Thursday, January 8, 2015

Jan 2015 Moot

[13:30] Jan (H0n2a Resident): Hello princess, everybody :-)
[13:30] Podruly Peccable: Hello Jan
[13:30] Cee Edman: Hello, Jan
[13:30] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): laughs
[13:30] Wildstar Beaumont: greetings everybody
[13:30] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): Hello everyone!
[13:30] Cee Edman: Greetings, Admiral and Okde.
[13:30] Podruly Peccable: Greetings ADmiral
[13:30] [Tia] White Council Chair Small: Hi OldeSoul! Touch me to change and/or adjust pose.
[13:30] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Hello Jan and Wildstar.. and Olde!!
[13:31] Cee Edman: Hello, Herndon and Toubanua
[13:31] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): Hi, all :)
[13:31] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): hello and welcome Toubanua, Herndon and Savannah!
[13:31] Podruly Peccable: Hello Toubanua, Lord Eldemar, Herndon
[13:31] Cee Edman: Greetiungs, Your Grace
[13:31] Savannah Blindside: Good afternoon, all!
[13:32] Podruly Peccable: Hullo
[13:32] Jan (H0n2a Resident): Greetings everybody coming :-)
[13:32] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): hello again, Morie! I hope you are settling in well?
[13:32] Morië (TariAtanone Resident): I am, thank you. :)
[13:32] Cee Edman: Greetings, Miss Morie
[13:32] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Everyone, This is Morie. She is our newest resident
[13:32] Savannah Blindside: Welcome!
[13:32] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): Pleased to meet you, Morie :)
[13:33] Cee Edman: Hello, Eili
[13:33] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): Welcome to Winterfell Ms. Morie
[13:33] Eilidh McCullough: Good evening all
[13:33] Morië (TariAtanone Resident): And all of you, as well.
[13:33] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Hello Gabi and Ceejay
[13:33] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Eili! hello there
[13:33] Podruly Peccable: Hello Miss Eili
[13:33] Cee Edman: Hello, Ceejay
[13:33] Jan (H0n2a Resident): Nice to meet new people, welcome Morie :-)
[13:33] Wildstar Beaumont: hello Miss Morie , welcome !
[13:33] CeeJay Tigerpaw: Hi all.
[13:33] Morië (TariAtanone Resident): When I'm finished with the house, I hope to have you all as guests. Right now it's a bit cold. :)
[13:33] CeeJay Tigerpaw: Sorry I don't make more moots, my RL is intense.
[13:34] Podruly Peccable: Hello Ceejay
[13:34] Wildstar Beaumont: hello Ceejay !
[13:34] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): quite alright!
[13:34] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I hope you all had a wonderful holiday
[13:34] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): :)
[13:34] Savannah Blindside: I plead new-ish kittens for my erratic schedule in world
[13:34] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Hello Miss Jade, welcome
[13:34] Savannah Blindside: Yes!
[13:35] Cee Edman: Greetings, Miss Jade
[13:35] CeeJay Tigerpaw: I seem to have missed 2014 entirely.
[13:35] CeeJay Tigerpaw: Perhaps I blinked.
[13:35] Jade (Myst Serenity): Greetings :)
[13:35] Wildstar Beaumont: hello Miss Jade
[13:35] Podruly Peccable: Easily done, Ceejay
[13:35] Savannah Blindside: Yes, it did seem to go like that.
[13:36] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): hello and welcome, Dimi and Mark
[13:36] MarkTarantello Resident: greetings to all
[13:36] Cee Edman: Hello,Mark!
[13:36] Wildstar Beaumont: hello Dimi and Mark
[13:36] Cee Edman: And Dimi!
[13:36] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): I need only think of school and the year seems long . . .
[13:36] Jade (Myst Serenity): Greetings Dimi and Mark
[13:36] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): Hello, Dimi and Mark :)
[13:37] Podruly Peccable: Hello Dimi and Mark :)
[13:37] DimiTarantello Resident shouts: Greetings one and all!
