Sunday, January 5, 2014

January 2014 Moot

Serra Anansi: Hello Hello
Serra Anansi: BRB
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): hello Lady Serra!
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): *hugs*
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) bows to Lady Twilight and sits
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): oks
OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): she will be right back
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Guten Abend, DreamWeavers. Or Edgewoods. Eldemars.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) grins
OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): grins!
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): hallo Herr Baron
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): giggles
OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Guten Tag Herr Baron
Podruly Peccable: Hello everyone
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): hello Sir Peccable!
Cee Edman: Good dy, all!
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): hello Laird Edman
Serra Anansi: Hello, Sir Cee, Sir Pod, Miss Jade, Countess Cassie, Lord Olde ... Herr Baron!
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): hi Wizard Oriella !
Jade (myst.serenity): forgive me is this a private meeting?
Serra Anansi: no no
Serra Anansi: public
Serra Anansi: please join us
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): Lady Jade! good to see you
Cee Edman: Do join us, Lady Jade
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Community meeting, Fraulein.
Cee Edman: Good day, Herndon!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Lady Twilight, I noticed that the Order's members have no group title.
Serra Anansi: Hello, Lady Bluebird
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) bows from his seat to Frau Bluebird.
Herndon Bluebird: Hello all
Cee Edman rummages in his group inventory and puts his Order's title on
Serra Anansi: Welcome, Lady Toubanua
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): hello Lady Bluebird
Serra Anansi: Hello, Wizard!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) nods to Fraulein T'Kreth and to the Wizardess.
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Hello :) this is my friend Beware
Herndon Bluebird waves to Cassie
Serra Anansi: Welcome Miss Hax
Beware Hax: hi
Serra Anansi: Jan, do join us
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): hi Lady T'Kreth
OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Hello Ms. Bluebird
Cee Edman: Greetings to all those entering
Herndon Bluebird: Hello!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Guten Abend, Herr Hax.
OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Hello Lady T'Kreth
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Hello, Lady Eldemar :)
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): And Lord Eldemar :)
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I'm not a lady, though, just a landed freewoman
OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Good to meet you Sir Hax
OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Smiles :)
Serra Anansi: I will remember that, Toubanua :)
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): :)
LillieJay Mills: nice landing point :-)
LillieJay Mills: Hi everyone :-)
Cee Edman: Do not despair, Toubanua -- you are a lady to us all, neverthelass.
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): hello Sir Jan
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): lol that's kind of you :)
LillieJay Mills feels like I should dance
Serra Anansi: Welcome Lady LillieJay
Cee Edman: Oh yes, Lilliejay -- do!
Serra Anansi: Hello Lord Greymyst
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): i thought i'd try :)
Oriella Charik casts Silence on IMs. "hi hi"
Cee Edman: Hello, Ambassador
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): smiles
Addison Greymyst: Hello all!
Jade (myst.serenity): Hello :)
Neill McCullough is online.
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): hello Lady Hax
Serra Anansi: I sense a bunny on his way
Beware Hax: hi
Serra Anansi: then we will get started
Cee Edman: Do bunnies send forewarnings?
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): waves to everyone
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) chuckles
Serra Anansi: no but I can sense his presence... like a ripple in the force
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): lol
Cee Edman: Ah yes, he ripples.
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): giggles
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): ahhhhh
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): greeting Lord Neill
Cee Edman: There he is, in the bunflesh! Hello, Lord Neill
Serra Anansi: Hello, Lord Bunneh
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Hello, Lord Neill :)
Neill McCullough: Good evening
Jade (myst.serenity): :)
Podruly Peccable: Hullo Neill
Serra Anansi: okay lets get started
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Guten Abend, Laird.
Serra Anansi: Hello eveyone and thank you for setting aside a bit of time to attend the first Moot of 2014! Happy New Year!!
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Happy New Year :)
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): Happy New Year!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): An Nou Fericit!
Podruly Peccable: Ahppy New Year!
Serra Anansi: I have a number of topics I will cover, then I will open the discussion to any announcements or questions you may h ave
Cee Edman stamps his feet in agreemant.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): (Does Laird Neill say 'Hoppy New Year'?)
