Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2013 Winterfell Winter Home Tour

This year we are offering a unique self serve tour of Winterfell.  If you would like to show off your seasonal landscaping and beautifully appointed homes simply follow the link below and sign up. 

By filling out the form, you are agreeing to turn off your security and opening your home to visitors from December 20th through January 31st.  You do not need to "staff" your home so that someone is home at all times, but if you have a special time you would like to host a small gathering or party, please indicate that on the form so people know when to come back to meet you and your family at your home.

Please keep in mind that this is specifically meant to be a self lead tour of Winterfell homes and if you sign up to be on the list, you will be inviting people into your home while you are not there.


Please sign the form by the December 18th so that I can make up the notecard and list to hand out to our Steamland friends on the 20th.

All questions can be directed to myself,

Happy Chilly Holidays to you and your families!
Princess Selena of Winterfell

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