Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013 Winterfell Winter Home Tour - Is Under Way!

The residents of Winterfell would like to wish you the Happiest of Holidays and welcome you to our realm and homes. 

 Below you will find a list of homes and shops who would like to extend an invitation to come and tour.  Some have listed in the description when they will be home to greet you, but all have extended the invitation to visit while they are away.

 Please Enjoy!
 Princess Selena and the residents of Winterfell


Warren Cottage  

A cottage and garden for a bunny and sometimes bunny! Please do explore the rooms and enjoy our art collection.    We are on roughly 11am to 3pm SL time daily - if nobunny is around, please do IM in case we are on but elsewhere -
 Neill and Eilidh McCullough -

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Winterfell%20Sanctuary/36/47/28   .                        

Winterfell Aislinn  

Our home is the entire sim of Winterfell Aislinn.  Please feel free to explore it all.  We start you at Aislinn Castle, a reproduction of the real-world Stokesay Castle in Southern Shropshire.  Stokesay was built in the late 13th Century, and still exists.  The textures used for our version of it are taken from photographs of the real castle.  Near the castle is a ruined village.  Elsewhere in the sim you will find a ruined Priory (you can dance there 24/7), the Tower House (our primary residence), the Ferryman's Office, and the dock where you can depart on the Winterfell Ferry.  Come back and enjoy our sim at any time."    We would love to greet you, but we can't commit to holding a specific time for an open house during this busy season.  You may usually find us at home late in the SL evening and we will be delighted to welcome you whenever we are there.  - Cee Edman & Litta Nightfire -




Please look around the orangery, and taste the fruit if you desire. Being of elven-kind, my true home is of course in Faerie, far, far to the west of the setting sun, beyond the circle of the world. The Christmas trees can magically take you there, to a grove in the land of Eternal Summer where elves and fauns have been known to dance. Between the fairy ring and two red toadstools is the entrance to my humble hall, where you are most welcome, guests.    I aim to be at home from 12-2 SLT on the 30th - Podruly Peccable -



The Dark Lady  

The private residence of Miss Jeanette Mavendorf.  The first floor is decorated for the Holiday season, please help yourselves to free Egg Nog.    Due to RL, I cannot guarantee to be present to greet visitors, but all are welcome to my home and I wish all a very Happy Holiday - Jeanette Mavendorf



Winterfell Harbor

With the advent of winter, Winterfell Harbor has frozen over so bring your ice skates or pick up a free pair at the hot chocolate cart. Wander over the hills and trails to visit a hunting cabin, manor house, or Celtic cottage.  Find a cozy fireside to warm your hands and chat with friends. Warning, watch out for the bear!     Welcome to visit at any time during the holiday open house.  I'll be dropping in to sweep the snow off the steps and make sure the teapot is filled with warm water - Eleanor Anderton  




My beautiful and loved little cottage on the Winterfell Absinthe sim, where I have really been able to lovingly use the lands prim allowance to the full. Whilst my cottage is not a place at which to purchase my online trinkets found on marketplace, some of the items I do create are on display within my cottage.    I can usually be most often found meandering around my home around 2am-4am SLT though, though often out exploring and blistering my feetsies with long walks through beautiful countryside and townscape vistas - Adrianna Biziou  



Winterfell Wolfsbane  

 The estate of Addison Greymyst.  Please stroll the grounds, Acontium Abbey, the mansion house, is at the top of the hill.  Please enjoy walking the grounds as well, a small path will lead you to points of interest.  Opposite the water is Haven Gardens, please enjoy the garden and tearooms there as well.    The Duke is residence most days 6-9 pm SLT.  Feel free to visit anytime - Addison Greymyst



Olorin and Crescent's Home                                            
"Welcome to our home! Please enjoy your visit. Feel free to explore the entire house. There is a Greedy Greedy game table in the attic. We hope that you love our little lovenest as much we do.
Happy Holidays - Olorin & Crescent