Cee Edman laughs
Serra Anansi: (Hoppy New Ear?)
Neill McCullough grins
Serra Anansi: First we have a review of the Winter Open House
Serra Anansi: Does anyone have any feed back?
Serra Anansi: I went to a number of the houses and had a great time
Cee Edman: We have had interesting, but rather sparse attendance.
Neill McCullough: We should have used a visitor counter
Serra Anansi: Selena also went to a number of houses and reported she rather enjoyed it also
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Good thought.
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): :)
OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): I visited several and they were very interesting
LillieJay Mills agrees with visitor counter idea
Serra Anansi: I considered posting an announcement in Prim Perfect
Addison Greymyst: I thought it was nice, I visited most, lots of beautiful homes. My counter had about 8 guests I believe.
Serra Anansi: but I worried we would get a number of griefers as well
Cee Edman: I did note that your presence, with Lord Peccable for some goodly length of time. I hope you enjoyed yourselves!
Herndon Bluebird: Enjoyed other places very much and no damage to my own, no garbage prims strewn about.
LillieJay Mills: I had some visitors I'd never met; nice to see explorers around.
Cee Edman: Unfortunately, most stayed only a little while -- like under a minute.
Neill McCullough: I did find a secret passage between two houses ;)
Serra Anansi: ohhh nice, secret passages!
Podruly Peccable: It's a good hall for dancing
Serra Anansi: All in all was it worth the time to set up? worth promoting more next time?
Herndon Bluebird: Yes
LillieJay Mills: Yes
Cee Edman: Thank you. We like it
Neill McCullough: Certainly
Addison Greymyst: Yes
OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): We liked it
Neill McCullough: Did we announce in Aether Chrononauts?
Cee Edman: Yes.
Serra Anansi: Do you think it would be fun to do a seasonal version... 4 times a year?
Serra Anansi: maybe just three times a year?
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): It might be worth trying for an experiment.
Podruly Peccable: I didn't get the chance to go around them all, but it was very nice... there are many lovely spots in Winterfell
Cee Edman: Twice would be nice. Midsummer, perhaps
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Four sounds good to me.
Serra Anansi: I was thinking.. Winter... Halloween... and summer
Herndon Bluebird: Of course autumn is beautiful in Winterfell
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): the more the merrier
Neill McCullough: Three seems about right
Serra Anansi: If we thought it was worth haveing more of them and making it a "thing" here
LillieJay Mills: I'll have RL students on Aurora from March-May again, they might like to know where they can explore/
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Halloween might cover autumn. Maybe also one for spring?
Cee Edman: Well, Aislinn is open all the time, but we usually have a forced landing area
Serra Anansi: I will invest in hiring a scripter to make a hud for us
LillieJay Mills: sweet!
Serra Anansi: something that may help make it easier to visit
Cee Edman: Before you do that, let me check a certain brother-in-law of mine. I think he has one he created for "another estate"
Serra Anansi: okay
Serra Anansi: will do, Cee, thank you
Beware Hax: i have the following suggestion: for the public roads to follow the season - for example, a version for autumn (leaves on the road), winter (snow on the road, perhaps with tracks/imprints). spring/summer use the normal texture.
Serra Anansi nods
Cee Edman: Just before he had a falling out withn the proprietoress
Serra Anansi: I will make note of that, MIss Hax
Serra Anansi: we used to do that but it seemed not to make a huge impact theme wise and it was darn time consuming
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) raises an eyebrow at Aislinn
Beware Hax: it does not have to be time consuming, maybe we can talk later on about a practical realization
Serra Anansi: But I hear you, Miss Hax and I think it does merit more consideration
Neill McCullough: A scripted solution?
Beware Hax: a scripted solution is an example, yes
Cee Edman passes a steely look at the Baron
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Miss Hax made many of the chess boards at my club. She seems to quite like the aesthetic of Winterfell :)
Serra Anansi: perhaps yes... and it ties into another topic i have on my list so I will nudge that topic here
Beware Hax: i am a builder and scripter. i find technical solutions to problems.
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): smiles
Serra Anansi: one of the things I am thinking about is actual sewer tunnels under the streets of Absinthe and Laudanum
Asuka Akiko (mikado.ireto) is offline.
