel): i am sorry i did interupt..
[13:42] Serra Anansi: Taubanua, you may of course add an event. The notices have been sent, but I am sure we will figure out a way to get the word out about your chess tourney
[13:42] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Okay, thank you
[13:42] Serra Anansi: Quite alright, Rose
[13:42] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Sorry, I would have talked about it with you sooner but I didn't know things were being finalised already.
[13:43] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): And certainly it WILL be strip chess :)
[13:43] Rose (slavetoserve.andel): omg
[13:43] Serra Anansi: Not the first time this meeting has gone off the rails... not quite as early as this though... LOL
[13:43] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Ah, sorry.
[13:43] Rose (slavetoserve.andel): i am new at meetings sorry
[13:43] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): She's only half-stern.
[13:43] Cee Edman: (visualizes a chess Queen, topless with large boobs -- Knights looking on gleefully - King grinning)
[13:43] Serra Anansi: no worries at all, dear. honest!
[13:44] Serra Anansi: besides, the boys always get so worked up this time of year! LOL
[13:44] Cee Edman: So true.
[13:44] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): :)
[13:44] Serra Anansi: For those of you not sure what BoobieThon is
[13:44] Danko Whitfield munches on a pretzel as he listens...
[13:44] Draco Nacht is offline.
[13:45] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): *munches along with the ambassador
[13:45] Serra Anansi: It is a fund raising week where we have events and parties to raise money and awareness about breast cancer
[13:46] Serra Anansi: when we started, we were of of the only irreverent groups fund raising for breast cancer. Now days it is fairly common around the grid
[13:46] Serra Anansi: This year we will be going from the 6th to the 13th
[13:47] Danko Whitfield thinks, "that's not all it raises"
[13:47] Serra Anansi: if you touch that poster behind me you can get the schedule and LMs
[13:47] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Oy vey :)
[13:47] Serra Anansi: yes yes, we all get a bit randy and naughty this time of year... or at least more publicly so
[13:48] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov) drinks to that.
[13:48] Serra Anansi: In addition to the announcement of the events planned, Lady Eva and I have announced we will not be doing the BoobieThon next year
[13:49] Serra Anansi: I have already gotten a few private IM's asking for a more detailed explanation as to why
[13:49] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) frowns regretfully
[13:49] Serra Anansi: so I will give my reasons here... and I am only speaking for my self, not Eva
[13:49] Faolan Wolfkin Constantine (faolan.constantine) is offline.
[13:49] Serra Anansi: though i will give you Eva's simple reason as well
[13:50] Serra Anansi: anything more detailed about Eva's reasons will need to come from her
[13:50] Serra Anansi: essentially, we both feel that we have had a great deal of fun and it is time time to move on to new projects
[13:51] Serra Anansi: My more personal reasons are that the SL grid and other grids have turned in to a non stop fund raising machine
[13:51] Podruly Peccable: To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven
[13:51] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov) is offline.
[13:51] Serra Anansi: I personally know what it is like to struggle financially RL and I simply can not keep asking for donations from all of you and my friends here in SL
[13:52] Scout Danger (scout.eberhardt): that's the truth every week i get a - help support kitty litter funding or something event.
[13:52] Serra Anansi: I will still donate to other efforts when I can
[13:52] Rose (slavetoserve.andel): wb tou
[13:52] Cassie Writer-Eldemar (cashew.writer): wb
[13:52] Serra Anansi: and of course lend a helping hand in other fund raisers
[13:52] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Sorry, I crashed
[13:52] Danko Whitfield: hard to refrain from supporting kitty littere
[13:52] Serra Anansi: welcome back
[13:53] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Thank you :)
[13:53] Serra Anansi: Eva and I have talked about handing the Boobiethon mantel off to someone who wants to take over... but we are not discussing that until later this year.
[13:53] Litta Nightfire: I do empathize. Cee & I had chosen to concentrate our SL donations on Boobiethon, which has been great fun and an excellent cause, but very understandable on your and Eva's parts.
[13:54] Serra Anansi: we have set our goal to something around 1300 USD
[13:54] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) applauds
[13:54] Serra Anansi: we will talk more about that number during the week
[13:54] Eilidh McCullough: I do hope someone can be found.
