Friday, April 12, 2013

Ban Lines in Winterfell

I have been getting a number of questions regarding ban lines in WInterfell.  Ban lines are not allowed in Winterfell, but sometimes people accidentally put them up with out understanding how or when they did it. 

To check your land and make sure you are in compliance with the Covenant, please follow the instructions below.

Open the "ABOUT LAND" menu ---- You can find the "ABOUT LAND" or the "PARCEL PROPERTIES" under the "WORLD" pull down menu found in the top of your Second Life screen, examples have been provided.

Once you have the "ABOUT LAND" menu open, please make sure that "ALLOW PUBLIC ACCESS" box is checked and all the other boxes are are unchecked.

If you find that you have your settings incorrect, please be sure to correct it ASAP and if you have any questions contact one of the following people:

Lady Twilight, Serra Anansi, Owner of Winterfell
Princess Selena, SelenaAnansi, Heir to Winterfell
Uni Ninetails, Estate Manager
Scout Danger, Estate Manager

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