Serra Anansi: with a connection under the canal
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Oh, that would be great
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Sewers can be quite popular.
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): giggles
Beware Hax: yes that would be cool
Podruly Peccable: Any alligators?
Cee Edman: Ghosts and skeletons, surely
Serra Anansi: are there alligators in the British Isles?
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): sounds faerly adventurous
Podruly Peccable: I hope not...
Serra Anansi: /me chuckles
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Maybe not indigenous alligators :)
Neill McCullough: Our sewer fauna is more rodent in anture.
Neill McCullough: nature*
Serra Anansi: we can surely populate with some kind of beastie
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): no spiders, please
Serra Anansi: perhaps a huntable creature?
Cee Edman: Yes, NO SPIDERS!!
Oriella Charik: wallabies
Beware Hax: sewers consume prims. they would probably run under public roads, for practical reasons
Cee Edman: No zombies, please
OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): grins:)
Serra Anansi frowns and looks at her name
Serra Anansi: no spiders.. okay
Serra Anansi: noobs in place of zombies?
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): lol
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): giggles
Cee Edman: Agreed. NOOBS
Serra Anansi: agreed.. nooobs
Serra Anansi: lol
Podruly Peccable: Difficult to tell the difference
Neill McCullough: one mesh tunnel system runs at 2 prims/8 metres
Serra Anansi: okay sewers seems like a go
Serra Anansi: I will start plans for that
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Are you referring to the sewer system by Morph?
Podruly Peccable: Great... I like a good sewer
Neill McCullough: I am
Cee Edman: Neill, after the meeting, could you pas thre a source for that tunnel, please?
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): House of Morph I think, the place with the Notre Dame?
Oriella Charik: noobs in the sewers would keep them from cluttering up the paths
Cee Edman: *pass me a source
Serra Anansi: Abel is a friend of mine.. I will ask him for custom tunnels.. he will LOVE that
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Oh, nice
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I have some of his tunnels under my club already :)
Oriella Charik: Trikassi has the Morphe tunnels, excellent
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Oh, looks like two of us are definitely in lo.l
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): lol
Serra Anansi: Speaking of Noobs.. our noob hunter is going to be MIA for at least a month to three months
Serra Anansi: she has closed up her shop
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Ah, I wondered about that
Serra Anansi: Scout asked that I tell you all what is happening in generic terms
Oriella Charik makes note to to dig towards Chess Club
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): lol
Serra Anansi: she is suffering greatly with a medical issue and will be under treatment for that
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) frowns sympathetically
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I'm sorry to hear that.
Herndon Bluebird: Oh dear.
Cee Edman: THis is the second time, isn't it?
Serra Anansi: She asked that you all keep her in your thoughts... its is Cee
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): oh my
Serra Anansi: it is a chronic issue
Neill McCullough: Oh dear, do give her my regards if you are in touch.
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): yes, of course
Cee Edman nods
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I certainly will keep her in my thoughts.
Serra Anansi: I will be in contact with her so I will pass on your kind workds
Podruly Peccable: Yes, please give her my best wishes
Serra Anansi: :)
Cee Edman: I will go noob hunting and send her a brace.
Oriella Charik: best to her
OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): yes, please give her regards from all of us:)
LillieJay Mills: yes, please do
Serra Anansi: :D
Serra Anansi: next topic ties back into the sewers
Serra Anansi: well back into some new infrastructure
Serra Anansi: Miss Briar *points to our guest here*
Briar (briarwickedwood) waves
Serra Anansi: has moved into the place Scouts shop was
Serra Anansi: she is our newest resident
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) applauds
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Nice to meet :) Your place looks nice from a distance.
Briar (briarwickedwood): ty :)
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): bravo
Podruly Peccable: Welcome, Miss Briar
Serra Anansi: I put in the hedges we use in Absinthe around her parcel
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Haven't looked closer yet :)
Neill McCullough: Welcome to our town, Miss Briar
Oriella Charik: welcome to Laudanum
Serra Anansi: I wanted to let you all know
Addison Greymyst: Welcome
Briar (briarwickedwood): ty yall are welcome to come by
Herndon Bluebird: Welcome!