[13:55] Serra Anansi nods to Eili
[13:55] Danko Whitfield: You two should be congratulated for all you have done over the years on this issue
[13:55] Serra Anansi: thank you, Danko
[13:55] Danko Whitfield: APPLAUSE
[13:55] Litta Nightfire: Indeed!
[13:55] Cee Edman: Indeed
[13:55] Podruly Peccable: Hear, hear!
[13:55] Litta Nightfire: *-..-*♥♥♥BRAVO!♥♥♥*-..-*
[13:55] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov) applauds
[13:55] Cassie Writer-Eldemar (cashew.writer): cheers
[13:55] Addison Greymyst: applause
[13:56] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) applauds
[13:56] Sidonie Ancelin (ancelin) applauds
[13:56] Serra Anansi: We are still planning on having a great year this year we of course hope to make it another great success
[13:56] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): wonderful job!
[13:56] Serra Anansi: So get your schdule card and plan on attending!
[13:57] Eilidh McCullough: Is this a good time for a question?
[13:57] Serra Anansi: yes :D
[13:58] Eilidh McCullough: About the art auction. If not able to be there at close time, can one place a bid and pay/collect for item later?
[13:58] Serra Anansi: yes, if you are still the highest bid
[13:58] Litta Nightfire: The art auction is such fun.
[13:58] Cee Edman: Best check from time to time to be sure you stay highest, tho
[13:58] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): The art auction is cutthroat.
[13:58] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): lol
[13:58] Serra Anansi: or find someone to bid for you
[13:58] Eilidh McCullough: I like arts, but not enough to stay up to 3am ;)
[13:59] Cee Edman: Absolutely, vicious cutthroat
[13:59] Danko Whitfield: /mesmiles
[13:59] Serra Anansi: The time on the art auction close may change
[13:59] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): *sends Ms. Eili a note
[13:59] Serra Anansi: I had to put in a time with out being able to ask Eva
[13:59] Eilidh McCullough: ooh
[13:59] Serra Anansi whispers: i hope to have it in the afternoon SL
[13:59] Litta Nightfire ruffles her cash politely in the Baron's general direction. Ve shall see this year, mein Herr!
[13:59] Serra Anansi laughs
[13:59] Eilidh McCullough: I remember being there at close of nusiness one year!
[14:00] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): *grins at Ms. Litta
[14:00] Danko Whitfield thinks, "The Baeron certainly does make a good pretzel. or does he have people who do that for him? he must..."
[14:00] Rose (slavetoserve.andel): excuse me folks i need to go
[14:00] Serra Anansi: yes the art auction can be wildly competative
[14:00] Rose (slavetoserve.andel): thx for have me here
[14:00] Rose (slavetoserve.andel): take care all
[14:00] Cee Edman: It's right down the hall, Miss Rose
[14:00] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) waves
[14:00] Serra Anansi: Thank you for coming, Rose
[14:00] Danko Whitfield: bye Rose
[14:00] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): See you, Rose :)
[14:00] Eilidh McCullough: Bye Miss Rose
[14:00] Litta Nightfire snorts at Cee
[14:01] Serra Anansi: any other questions about BoobieThon?
[14:01] Podruly Peccable grins and agrees with Miss eilli
[14:02] Eilidh McCullough: I FINALLY hung my wins from previous year when I got the new cottage!
[14:02] Serra Anansi: oh my
[14:02] Cee Edman: My first win turned out to be MUCH too big for any wall, and was no-mod!
[14:02] Serra Anansi: oh!
[14:03] Litta Nightfire: That was the inspiration for Cee's art work to be size-scripted, actually
[14:03] Serra Anansi: I have never won any at art at the auction
[14:03] Cee Edman: (That was the first auction. Now the works musr be mod.)
[14:03] Serra Anansi shakes her fist at you all
[14:03] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): This will be your year!
[14:04] Cee Edman does not look abashed. Grins
[14:04] Litta Nightfire clutches her Einstein sculpture and begins thinking of where he shall go in the new Aislinn
[14:04] Serra Anansi: :D
[14:04] Serra Anansi: next topic!