[13:37] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) laughs
[13:37] DimiTarantello Resident: Sorry for the shout Was out on the field lololol
[13:37] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): oh my!
[13:38] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): So we have an entire 2015 to enjoy
[13:38] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): :)
[13:38] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): My plans are to continue these meetings on the first saturday of the month
[13:38] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): at 1:30 as we are today
[13:38] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Does anyone have need for our time to be moved?
[13:38] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): 1:30 has been working out well
[13:39] Podruly Peccable: It suits me
[13:39] Cee Edman: It's become a habit for me, fortunately.
[13:39] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): Works fine for me
[13:39] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): great we will continue with that date and time
[13:40] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Also on the recurring events - Thrusday nights I have a modern music night down in the crypt at 7pm SLT
[13:40] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): those will continue... if you have not stopped in to one of those events please do!
[13:40] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): we chatter about books and movies and almost always end up talking about booze and food
[13:40] CeeJay Tigerpaw: In the context of Winterfell, what does" modern" mean ...?
[13:41] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): :)
[13:41] Eilidh McCullough: Beethoven?
[13:41] Savannah Blindside: ::snorts::
[13:41] Jade (Myst Serenity): giggle
[13:41] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): modern as in the far future of 1960's thought 2015
[13:41] MystiTool HUD 1.4.0-freebie: Entering chat range: Blake Panache (8m)
[13:41] MystiTool HUD 1.4.0-freebie: Entering chat range: Nicholas Murdock (8m)
[13:41] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Hello Sir Blake
[13:42] Oriella Charik: Music our typists like
[13:42] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): Hello, Sir Blake :)
[13:42] Blake Panache: Hello there
[13:42] Blake Panache: Hi everyone sorry if i am late
[13:42] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Its a rather relaxed event where we have the occational theme, but it's generally "Come as you are"
[13:42] Cee Edman: Hello, Blake
[13:42] DimiTarantello Resident: Ciao Blake
[13:43] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Gabrielle can correct me if I am wrong, but we also have a monthly event on the first sunday of each month
[13:43] Gabrielle Riel: Yes, although not this month - I always take Januarys off
[13:44] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Gabi brings her "songs from the nightingale" to winterfell
[13:44] Gabrielle Riel: It will start back up on the first Sunday of February, likely a show for Imbolc
[13:44] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): good to have time off *nods and removes it from the calendar"
[13:44] Eilidh McCullough: Shall I remove tomorrow's from calendar?
[13:44] Gabrielle Riel: Yes please
[13:45] Eilidh McCullough: I'll get it
[13:45] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Thank you Eili
[13:45] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I think I may work on a new monthly event as well, I am thinking a book club again
[13:46] Savannah Blindside: That sounds lovely
[13:46] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I have been reading so much more that I have a kindle
[13:47] Savannah Blindside: :) I vowed not to bring anymore paper books in the house until I clean out Ye Olde Bookshelvese
[13:47] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): good plan
[13:48] Nicholas Murdock: kindles has replaced paperbacks for me. So I only need space for all the hardbacks now ;)
[13:48] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): For those of you who may be interested in the book club.. what day would you like to meet?
[13:48] Podruly Peccable: I'll have to try these magic mirrors sometime
[13:48] CeeJay Tigerpaw: I have a friend who sets out a pile of books for people to take away at his new years parties.
[13:48] Savannah Blindside: Hardbacks = for when you are really serious about a book. :)
[13:48] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I can take a consensus and figure out a day
[13:49] CeeJay Tigerpaw: I usually bring a few of my own and leave them in the pile ...
[13:49] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): that is a cool idea, Ceejay
[13:49] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I will have to copycat that
[13:49] CeeJay Tigerpaw: People who want to give away books should practice with cats first.
[13:49] Jade (Myst Serenity): my building reads and sets out books
[13:49] Savannah Blindside: ::snorts::
[13:50] CeeJay Tigerpaw: A good cat-foister can persuade people to take anything ....