Cee Edman: Welcome!
OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Welcome Ms. Briar
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): welcome Ms Briar
Serra Anansi: that if you would like to use the hedges around your town parcel as well.. I cover the prim allotment for them...
Serra Anansi: so they do not count against your prim counts
Briar (briarwickedwood): they do look wondeful
Serra Anansi: So if anyone is interested in adding them to a laudanum town parcel, let me know
Serra Anansi: If we have any land turn over.. I may just put them in
Serra Anansi: I think people like the feeling of private garden here
Serra Anansi: it seems to have helped Absinthe fill up
Serra Anansi: we are still at 99% occupancy
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) applauds
Cee Edman: .-'`'-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-'`'-.
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Nice :)
Serra Anansi: which is quite astounding
Oriella Charik: hooray!
Neill McCullough: Excellent
Addison Greymyst: That is wonderful
OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Wonderful
Podruly Peccable: How marvellous
Briar (briarwickedwood): wow
Serra Anansi: Next on the infrastructure list of topics
Serra Anansi: The Nepenthe Gate
Serra Anansi: it seems I zapped part of it away
Cee Edman: ^^
Serra Anansi: i cant find it
Serra Anansi: SOooo
Oriella Charik: !!
Podruly Peccable: Oops
Cee Edman: Roll back?
OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): I soo understand that feeling!
Serra Anansi: I was thinking of fixing it.. but then I started to think, building options have changed a great bit in the last two years
Oriella Charik: Rebuild!!
Serra Anansi: I didnt find it til several days after the loss was done.. no roll back option
Beware Hax: i have recommendations for reducing prim counts in the sim. there's low hanging fruit here.
Cee Edman: Plant an explosive and keave the ruin?
Serra Anansi smiles
Serra Anansi: Yes I am thinking of a rebuild
Briar (briarwickedwood) giggles on explosions
Serra Anansi: I am semi glad that Wildstar isnt here
Serra Anansi: he would fight a rebuild
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Heh.
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): lol
Serra Anansi: and I understand his standpoint
Oriella Charik: with cannon? That would be fun
Serra Anansi: but I think it may be a good move forward to rebulid
Serra Anansi: any objections?
Cee Edman: You mean a re-design?
Briar (briarwickedwood): oooooo cannon
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Sounds good to me :)
Serra Anansi: redesign and rebuild
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): As long as the footpaths remain.
Herndon Bluebird: Or something totally different?
Addison Greymyst: Perhaps the older gate or some element of it can be used at another location, for those seeking continuity
Serra Anansi: new look.. same structural significance
Cee Edman: Well....
Podruly Peccable: I think it would be fun to change it.... though I do love it
Cee Edman: Not too new a look?
Briar (briarwickedwood): ooooo that is a good idea Addision.....a tribute
Serra Anansi: towers ... path... openable for ships
Cee Edman: (We lurves our gate!)
Serra Anansi: well Id not put in some 20 century build, that is for sure
Serra Anansi: I adore the gate
Serra Anansi: Id never not have one
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): lol
Serra Anansi: perhaps I will have drawings for next Moot before I move ahead?
Podruly Peccable: I look forward to seeing the new version then
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): oh, that would be wonderful
Serra Anansi: You all know I dont like to do too much with out hearing from you all
Cee Edman: We'd all appreciate a pre-examination, surely
Serra Anansi: which is why I do these meetings
Neill McCullough: Drawings would be a boon.
Herndon Bluebird: Drawing would be great
Serra Anansi: okay I will work up some idea boards
Oriella Charik: anything I don't fall through is fine
Serra Anansi: and present them next moot.. or the next
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): :)
Serra Anansi: sorry about that Oriella
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): giggles
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): lol
Podruly Peccable: Hehe, it's part of the charm, that sudden sinking feeling as you plunge
Serra Anansi: next on my list is the Windlight settings
Jade (myst.serenity) smiles
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): There's a thought - what about a fixed catwalk higher up that does not need to move to allow ship passage?
Serra Anansi: I am happy with about 75% of what we have now
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Something for the daring of foot.
