Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 2013 Moot

We met on July 20th to discuss news of the realm, chiefly the announcement of sim closures and rearrangement.  In short, the points discussed are:

- Winterfell Ferry will be discontinued for the time being, to be remapped in the nearish future.

- Winterfell, the homestead, will close (complete) 

- Forest Floor will rejoin the realm and be placed where Winterfell homestead was (complete)

- Winterfell Anodyne will be renamed Winterfell (complete) 

- Winterfell Libris will close (first week in August)

- Winterfell Ebonshire will be converted to a homestead and residents will have to relocate. (re-locations in process, conversion first week in August) 

- Winterfell Aislinn will become a full sim and rotated and moved to the Winterfell Harbor map slot to continue the Forest Floor land mass (first week in August) 

- Winterfell Harbor be become a homestead and will move to the Winterfell Libris map location (first week in August) 

- Here Be Dragons will have a donations collection on the island under the dragon, half that sim will be paid for by JJ Drinkwater and the other half will be collected through donations.  The sim costs 20K a month so 10K will need to be raised.  Spread out this should not be difficult.

All in all the only people to be displaced are the residents on Ebonshire and I have contacted all those residents as of tonight, the 23rd of July.

**full chat transcripts are available in world upon request**

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