[13:50] Litta Nightfire: I use the "Little Free Library" boxes quite a bit in RL, it's fun to do it while out walking
[13:50] Savannah Blindside: We have a "guilty pleasures" book pile in the locker room at our YMCA
[13:50] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): no suggestions for a day or time for a book club? I think I will pick a saturday and this time slot, its rather easy to work around.
[13:50] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) giggles at Savannah
[13:50] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): that sounds like it could be rather colorful!
[13:51] Savannah Blindside: I am good anyday but Sundays
[13:51] Jade (Myst Serenity): forgot why we were talking about books
[13:51] Savannah Blindside: Book club!
[13:51] Nicholas Murdock: when shouldn't we be talking about books? ;)
[13:51] Jade (Myst Serenity): blushes
[13:52] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) smiles
[13:52] Jade (Myst Serenity): anyways 2pm is good
[13:53] Litta Nightfire: SL has sort of sucked up any time I might have for reading, le sigh
[13:53] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): seems adding a book club back in is a popular idea
[13:53] Eilidh McCullough: I know that feeling.
[13:53] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I went out of my way to get reading time back, I have really enjoyed it
[13:54] CeeJay Tigerpaw: If you scheduled more things at the other Saturday-at-1330 slots, more of us might remember moots ...
[13:54] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I could start leaving notes posted to your door held up with a dagger?
[13:54] Podruly Peccable: lol
[13:54] Jade (Myst Serenity): lol
[13:55] CeeJay Tigerpaw: That is one advantage of not having a residence.
[13:55] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I send out a few notices and group IM's about meetings - SL is rather unkind about deliverying them
[13:55] Nicholas Murdock: I used to deliver notes to her mother pinned to executed servants of hers ;)
[13:55] CeeJay Tigerpaw: No place to mail mail-bombs ....
[13:55] Litta Nightfire ponders leaving a dagger in the castle door so people can leave notes!
[13:55] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Murdock, she was not pleased about those
[13:55] Nicholas Murdock: sorry, was hard to find stamps in SL.
[13:55] Gabrielle Riel: Well, that's one way to get someone's attention.
[13:55] Cee Edman: were the servants
[13:55] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): :)
[13:56] Cee Edman: *neither were
[13:56] Litta Nightfire: Like: "Death to the Laird & Lady, they never finished winterizing Aislinn"!
[13:56] Litta Nightfire hangs head
[13:56] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I shall kick the rent tier machine around a bit - it has a note card sending feature
[13:56] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): perhaps that will be more effective?
[13:57] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): affective?
[13:57] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): damn i hate that word
[13:57] CeeJay Tigerpaw: I think that anonymous threats would be best.
[13:57] Eilidh McCullough: effective
[13:57] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): thank you
[13:57] Cee Edman: Will we ever get our (Robonika) mail system back?
[13:57] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): welcome back, Toubanua
[13:57] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): Thanks, sorry, had a long, slow crash.
[13:57] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I believe she has retired
[13:57] DimiTarantello Resident: Capital punishment is really in vogue here, eh!
[13:58] Cee Edman: nods
[13:58] DimiTarantello Resident: Where is Winterfell's guillotine?
[13:58] DimiTarantello Resident: :D
[13:58] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I recently learned that she has returned to SL but will not be taking up her duties
[13:58] Jade (Myst Serenity): O_O
[13:58] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): no no guillotine!
[13:58] Cee Edman: Her hands did not improve, then?
[13:58] DimiTarantello Resident: hehe
[13:58] Savannah Blindside: enters quietly, glups, puts hand over throat
[13:59] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): we feed you to the rabid squirrels
[13:59] Litta Nightfire looks under the table. The cat seems to have eaten the guillotine, hooray!
[13:59] DimiTarantello Resident: Oh my even more horrid
[13:59] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): indeed
[13:59] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): Guillotine Gattina :)
[13:59] CeeJay Tigerpaw: Winterfell needs a proper gaol.