Serra Anansi: tight rope, Herr Baron?
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) chuckles
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Perhaps.
Cee Edman: imagines the Bston with an umbrella, traversing a long tightrope
Serra Anansi: So the Windlight.. here is what I do not like and wish to fix...
Cee Edman: *Baron
Beware Hax: in NL, there's a local tradition where people jump over a body of water (a little canal) with a stick
Serra Anansi: noon is FAR too bright
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Netherlands=NL :)
Serra Anansi: sunset is a bit too green
Beware Hax: canal vaulting
Podruly Peccable: lol
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) wonders if that could be scripted.
Cee Edman: Our canal is too wide for any stick -- ittakes a flying leap.
Beware Hax: it can be done. maybe it's on the marketplace
Serra Anansi: I know I am not going to like the answers.. but we have had full sun cycle for over a year.. what are you feelings on it?
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I like having the cycle
Beware Hax: i like the 4 seasons as a concept
Neill McCullough: I like having a  day cycle
Herndon Bluebird: Thought I'd hate it but now I enjoy it
Cee Edman: I was one of the hold-outs for constant twilight, but I have become used to it.
Serra Anansi: I am not liking how bright noon is
Podruly Peccable: I don't have a strong opinion about it myself
Addison Greymyst: I'm okay either way
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Perhaps a lower sun, as if Winterfell is further north?
Cee Edman: That sounds good, Baron
Jade (myst.serenity): ah yes I like that idea
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I like a cycle for the changes--I wouldn't mind if noon wasn't so bright.
Beware Hax: i like the twilight theme, myself (talking about time of day)
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): now that soounds good
Serra Anansi: i was thinking about bringing the sun peak down a bit and shortening the day
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): yes
Serra Anansi: longer twilight
Cee Edman: Shorten deep night al well, then
Neill McCullough: How long roughly is day now?
Serra Anansi nods at Cee
Briar (briarwickedwood) looks best in twilight :)
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): It would be sort of interesting if you had longer nights in winter and longer days in summer :)
Serra Anansi: I have never timed the day.. I should
Cee Edman: Left alone, it is 4 hours
Serra Anansi: the full cycle yes
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): i like the longer twilight and dawn even
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Three hours of light, one of dark.
Neill McCullough: full cycle is always 4 hours
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Here it could be two hours of twilight, one of full day and one of full night.
Serra Anansi: so I am hearing support for a tweak of what we have to have longer twilight hours.. shorter day and shorter night
Oriella Charik: yes, fine by me
Cee Edman nods
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): yes
Neill McCullough: Yes, sounds good.
Addison Greymyst: agrees
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Fine with me :)
Podruly Peccable: Fine by me as well
Serra Anansi: okay that will be on my list as well.. great!
Jade (myst.serenity): nods
Cee Edman: And a foggy twilight is best.
Herndon Bluebird: Yup
Serra Anansi: *nods*
Jan (h0n2a): nods
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): smiles
Serra Anansi: foggy is best
Serra Anansi: :D
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): :)
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): misty
Oriella Charik: perhaps more fog in the evening
Blake Panache is offline.
Cee Edman: Misty morning
Neill McCullough: I'd go for fog at dawn, clearer at sunset
Serra Anansi: Does anyone know of a windlight artist/designer?
Cee Edman: (sings Misty form you)
Serra Anansi: id be all for hireing
Beware Hax: imo, the twilight as we have them, which is purplish, is good
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): I should not mind the use of one myself.
Cee Edman: *for
Beware Hax: why change what is broken - only tweak the durations
Podruly Peccable: Misty morning sounds right
Beware Hax: isn't broken*
Neill McCullough: It might be just a case of moving teh existing control points
Cee Edman: Our fog and mist was broken
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): i'm not sure how much Saiyge actually did for the expo....but it was looking very magical at one time
Serra Anansi: Miss Hax, the noon is far to bright and glarey for the Winterfell concept... my lack of windlight talents is the only reason we have had the noon as is for so long
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): the windlight i mean
Serra Anansi: but i am committed to figuring out a fix
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): i could inquire Serra
Beware Hax: ok, if the noon is improved by someone with skill, and the twilights etc can be kept as is, that is an improvement, i agree
Serra Anansi: This year my goals are to upgrade and enhance what we have, to keep Winterfell beautiful and up to date... 5 year old building styles will date us faster than anything else
Serra Anansi: I dont want to remove what we h ave or change theme
Serra Anansi: just improve
Podruly Peccable: :)
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): wonderful
Serra Anansi: okay last two items will be fast!