[14:04] Serra Anansi: the fabled Autumn Photo Contest
[14:05] Danko Whitfield: known in lore
[14:06] Serra Anansi passes out the note card
[14:07] Serra Anansi: It is a month late... but there you go
[14:07] Serra Anansi: This will not be a fund raiser event
[14:07] Litta Nightfire: gratzie
[14:07] Serra Anansi: plain old one vote per avie
[14:07] Serra Anansi: those of you with 50+ avies will be asked to restrain yourselves
[14:08] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): lol
[14:08] Danko Whitfield: oh, all right
[14:08] Cee Edman does look abashed
[14:08] Serra Anansi: lol
[14:08] Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo (invertigo.caldwell) is offline.
[14:08] Serra Anansi: there are several here
[14:08] Serra Anansi: tisk tisk
[14:08] Litta Nightfire sees your 50 and raises you ... oh .... .. nvm
[14:09] Serra Anansi: so the contest is pretty straight forward
[14:09] Serra Anansi: Autumn themed photos taken in Winterfell can enter
[14:09] Cee Edman: (Alts are very handy when it comes to taking pictures for the boobiethon art auction, as you will se.)
[14:10] Serra Anansi: so true!
[14:10] Serra Anansi: but alting up to cheat at a contest is just bad form!
[14:10] Cee Edman: Indeed.
[14:10] Russell Eponym is offline.
[14:10] Second Life: You decline 'Two Fall Offers for  ArchiTech Customers !'  ( ArchiTech Design (48,127,1045) ) from ArchiTech Design.
[14:10] Danko Whitfield casually walks over and takes a couple pretzels from the Aislinn's bowl
[14:11] Serra Anansi: I am not sure how the voting will be handled yet.. I think I still have the voting cubes from another contest I held
[14:11] Serra Anansi: I have a bit of time to hash out those details
[14:11] Serra Anansi: so get your cameras warmed up
[14:11] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Whispers: Herr Baron - bier?
[14:11] Cee Edman openly goes to the Greymyst side of the circle and takes a mug of rum.
[14:11] Danko Whitfield nods in agreement with Mr Edlemar.
[14:12] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) sighs
[14:12] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Vielen Dank:)
[14:12] Serra Anansi: any questions about the contest? I think I hit all the details
[14:12] Kghia Gherardi is offline.
[14:13] Addison Greymyst: no, sounds fun
[14:13] Serra Anansi: Good!
[14:13] Serra Anansi: booooring stuff
[14:13] Serra Anansi: I have noticed that many land owners are using the winterfell group to rez items on there property, which is NOT an issue normally
[14:14] Serra Anansi: but stray prims are slipping out of property range and using up community prims
[14:14] Serra Anansi: not the end of the world
[14:14] Serra Anansi: but it makes cleaning up greifer attacks a bit harder
[14:14] Serra Anansi: SO
[14:15] Serra Anansi: I will be changing all the communal land to a closed group for only the people who need to rez on public property... and keeping the auto return to 10 mintues so if you do happen to rez on public property
[14:15] Serra Anansi: it will pop back to you
[14:15] Cee Edman: Sensible
[14:15] Podruly Peccable: A neat solution
[14:16] Litta Nightfire nods
[14:16] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Yes
[14:16] Eilidh McCullough: Good idea
[14:16] Serra Anansi: I will also be making the main water way between Absinthe and Laudanum a open rez location for the Winterfell froup
[14:16] Serra Anansi: *group
[14:16] Serra Anansi: so you can still come up to the dock and rez your ships for touring
[14:16] Kghia Gherardi is offline.
[14:16] Danko Whitfield: excellent
[14:16] Cassie Writer-Eldemar (cashew.writer): nice
[14:17] Serra Anansi: that way when we have issues
[14:17] Danko Whitfield: and right in front of our pubs, Duke Wolfsbane. Good for business!