[13:59] DimiTarantello Resident: ㋡
[14:00] CeeJay Tigerpaw: And if not a guillotine, at least a ducking stool...
[14:00] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): The Italians got lol
[14:00] Litta Nightfire: gaol? why?
[14:00] Nicholas Murdock: Guillotine, sheesh. For a bunch of poncy frogs. Give me a good old fashioned headsman.
[14:00] Eilidh McCullough: Is there not a dungeon here?
[14:00] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): *got it
[14:00] DimiTarantello Resident: ㋡
[14:00] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): we have not had a dungeon here in eons
[14:00] Savannah Blindside: My goodness, the discussion about the bookclub got rather....cutthroat.
[14:00] Cee Edman: We have tunnels, instead
[14:00] Jade (Myst Serenity): :D
[14:00] Litta Nightfire: There's the tunnels. Could put a gaol down there.
[14:00] Nicholas Murdock: No gaol in Winterfell. It's why I'm still wandering untethered ;)
[14:00] CeeJay Tigerpaw: For the imprisonment of those who are displeasing.
[14:00] Gabrielle Riel doesn't have a dungeon......
[14:00] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): well we strayed into punishments for not attending more events
[14:01] Litta Nightfire: Ah!
[14:01] Gabrielle Riel does have a rather creative attic....
[14:01] Savannah Blindside nervously pulls out calender
[14:01] Cee Edman: But surely, the punishment for not attending is not being entertained.
[14:01] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): my point exactly, Cee
[14:02] Savannah Blindside: Well, dungeons get so unpleasantly dank and dark.
[14:02] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) smiles and nods
[14:02] Cee Edman: ....and notoriously filled with rats.
[14:02] Litta Nightfire: Maybe, if the gaol were REALLY ENTERTAINING, the punished one would show up to be imprisoned? Otherwise ...
[14:02] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): We could put someone in charge of lighting and flower arrangement in the dungeon.
[14:02] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) laughs
[14:03] CeeJay Tigerpaw mumbles something about sublime objectives ...
[14:03] Gabrielle Riel thinks that at least 30% of the population of the Steamlands would show up to be "entertained" in a dungeon
[14:03] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): lol
[14:03] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) shakes her head and tries to figure out a way to get us back on track
[14:03] Litta Nightfire: I suppose the choice of gaoler would be key!
[14:03] Savannah Blindside: Did we decided on a day for the book club?
[14:04] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): one of the non first saturdays of the month and at 1:30
[14:04] CeeJay Tigerpaw: No, but it is going to meet in the new gaol, I think ....
[14:04] Savannah Blindside: I was thinking, as I was fighting the vanishing and crashing sickness, maybe...that's exactly what I was thinking
[14:04] Savannah Blindside: except for the goal bit.
[14:04] Savannah Blindside: *gaol
[14:04] Litta Nightfire: Leather-bound books, perhaps? *inquiring sweetly*
[14:04] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): you know.. my mother warned me about this... I just didn't think it would happen.
[14:04] Gabrielle Riel giggles
[14:04] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): lol
[14:05] Podruly Peccable grins
[14:05] DimiTarantello Resident: ㋡
[14:05] Cee Edman: Frankly, Princess, she was no better able to keep on track.
[14:05] Litta Nightfire mumbles something about Steelhead's meetings involving the occasional food-fight, be joyous, Princess, we are so sedate!
[14:05] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I do believe she would be better suited to wrangle you all though
[14:05] CeeJay Tigerpaw: Well, something ought to be bound in gaols.
[14:05] Gabrielle Riel has a whip if you need one
[14:05] CeeJay Tigerpaw: If not the prisoners, then surely the books.
[14:05] Savannah Blindside has a machine gun
[14:06] Litta Nightfire cowers and shuts up
[14:06] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) has fingers to put in her ears and sing LALALALALALLALALLAAL CANT HEAR YOU
[14:06] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): lol
[14:06] Litta Nightfire peeks. Does that work with elf ears? Seriously?