Serra Anansi: Spring Thaw - Feb 13th ish
Briar (briarwickedwood): you all obviously are doing a wonderful thing here in Winterfell as your rate of availability indicates....I love it here, looks so marvelous
GoSpeed (gospeed.racer) is offline.
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Hi, Adalein :)
Serra Anansi: Selena wants to have a ball over Valentines weekend
Ada Zaurak: hello folks
Jade (myst.serenity) pouts at the thought of a thaw
Beware Hax: hi
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): waves
Briar (briarwickedwood) smiles...a ball
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Sounds nice
Cee Edman makes note -- Selena, bawl, Valentine's
Serra Anansi: I think we will have it here in the castle, we have not had a ball here yet
Cee Edman: sic
Podruly Peccable: Lovely
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): nice
Oriella Charik: She'll bawl if she doesn't get to go I expect
Cee Edman: nods
Serra Anansi: date and such to be announced soon
Serra Anansi laughs
Serra Anansi: and for those of you who have not seen the announcements
Serra Anansi: we have a Ball this afternoon
Cee Edman: She'll bawl if she doesn't get a date.
Briar (briarwickedwood): ooooo
Briar (briarwickedwood): ball today?
Cee Edman: Two of them
Serra Anansi: poster on the wall
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): And Games Day, Lady Twilight?
Serra Anansi: Eva Bellambi, Duchess of Loch Avie and the Lady of Skye
requests the pleasure of your company at the
8th Annual Snowflake Ball.

Dress: Formal attire of any era.

This year we will have 2 events and we'll spread the dancing area across 2 sims: Caledon Loch Avie and Winterfell Absinthe

~~~~January 4, 2014~~~~
Ball, the first: 3:00pm - 5:30pm SLT
Ball, the second: 8:30pm - 11:00pm SLT
Serra Anansi: the LM will be in notices and group chat soon
Serra Anansi: but there are your times, if you wish to get ready for them
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Sounds nice :)
Serra Anansi: For those not familiar with dance cards - Selena will be on shortly to help you with those
Thaddeus Nadeau is offline.
Serra Anansi: she is always happy to help
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): The HUD is rather clever.
Serra Anansi: Dance Cards are not mandatory, so don't let that dissuade you from attending
Jade (myst.serenity): read my mind
Briar (briarwickedwood): sounds fun
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): The cards can be very helpful.
Serra Anansi: mostly, Lady Eva wants everyone to have a nice time
Serra Anansi: and that is the end of my list of topics.. does anyone have any new business or announcements?
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Games Day, Lady Twilight?
Cee Edman: One thing -- what is the official date for the end of the house tour? -- we've had two different dates.
Serra Anansi: Yes, Games Day.. Selena is heading up the planning for the Wulfenbach Games Day
Serra Anansi: its over now, Cee
Serra Anansi: sorry for date mix ups!
Cee Edman: TY
Serra Anansi: Games Day will be on January 25th adn 26th
Jade (myst.serenity): games day sounds exciting
Serra Anansi: so far we have events in Winterfell, Mondrago, Babbage, and Caledon
Serra Anansi: and Steelhead
Serra Anansi: with an opening ball and a closing ball
Mosseveno Tenk is offline.
Serra Anansi: well more of a dance.. less formal than a ball
Neill McCullough: Are we having the En Garde team event again?
Serra Anansi: I belive so, yes.. that is one of the Mondrago events
Serra Anansi: mondrago will host two events this year
Serra Anansi looks to the Baron
Serra Anansi: anything to add, Sir?
blakopal Galicia is offline.
OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): We are planning on having an open ball on January 19th - it will also be an off season RFL event with another team who is learning!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Everyone is welcome to participate, of course. It is our gift to the Steamlands.