[14:17] Cassie Writer-Eldemar (cashew.writer): :)
[14:17] Serra Anansi: it wil be easier to clean up
[14:17] Oriella Charik: Drunken sailors, hm
[14:17] Serra Anansi: as of now I have to look at all the items on the land prim list and determine who is a resident or not
[14:17] Serra Anansi: or affiliated with a resident
[14:18] Serra Anansi: it adds much time to clean up
[14:18] Cee Edman: or one of thre 50 alts
[14:18] Serra Anansi: exactly
[14:18] Serra Anansi: :)
[14:18] Eilidh McCullough: affiliated is particulaly difficult
[14:18] Danko Whitfield: after a long day of rezzing ships, one usually requires an ale.
[14:18] Danko Whitfield: or a stout or porter maybe
[14:18] Serra Anansi: I will be using the "order of the twilight rose" group for the community land
[14:19] Podruly Peccable is feeling thirsty now
[14:19] Litta Nightfire: We will be leaving build on in Aislinn as well, unless it becomes a problem.
[14:19] Serra Anansi nods to Litta
[14:19] Eilidh McCullough: Will that include the "event" areas?
[14:19] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) frowns and checks his groups
[14:19] Cee Edman: Likewise
[14:19] Serra Anansi: yes it will, and those in need of access, will be added
[14:19] Serra Anansi: so the DJ's and EM's and other official people will get access to that gorup
[14:20] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Ah.
[14:20] Serra Anansi: Winterfell will become the social group
[14:20] Serra Anansi: and the Twilight Rose one will be the business group
[14:20] Serra Anansi: much like the commonwealth group in Caledon
[14:20] Litta Nightfire orders a "twilight rose" and waits for Winterfell's official drink to show up.
[14:20] Danko Whitfield: good structure
[14:21] Serra Anansi: Selena will also be creating a tutorial on protecting your land
[14:21] Litta Nightfire glances at the tavern owners' expectantly
[14:21] Serra Anansi: both from goobers wanting to sleep in your bed and get gunk on your sheets and the litter bug griefers
[14:21] Thaddeus Nadeau is offline.
[14:22] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): lol
[14:22] PecanSandy is offline.
[14:22] Addison Greymyst: (notes to add "twilight rose" to the menu)
[14:22] Serra Anansi: :D
[14:22] Danko Whitfield copies Addison's notes. per usual
[14:22] Serra Anansi starts to think what that would be
[14:22] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov) notes to acquire bears to fend off any Goldylockses
[14:22] Litta Nightfire yays very quietly
[14:23] Scout Danger (scout.eberhardt): saw one today trying to do dirty things with my bike
[14:23] Serra Anansi: Tequila rose is a delicious and sneaky drink
[14:23] Scout Danger (scout.eberhardt): until i shot him into the canal
[14:23] Danko Whitfield: photos?
[14:23] Litta Nightfire blanches. It wasn't named "rodvik", was it?
[14:23] Serra Anansi: head on a pike?
[14:23] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): "Twilight Rose"--maybe cognac, pinot noir and . . . coffee?
[14:24] Danko Whitfield: lol
[14:24] Scout Danger (scout.eberhardt): didn't pay attention was to busy cussing him out
[14:24] Serra Anansi eyes Toubanua and turns green
[14:24] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): lol
[14:24] Serra Anansi: my dear... you need help
[14:24] Serra Anansi: LOL
[14:24] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): lol
[14:25] Litta Nightfire volunteers to sample all the "twilight rose" drinks! *hic*
[14:25] Cee Edman sighs
[14:25] Serra Anansi: next on my idea board is a winter home tour
[14:25] Danko Whitfield reviews the Aislinn's tab at Storytellers Pub
[14:25] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Oh, no, I know. Cognac, pinot noir and Earl Grey.
[14:25] Serra Anansi throws up a little
[14:25] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): lol
[14:25] Serra Anansi: stop it
[14:25] Litta Nightfire: EW
[14:25] Podruly Peccable: lol
[14:25] Serra Anansi: you are hurting me!
[14:25] Scout Danger (scout.eberhardt): it needs noob pickle juice
[14:26] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Sorry, continue :)
[14:26] Serra Anansi laughs and laughs
[14:26] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): lol yes :)
[14:26] Serra Anansi: you are a wicked woman
[14:26] Cee Edman: We all knew that, didn't we?
[14:26] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Parfait Amour and cream, perhaps.