[14:06] Gabrielle Riel: ....diamond tipped riding crop....?
[14:06] Cee Edman: Unfortunately, if you shout "Order!" -- we will all be ordering hamburgers or something.
[14:07] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): Oh, riding crops get me in so much trouble.
[14:07] Savannah Blindside: I think non-first Saturdays sounds wonderful, how about the second Saturday of the month?
[14:07] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): works for me :D
[14:07] CeeJay Tigerpaw: Make mine a whole wheat on rye...
[14:07] Gabrielle Riel: Let me look at the AC Calendar
[14:07] Gabrielle Riel: To make sure no one throws a tantrum on you
[14:07] CeeJay Tigerpaw: Second Saturday of the month at 1;30 PM suits me fine.
[14:07] Podruly Peccable: With chips/
[14:07] Gabrielle Riel: Because god forbid you have an event in your estate
[14:07] Podruly Peccable: ?
[14:07] Jade (Myst Serenity) loves these people
[14:08] MystiTool HUD 1.4.0-freebie: Entering chat range: SelenaAnansi Resident (8m)
[14:08] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): lets make it the 3rd sat
[14:08] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): :)
[14:08] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): 2nd saturday has a book club at 1
[14:08] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): lets do 3rd
[14:08] Gabrielle Riel: I just saw that
[14:08] Savannah Blindside stomps back in room and flomps in chair
[14:09] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): poor savannah
[14:09] Podruly Peccable: Welcome back
[14:09] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): Welcome back :)
[14:09] Gabrielle Riel: I recommend the 3rd Saturday
[14:09] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) nods
[14:09] Gabrielle Riel: There was already some tension within Babbage about conflicts with their book discussion
[14:09] MarkTarantello Resident: may I ask a question, raises my hand
[14:10] Savannah Blindside: /makes strangled noises about crashing sickness, and also thanks
[14:10] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): of course, mark
[14:10] Gabrielle Riel: We really don't want to open that already messy scenario
[14:10] MarkTarantello Resident: for the book club, does this mean we all read the same book then come to the meeting and talk about what we read? or doe we just talk about what is popular
[14:10] Jade (Myst Serenity) wonders how she will get said books
[14:10] MarkTarantello Resident: does*
[14:11] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): how we have done it in the past
[14:11] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): is I announce a book and then in a month we meet to talk about it
[14:11] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): most often it is a series of books
[14:11] MarkTarantello Resident: ok
[14:11] CeeJay Tigerpaw: I thought it was kind of a pot-luck -- we each bring something sweet and juicy ....
[14:11] MarkTarantello Resident: thank you
[14:11] Nicholas Murdock: a month to read a book? I wonder if my finger moves that fast.
[14:11] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) laughs
[14:11] MarkTarantello Resident: lol, me too
[14:12] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I have a series in mind
[14:12] Savannah Blindside: I've noticed that another village uses books available for free on the intertubes.
[14:12] CeeJay Tigerpaw: Perhaps we could treat the Moot Minutes as works of fiction and discuss them. :-)
[14:12] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): the books I have picked in the past are usually popular enough to be available at libraries as well
[14:13] Litta Nightfire stifles a snorfle
[14:13] Savannah Blindside: "Unconvincing dialogue!"
[14:13] DimiTarantello Resident: Do we have them in Winterfell's library?
[14:13] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I am sorry to say, no we do not
[14:13] CeeJay Tigerpaw: Isn't the library down by the gaol?
[14:13] Gabrielle Riel: The Winterfell Library can only...what she just said :-)
[14:13] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): as we can only have books here in SL that are public domain
[14:14] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): All my favourite books are in the public domain.
[14:14] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) smiles
[14:15] Litta Nightfire: I have actually never bought a book for my nook, I use the public (RL) library.
[14:15] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I will send out a notice this weekend and we can meet up in feburary
[14:15] Savannah Blindside: There are - at least on Amazon - some electronic books that are free or $1.