The TigerDragon Teahouse

Welcome to the teahouse of Olorin Tigerpaw and Crescent Renard! Please feel free to stay as long as you wish. Enjoy some tea, absinthe or other fun treats. Click on the ship in a bottle for a drink giver menu.  We hope that you'll take some time to sit by the fire, relax and listen to some music. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!  - Olorin Tigerpaw  




Lighthouse and home in the woods. Visitors welcome to wander, daydream, dance, and relax.    I am often at home between 6:00pm and 8:00pm SLT. - LillieJay Mills  



Edgewood Library

The bottom half of our home is the Edgewood Library - home to the Consulate of Faeries.  The second floor is the ballroom and the upper half our home.  Feel free to take a book and a special gift from the Eldemars!     We plan on being home on Dec. 29th at 1 pm SLT. Cassie and OldeSoul Eldemar  



Star Port

A little harbor deep inside Wildstar's private land, used to reach other destinations with larger ships.  A teleporter inside the port authority office will take the visitors to the ballroom of Wild Castle, a skybox where an annual Christmas event is held.  This year it will be on the 22nd of December 12-3 pm slt



Bright Star Gallery

A little art gallery with Wildstar's own picture, mainly of naval theme.



Wild Fleet Docks

The main dock of the Wild Fleet, the main naval force in Winterfell waters. Currently docked are ships from the 2nd battleship division and 1st escort division, part of the home squadron protecting Winterfell at all times.  Facing the docks is the Admiralty building, on Admiralty Island, where the fleet is headquartered - Wildstar Beaumont



The Wolf Shop

Santa`s Cottage - Come to see alone or with anybody, get some freebie or products for modest prices, watch a small lightshow by the Christmas tree. You can even dance to music if you wear hud. Sit and talk with your buddy, read some quotes from a talking object - find it. If you meet me, I will be glad to take you (may be 3 people with me) for a short tour by carriage (optionaly air vehicle). Just look and observe the beauty of Winterfell. Your visit is very welcome! I plan carriage tours on 21. 12. and 22. 12. (12 AM, 1 PM 2 PM, 3 PM PST) - with my assistance. Santa`s Cottage will be opened and fully furnished 24. 12. - 31. 12. If possible, I will be glad to take you to a tour any day and time! Merry Christmas! - Jan & Magneeta  



  St Columba Chapel

A chapel based on the 12th century Suntaks Gamla Kyrka, Tildaholm, Sweden, and dedicated to Saint Columba, founder and abbot of Iona.  The chapel includes a small library and, upstairs, a scriptorium.    Visitors are always welcome to come into all parts of the chapel to enjoy a quiet moment. - Herndon Bluebird


Grey Havens     

The home of Herndon Bluebird.    Please feel free to wander through the house as well as the grounds during the tour and partake of any refreshments that are set out.  To the northwest of the house, over the little bridge, is a frozen pond.  Free skates are available - Herndon Bluebird  




Undersea home    Visitors are welcome at any time during the tour days - Herndon Bluebird  



der Hut des Jaeger

The pub is open to all at all hours, with an EnGarde piste on the roof, cozy booths for a dinner out, a wide selection of drinks at the bar, and the garden with dancing for couples, singles and monsters.     "The Poetry Slam at der Hut des Jaeger is held every week (barring holidays, political unrest and other emergencies) on Thursday Evenings, 5:00 SLT



Europa Wulfenbach

The anchorage for the BLS Castle Wulfenbach, there is much to see and do on the island, from the mer ballroom to the games of strategy aboard the BLS Luftlowen or the warbugs at the aerodrome, there may even be a laboratory or two hidden away.    Team En Garde practice happens every Tuesday at 4pm SLT in Europa Wulfenbach. - Baron Klaus Wulfenbach


Queen Alice Chess Club

A chess club. All are welcome. Challenge a friend to chess or play against a computer opponent. We also have a Goban to play Go, 囲碁, aka Baduk. Feel free to play, watch others play, or just relax. Enjoy.   Merry Christmas!


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