Serra Anansi: Yes yes, the games day is Herr Barons gift to the steamlands
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Nice :)
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) bows from his seat
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): smiles....bravo
Serra Anansi: Olde, do you want your RFL event on the Winterfell calendar?
OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): please
Serra Anansi: Send Selena the details?
OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): will do
Serra Anansi: Who, What, When, Where, Why...
OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): grins:) I will send her a notecard
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I might also mention my club will hold a party for Game Day
Serra Anansi: :)
Serra Anansi: yes, you will be on the roster for events on Game Day
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Splendid.
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Oh, good :)
Serra Anansi: Selena will be contacting you this week to pick a time
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Ah, thank you
Serra Anansi: Any other announcements?
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Well, I might point out now I'll have a variety of games at my event. Not just chess
Cee Edman: A mile complaint -- and a reminder. The ferry is not getting much use. Please do use it!
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Though that will also be available
Jade (myst.serenity): I wanted to but I do not know where it is
Podruly Peccable: Oh, I will do that, Laird :)
Serra Anansi: okay everyone.. next moot lets have ideas on how to promote the ferry...
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): :)
Cee Edman: There is a fery dock right outside the door of this building -- and several elsewhere.
Serra Anansi: not today.. we are nearly out of time
Serra Anansi: OH
Serra Anansi: and my SL resolution for 2014 is to post every moot on the blog page.. no missing
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) suggests small flags, to catch the eye
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): :)
Cee Edman: (I will re-do a map, for posting.
OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): I went to the events in Roma and passed out the notecards - later that day they were all riding the ferry
Briar (briarwickedwood) makes a note to ride it
Serra Anansi: wonderful, Olde! thank you
Cee Edman: There are poster boards at every stop.
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): true...giggles
Addison Greymyst: Sorry, must head out - nice seeing everyone - take care!
Serra Anansi: Cee, let me work on a mini building.... like a bus stop
Serra Anansi: that may help
Podruly Peccable: It is teh best way to see Winterfell
Addison Greymyst is offline.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) raises an amused eyebrow at Lord Eldemar
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I haven't been on the new ferry yet, though I do want to
Serra Anansi: well everyone... follow me!
Serra Anansi: I will show you the stop here at the castle
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Okay :)
Cee Edman laughs at the exodus
Herndon Bluebird: I must be off too! Evening all!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) finds no vaulting in the Marketplace
Serra Anansi: Evenign all that are leaving!!!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Guten Abend, all.
LillieJay Mills: good evening everyone
Neill McCullough: Good evening
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Nice seeing all of you :)
Podruly Peccable: Goodnight all
Briar (briarwickedwood): nice to meet everyone
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): take care everyone and merry paths
Winterfell Ferry Boat ROSEHAVEN: Ready! All aboard to start your tour.
Jade (myst.serenity): I dont even know where I am to begin with- Laughs
Serra Anansi: you touch the poster ONCE
Serra Anansi: then the ferry arrives and can carry 4 people
LillieJay Mills is offline.
Cee Edman: But you have to wait a minute between rezzings
Herndon Bluebird is offline.
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Nice :)
Cassie Eldemar (cashew.writer): giggles....make an LM
Cee Edman: Ok -- get in - four at a time is the maximum
Ferry Rez on Touch Sign (Single w/boat): Sorry, there must be 45.000000 seconds between rezzings
Winterfell Ferry Boat ROSEHAVEN: Ready! All aboard to start your tour.
Briar (briarwickedwood): i must get back to setting up my house
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): I'm afraid I need to go RL now. But definitely soon :)
Briar (briarwickedwood): tc everyone
Serra Anansi: anways.. Cee worked super hard on this.. and its a wonder way to see Winterfell
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): It's certainly a lovely boat
Serra Anansi: Thank you all for coming!!
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Thank you, Lady Serra :)
Podruly Peccable: It is, you need half an hour to do it justice
Jade (myst.serenity): thank you!
Cee Edman: Well *I* shall ride home!
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): :)
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): Good night, all :)
Serra Anansi: I must post the moot on the blog!
Toubanua T'Kreth (toubanua.tairov): :)
Serra Anansi: good night all

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