[14:26] Serra Anansi: SO Winterfell winter home tour
[14:26] Scout Danger (scout.eberhardt): everything needs some noob pickle juice or pickled noobs
[14:26] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): lol
[14:27] Danko Whitfield writes...pickled noobs, for the bar, in a big jar
[14:27] Serra Anansi shakes her head
[14:27] Scout Danger (scout.eberhardt): i am making some for christmas for everyone
[14:27] Cee Edman: Next year: (For the typonese in all of us) Noobiethon!
[14:27] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Lovely :)
[14:27] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): lol
[14:27] Danko Whitfield: lol
[14:28] Scout Danger (scout.eberhardt): sorry, think pickled noobs and i get happy
[14:28] Danko Whitfield: actually, i like it
[14:28] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): You must have quite a cellar :)
[14:28] Litta Nightfire: Oh terrific! With a shooting gallery! Noobiethon!
[14:28] Serra Anansi: oh.. my typo for boobiethon is BoobieThong... I type it like that every bloody time
[14:28] Nix Marabana mutters. "I'm usually trying to get noobs to keep their pickles away from me"
[14:28] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): lol
[14:28] Serra Anansi laughs with Nix!!!!
[14:28] Serra Anansi: SO true!!!
[14:28] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): lol
[14:29] Cee Edman laughs til it hurts.
[14:29] Sidonie Ancelin (ancelin) snerks
[14:29] Serra Anansi: wow.. the images
[14:29] Litta Nightfire plots a noobie shooting gallery somewhere high up ...
[14:29] Litta Nightfire: noobs wearing boobiethongs ...
[14:29] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): BoobieThong could add a whole new meaning to BoobieThon
[14:30] Serra Anansi: do you think Noobs would fall for pickle pricks if we told them "no no, really... this is how we do it here, you will get laid for sure"
[14:30] Saffia Widdershins is offline.
[14:30] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): lol
[14:30] Sidonie Ancelin (ancelin): Augh!
[14:30] Litta Nightfire: LOL
[14:30] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I suspect they'd fall for tiger traps :)
[14:30] Serra Anansi: lol
[14:30] Scout Danger (scout.eberhardt): i think of myself as the witch from hansel and gretel for noobs
[14:30] Addison Greymyst: So, how about that winter home tour?
[14:30] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): I am suddenly reminded of Steelhead meetings and the trigger phrase ther.
[14:30] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov) thinks of baking pickles in an oven
[14:30] Danko Whitfield laughs
[14:31] Cee Edman: (spoilsport)
[14:31] Litta Nightfire: I've always been tempted to put together a free 'attachment' that shrinks every time worn ...
[14:31] Serra Anansi: yes yes... I am thinking before christmas?
[14:31] Serra Anansi: a week of open houses, a bit like a hunt
[14:31] Scout Danger (scout.eberhardt): does that mean people have to actually go near my house?
[14:31] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): That sounds like fun
[14:31] Serra Anansi: where people get a list of LMs and can go and tour homes... maybe collect a keep sake
[14:31] Cassie Writer-Eldemar (cashew.writer): oh, that sounds fun
[14:31] Addison Greymyst: I like.
[14:31] Serra Anansi: nope, participation is 100% optional
[14:32] Cee Edman: Yes. Do it before Christmas, but after people decorate.
[14:32] Scout Danger (scout.eberhardt): note to self - make a noob tree
[14:32] Serra Anansi: I was thinking the keep sake could be a book
[14:32] Eilidh McCullough: This would be around Yuletide?
[14:32] Serra Anansi: something that speaks to the home owner
[14:32] Danko Whitfield: it sounds lovely
[14:32] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov) suspects the noob tree witll have crow's cages
[14:32] Serra Anansi: that way the people leave winterfell with a collection of nice books
[14:32] Cassie Writer-Eldemar (cashew.writer): charming
[14:32] Serra Anansi: and if they can show they have them all, maybe an additional prize
[14:33] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Good idea
[14:33] Serra Anansi: Eili, yes lets do it around yule, we can have it the week before the Yule Ball
[14:33] Scout Danger (scout.eberhardt): can we have a gingerbread building contest again pleeeesseee!
[14:33] Oriella Charik: A bookcase for the books?