[14:15] Savannah Blindside: That sounds lovely
[14:15] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): If youd like to join the Winterfell Library group, let me know and I can send an invite
[14:16] Jade (Myst Serenity): invite please
[14:16] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): Invite me please :)
[14:16] Savannah Blindside: And me!
[14:16] Podruly Peccable: Oh! I don't belong to it
[14:16] Gabrielle Riel listens to the car spinning its wheels frantically outside in RL (freezing rain)
[14:16] Podruly Peccable: Me too, please
[14:16] Jan (H0n2a Resident): Invite please too :)
[14:16] DimiTarantello Resident: Send me an invite please
[14:17] Jade (Myst Serenity): first snow here! so pretty!
[14:17] MarkTarantello Resident: may I have an invite also, please
[14:17] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): It's down to 55 Fahrenheit here in San Diego, I'm freezing to death!
[14:17] CeeJay Tigerpaw: Yikes, it is a lot warmer than that in Redondo Beach today ....
[14:18] DimiTarantello Resident: I havent gotten it yet
[14:18] Podruly Peccable sticks his tongue out at Toubanua
[14:18] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): lol
[14:18] Gabrielle Riel: This year we have a new 4 wheel drive truck and a new generator. We're prepared after last winter.
[14:18] Morië (TariAtanone Resident): invite here too, please. (sorry. Lag)
[14:18] DimiTarantello Resident: Thanks!
[14:18] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Going as fast as I can, sorry for the delay
[14:18] Jan (H0n2a Resident): Thank you! :)
[14:19] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): welcome!
[14:19] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): Oh, I'm already in the group.
[14:19] MarkTarantello Resident: Thank you for the invite
[14:19] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I will send the notice in that group as well as the winterfell group and the AC group
[14:20] Nicholas Murdock: RL calls. good day folks, try to keep the princess annoyed in my absence ;)
[14:20] Jade (Myst Serenity): thank you
[14:20] Cee Edman: Nicholas
[14:20] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): See you, Murdock :)
[14:20] Litta Nightfire solutes Mr. Murdock.
[14:20] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): at least he is consistent. LOL
[14:21] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): lol
[14:21] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): okay we are coming up on the hour mark - does anyone have any ideas for the new year?
[14:21] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): things you'd like to see me offer
[14:21] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): events, exhibits, contests?
[14:21] Gabrielle Riel: Champagne?
[14:22] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): behind you
[14:22] Gabrielle Riel: Perfect!
[14:22] Glass of Champagne [Wear] whispers: Bubbly.
[14:22] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov) whispers to the champagne, "Yes, you are."
[14:22] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) giggles
[14:23] Cee Edman: Another Renaissance Faire
[14:23] Jade (Myst Serenity): laughs
[14:23] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): we can do that, we had a nice time
[14:23] Savannah Blindside: Oh my, we've gone to the drinking portion of the meeting?
[14:23] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): It may be our "anniversary" event
[14:23] Litta Nightfire: Bring back Boobiethon? Have a regatta?
[14:23] Podruly Peccable: It was excellent
[14:23] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): A regatta would be fun
[14:23] Blake Panache: Are we doing a Garden Tour this Year?
[14:23] Litta Nightfire: Have a parade for summer solstice?
[14:23] Savannah Blindside: OOoooooooh
[14:24] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): we could have a garden tour!
[14:24] Savannah Blindside: Garden Tour!
[14:24] CeeJay Tigerpaw: A Boobiethon Regatta? The mind boggles ...
[14:24] Jade (Myst Serenity): boob-a-wut?
[14:24] Cee Edman: Naked sailing
[14:24] Litta Nightfire: Garden tour sounds good!
[14:24] Cee Edman: (Who can explain Boobiethon to the newcomers?)
[14:24] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Boobiethon was a breast cancer awarness event we had every year
[14:24] Blake Panache: i love everyones gardens but feel funny tromping thru ininvitred and sort of creepy camming
[14:25] Podruly Peccable: Yes, its a lovely idea
[14:25] Savannah Blindside: I keep meaning to put up a "Welcome, feel free to tromp about " note on my land.
[14:25] Cee Edman: Aislinn is open invitation 24/7.
[14:25] Litta Nightfire: Well, wouldn't the point to a tour be that everyone would be invited toa specific area?
[14:25] Savannah Blindside: (Btw, feel free to tromp about on my land)
[14:25] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): the highpoint of the boobiethon was a grand ball where everyone ended up naked
[14:25] CeeJay Tigerpaw: You get used to feeling creepy after a certain amount of time in SL ...
[14:25] Podruly Peccable: For Spring?
[14:25] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): Let's have a Ricotta Regatta where the competition is for the boats to deliver cheese.
[14:25] Savannah Blindside: (I've put up all sorts of little places for chatting or enjoying the view.
[14:26] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): okay.. so a garden tour for spring?
[14:26] Blake Panache: LOL
[14:26] Savannah Blindside: ::blinks::
[14:26] Savannah Blindside: YES
[14:26] Blake Panache: Cheese boat
[14:26] Jade (Myst Serenity): sounds wonderful
[14:26] Cee Edman: Yes
[14:26] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) laughs as her head spins
[14:26] Litta Nightfire: Oh, aye. Ricotta regatta! We could retexture the ferry as cheddar!
[14:26] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): lol
[14:26] Jade (Myst Serenity): rofl
[14:26] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) rests her head in her hand
[14:27] Oriella Charik nibbles cheese and nods
[14:27] Savannah Blindside: What's next Princess?
[14:27] CeeJay Tigerpaw: Is a cheese boat more lke a gravy boat or like a love boat?
[14:27] Litta Nightfire: We could all dress in reicotta regalia!
[14:27] Cee Edman: offers Selena another chanpagne
[14:27] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): lol
[14:27] Eilidh McCullough: As long as it's not Gruyere!
[14:27] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) sings out "Thheeee looooooooove boat"
[14:27] Blake Panache: Oh can we do a CHristmas Decorating House tour fro Winter next year as well?
[14:27] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): We all love cheese.
[14:27] Podruly Peccable: The scent of stilton drifting across the eveing water
[14:27] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): ew
[14:28] Savannah Blindside: ::coughs::
[14:28] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): lol
[14:28] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): welcome back, Morie
[14:28] Eilidh McCullough: Stilton is nommy
[14:28] Cee Edman: The scent of gorgonzola..... no, no, no
[14:28] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): Welcome back, Morie :)
[14:28] Podruly Peccable: It is
[14:28] Litta Nightfire contemplates a new bridge made of cheese crackers
[14:28] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Gorgonzola gondola?
[14:28] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): lol
[14:28] Morië (TariAtanone Resident): Thank you. that was earthquake -level crash n
[14:28] DimiTarantello Resident: Love that cheese!
[14:28] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) laughs
[14:28] Savannah Blindside: I've been having those this afternoon as well, Miss MOrie
[14:29] Podruly Peccable: You'd definitely want to row standing up in that
[14:29] Herndon Bluebird: Love the idea of the Christmas decorating house tour
[14:29] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): and this is how the Thrusday night dances end up.. talking about food
[14:29] CeeJay Tigerpaw: Well, Caledon has an Oxbridge made of oxen, or so I hear ...
[14:29] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): A Gorgonzola Gondola with a Cheddar Chaise in the Ricotta Regatta.
[14:29] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Okay, so I am hearing more seasonal house tours
[14:29] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): Cheese tour!
[14:29] Blake Panache: Yes Winterfell I am dying to get into all your homes
[14:29] DimiTarantello Resident: Make sure no rodents are around, tho
[14:29] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) groans
[14:29] Savannah Blindside: I'd be delighted to see any and all seasonal house tours
[14:30] Savannah Blindside: Anyone else have a preference?