[14:33] Scout Danger (scout.eberhardt): i have had a house plan for three years now
[14:33] Serra Anansi: oh scouty, it was such a bomb last year
[14:33] Serra Anansi: Ori, good idea! a book shelf!
[14:33] Scout Danger (scout.eberhardt): i want to make a gingerbread redneck trailer
[14:34] Serra Anansi: lol
[14:34] Cassie Writer-Eldemar (cashew.writer): giggles
[14:34] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): lol
[14:34] Danko Whitfield: i like the books and bookcase ideas. very nice
[14:34] Litta Nightfire: Or a backpack for the books, so that hunters can wear it and books can automagically appear in it when found and touched.
[14:34] Serra Anansi nods at Litta....
[14:34] Serra Anansi: would the script be hard with that?
[14:34] Litta Nightfire: Not too hard.
[14:34] Cee Edman: Not if Litta does it.
[14:35] Serra Anansi: do you have time if we start now, to work with Selena on that?
[14:35] Litta Nightfire: I went to a hunt of AnnaMarie Babii's that ws like that, always wanted to script one up.
[14:35] Serra Anansi: take it in baby steps
[14:35] Litta Nightfire: Working on the ferry now, have to see if that's ever done, lol
[14:35] Serra Anansi: (and I can pay some money to show my gratitude)
[14:35] Cee Edman trembles in fear
[14:36] Cee Edman stops breathing
[14:36] Litta Nightfire: I'll have a chat with Selena later
[14:36] Serra Anansi: Yule is on teh 21st
[14:36] Serra Anansi: which is a saturday
[14:36] Litta Nightfire: 21st of Dec?
[14:36] Serra Anansi: so the home tour can be the 14th to the 21st
[14:36] Eilidh McCullough: "Hunt" scripting needs to be simple but reliable - Fantasy Faire had an over-sophisticated one, and got in a tangle with it.
[14:37] Danko Whitfield loos at the time...
[14:37] Cee Edman sighs
[14:37] Danko Whitfield: oh my, I must be off
[14:37] Cee Edman: Sounds like the ferry script
[14:37] Serra Anansi: good day Ambassafor!
[14:37] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Gute Nacht, sir.
[14:37] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Farewell, Ambassador :)
[14:37] Cee Edman: Fare well, Danko
[14:37] Cassie Writer-Eldemar (cashew.writer): take care
[14:37] Eilidh McCullough: Good evrving, Ambassador
[14:37] Danko Whitfield: Good evening Lady Twilight
[14:37] Serra Anansi: (minus typos)
[14:37] Addison Greymyst: Ambassador, good day
[14:37] Danko Whitfield: Good eveving all
[14:37] Danko Whitfield: 'scuse me while I disappear....
[14:37] Podruly Peccable: Good evening, sir
[14:38] Danko Whitfield is offline.
[14:38] Eilidh McCullough: Fantasy Faire briught in specialists to run it, maybe that's where they went wrong
[14:38] Serra Anansi: possibly!
[14:38] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Take care!
[14:38] Serra Anansi: okay I am ready to call this Moot over... any new news anyone wants to bring up?
[14:38] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): sounds familiar
[14:39] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I'm holding a chess tournament to-morrow.
[14:39] Cee Edman coughs --- perhaps
[14:39] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Blitz. No prizes.
[14:39] Cee Edman: I should saya word about the ferry
[14:39] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): At noon. That is all :)
[14:39] Serra Anansi: oh
[14:39] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Just a reminder of Games Day after the season.
[14:39] Serra Anansi: chess is so fun, but i am so bad at it
[14:39] Litta Nightfire agrees with Serra
[14:39] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): :)
[14:39] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Anyone's free to come and watch.
[14:40] Serra Anansi: Toubanua, you have the ability to send notices about that?
[14:40] Eilidh McCullough: Games Day was most enjoyable - the En Garde, I should say
[14:40] Litta Nightfire: (must run now, sorry, bye)
[14:40] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Yes :)
[14:40] Litta Nightfire is offline.
[14:40] Addison Greymyst: The "Wolf and Raven" will (finally) be opening officially in about a week - expect an invite soon.
[14:40] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I was planning to send a notice.
[14:40] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Lady Aislinn.
[14:40] Addison Greymyst: Take care Lady Aislinn
[14:40] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Farewell, Lady Aislinn :)
[14:40] Serra Anansi: about time for the Wolf and Raven *wink*
[14:40] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): So, The Jaeger's Hat will finally have some competition?
[14:40] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) grins
[14:41] Podruly Peccable: Oh, lovely name, Lord Greymyst
[14:41] Scout Danger (scout.eberhardt) is offline.
[14:41] Cee Edman clears his throat
[14:41] Serra Anansi: and Cee.. you had word about the Ferry?
[14:41] Cee Edman: Yes, and the word is "soon".
[14:41] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) chuckles
[14:41] Serra Anansi: WOOT!
[14:41] JJ Drinkwater cheers lustily
[14:42] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov) applauds
[14:42] Podruly Peccable cheers
[14:42] Serra Anansi: yay!
[14:42] Cee Edman: We are in the final (?) stages of de-bugging an entirely new system,
[14:42] Podruly Peccable: The magic boat is a wonderful thing
[14:42] Serra Anansi: oh nice
[14:42] Addison Greymyst: Excellent - congratulations
[14:42] Cee Edman: which Litta has created. It will offer much smoother rides, and -- a bit later -- some added features people will particularly like.
[14:42] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): 'Magic boat', bitte?
[14:42] Eilidh McCullough: Would you like somebunny to help test for tiny friendliness?
[14:42] Serra Anansi: features!?
[14:43] Podruly Peccable: The ferry.. don't you think it is magic?
[14:43] Cee Edman: For now, we are rushing to get it up and running. I'm doing long-tour tests this evening -- hopefully the bugs are out by now.
[14:43] Serra Anansi lowers her voice and asks in a lusty way "features?"
[14:43] Agnesla is offline.
[14:43] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) coughs
[14:43] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): lol
[14:43] Serra Anansi waggles her brows
[14:43] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): You mean pickles?
[14:43] Serra Anansi gasps!
[14:44] Serra Anansi: lol
[14:44] Cee Edman says noting about features.
[14:44] Cee Edman: I know NOTHING!
[14:44] Serra Anansi: Cee, you and Littas work is amazing, I can not wait to have the relaunch party
[14:44] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): heheh
[14:44] Serra Anansi: i have a magnum to break on it.... its empty now, but still~
[14:44] Podruly Peccable: lol
[14:44] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): lol
[14:45] Cee Edman: You will have to wait and see (maybe Litta can't script the things we want to add, so best be silent on the details.
[14:45] Eilidh McCullough grins
[14:45] Serra Anansi shrugs as if to ask "what can you do?"
[14:45] Oriella Charik: oo, a stress test - we all rezz boats until Winterfell crashes
[14:45] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): A magnum might require fresh cucumber.
[14:45] Serra Anansi: o.O
[14:45] Cee Edman: So, that's my report.
[14:45] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Oh, maybe you meant the other kind of magnum :)
[14:45] Serra Anansi: bravo!
[14:46] Oriella Charik claps in anticipation
[14:46] Serra Anansi: naughty woman you are, Toubanua
[14:46] Addison Greymyst: Good evening to you all - nice seeing everyone - Enjoy!
[14:46] Serra Anansi: I like you
[14:46] Sidonie Ancelin (ancelin): Good by, Lady Aislinn
[14:46] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): sounds wonderful
[14:46] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): lol
[14:46] Cee Edman: I regret to say, Miss Eili, that we have not yet provided for the -- diminuative population.
[14:46] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov) bows
[14:46] Cee Edman makes note for Litta.
[14:46] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Goodnight, Greymist :)
[14:46] Eilidh McCullough: Neill or I can provide a suitable sit if time permits
[14:47] Cee Edman: Yes, please do.
[14:47] Addison Greymyst is offline.
[14:47] Serra Anansi: I will get those titles fixed on the twilight group
[14:47] Eilidh McCullough: unposed sits work well too
[14:47] Cee Edman: But check with Litta for the requirements. The sits are a problem in the boat.
[14:48] Serra Anansi: okay
[14:48] Serra Anansi: I shall call this moot to a close
[14:48] Serra Anansi: thank you all for coming!
[14:48] Cee Edman: .-'`'-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-'`'-.
[14:48] Cassie Writer-Eldemar (cashew.writer): thank you Lady Twilight
[14:48] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) applauds
[14:48] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov) applauds
[14:49] Eilidh McCullough: I shall see some of you shortly at PHC!
[14:49] Cassie Writer-Eldemar (cashew.writer): merry paths everyone!
[14:49] Cee Edman: (Back to work)
[14:49] Jan (h0n2a): Thank you and good bye everyone :)
[14:49] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Gute Nacht, m'lady, those leaving.
[14:49] Serra Anansi: good night all
[14:49] Podruly Peccable: Got to love these ejector seats
[14:49] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Good night :)
[14:49] JJ Drinkwater: Fare you well, gentlebeings!
[14:49] JJ Drinkwater bows and skedaddles
[14:49] Podruly Peccable: Goodnight everyone
[14:50] Cee Edman bows to one and all, then poofs
[14:50] Nix Marabana: May I have a re-invite to the Winterfell group please? The original one didn't take as I was full on groups
[14:50] Eilidh McCullough snaps fingers for velocipede
[14:50] JJ Drinkwater is offline.
[14:50] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Oh, that's a great dress, Lady Serra
[14:50] Sidonie Ancelin (ancelin): It really is
[14:51] Sidonie Ancelin (ancelin): I've been sneaking looks at it the whole meeting
[14:51] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Fraulein McCullough, I confess I did not recognise you.
[14:51] Serra Anansi: oh! thank you
[14:51] Serra Anansi: White Armory
[14:51] Eilidh McCullough: Herr Baron :)
[14:51] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): No wonder your voice sounded a touch odd.
[14:52] Serra Anansi: nice bike
[14:52] Eilidh McCullough smiles
[14:52] Eilidh McCullough: thank you, Miss Serra
[14:52] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Oh, yes, nice bike
[14:52] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I was just having a discussion about vintage bikes at my club this morning
[14:53] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Lady Twilight, I have an even better cocktail for you - creme de violette and sparkling wine.
[14:53] Eilidh McCullough: This is most useful for getting around
[14:53] OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Take care! All has been sent to the Admiral!
[14:53] Eilidh McCullough: Goodnight, all
[14:53] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I was showing people this picture I took at Comic Con
[14:53] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Gute Nacht, m'lord.
[14:53] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) picks up the refreshments
[14:53] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Thank you for the pretzels, Baron :)
[14:54] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Bitte. Is he injured by his device or just napping randomly?
[14:54] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I think he was just napping :)
[14:54] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Comic Con is exhausting.
[14:54] Sidonie Ancelin (ancelin) waits for the pic to show for her
[14:54] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): You find the napping everywhere
[14:55] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Heh.
[14:55] Sidonie Ancelin (ancelin): aha!
[14:55] Eilidh McCullough is offline.
[14:55] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): He probably never knew I took his picture lol
[14:56] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Anyway, I need to go. It was good seeing you folks :)
[14:56] Serra Anansi: its been so long since I have been to a convention
[14:56] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I love Comic Con
[14:56] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I would be devastated if I couldn't go one yeart
[14:56] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): year
[14:56] Sidonie Ancelin (ancelin): That's a handsome high wheel in the picture
[14:56] Cee Edman is offline.
[14:56] TRILβΨ MIΠΩTΔUR (trilby.minotaur) is offline.
[14:57] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I thought he was such a picture with his bike there I just had to take a creepy stalker photo of him lol
[14:57] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): http://projects.washingtonpost.com/recipes/2008/04/02/blue-moon-cocktail/
[14:57] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Look, it is Winterfell-coloured.
[14:57] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) chuckles at the Fraulein.
[14:57] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Oh, that looks really good
[14:58] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Well, I need some lunch. It was good seeing all of you :)
[14:58] Serra Anansi: okay I must go and copy this moot to the blog
[14:58] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): :)
[14:58] Serra Anansi: good evening all!
[14:58] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Farewell :)
[14:58] Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Good night :)