[14:30] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Okay, Litta... we might have to have a talk about that HUD idea you had
[14:30] Blake Panache: Hey I loved the Autumn Festival as well
[14:30] Litta Nightfire: You are free to wander into our homes, Blake
[14:30] Blake Panache: oh thank you
[14:30] DimiTarantello Resident: Please let me know if you are not on our white list for Sanctuary, I will put you on today!
[14:30] Litta Nightfire: OK!
[14:30] Blake Panache: you say that now Litta.
[14:31] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): :D
[14:31] Jade (Myst Serenity): white list?
[14:31] DimiTarantello Resident: Yes the security is on
[14:31] Jade (Myst Serenity): oh! thatis good to hear
[14:31] Eilidh McCullough: Is that the church, perchance?
[14:32] Savannah Blindside: I know I am not on the list... Mr. Tarantello
[14:32] DimiTarantello Resident: U mean the church in Sanctuary?
[14:32] Podruly Peccable imagines Blake with his boots on Litta's kitchen table, eating her stilton
[14:32] DimiTarantello Resident: It is part of the main land yes
[14:32] Eilidh McCullough: Yes, that one - is that yours?
[14:32] DimiTarantello Resident: Yes
[14:32] Litta Nightfire: Find a kitchen and you can do it!
[14:32] Podruly Peccable: Hehe
[14:32] Cee Edman: Litta does not cook!
[14:32] Jade (Myst Serenity): well, if i am not....add me?
[14:32] Eilidh McCullough: yes, noticed the secuirty on that ;)
[14:33] DimiTarantello Resident: Sure Jade
[14:33] Blake Panache: : )
[14:33] Blake Panache: i will eat most anything
[14:33] Morië (TariAtanone Resident): and me? I just moved to sanctuary.
[14:33] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Dimi, what kind of time do you have set on the security?
[14:33] Litta Nightfire: Cee and I are totally insecure ... er ... well, you know.
[14:33] CeeJay Tigerpaw: Isn't Stilton the kind of hat that Texans wear?
[14:33] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): That's a Stetson :) Ou, Stilton Stetson!
[14:33] Savannah Blindside: No, it's more of an awkward conversation, Ceejay
[14:34] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): We can all wear Stilton Stetsons.
[14:34] Podruly Peccable: A ten gallon stilton? yum yum
[14:34] Eilidh McCullough: I'll nom the hat of the next Texan I see to investigate.
[14:34] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) laughs
[14:34] Savannah Blindside discreetly offers ladder to Miss Eili
[14:34] DimiTarantello Resident: I don't recall
[14:34] DimiTarantello Resident: Would have to take a look
[14:35] Blake Panache: brb I now hanker for a hunka cheese
[14:35] Savannah Blindside: ::snorts::
[14:35] Jade (Myst Serenity): i have some here
[14:35] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): :)
[14:35] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): thank for looking into that, Dimi we have a minimum requirement in Winterflel
[14:35] Podruly Peccable grins
[14:35] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): I actually just finished some ewe cheese while we've been talking.
[14:35] DimiTarantello Resident: Is it 30?
[14:36] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): 60
[14:36] DimiTarantello Resident: I don't recall
[14:36] DimiTarantello Resident: ok
[14:36] DimiTarantello Resident: will change it to 60 if it isn't 60 already
[14:36] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): thank you
[14:36] DimiTarantello Resident: yvw ㋡
[14:36] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): 0okay you wild folks
[14:37] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): any other news or announcements before I call this moot?
[14:37] Eilidh McCullough: RFL season is approaching.
[14:37] Wildstar Beaumont: is there the snowflake ball tomorrow ?
[14:37] Cee Edman: Yes
[14:37] Podruly Peccable: Snowflake Ball tomrrow?
[14:37] Savannah Blindside: Yes, it is, Captain!
[14:37] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): yes yes a snowflake ball tomorrow!!
[14:37] Toubanua T'Kreth (Toubanua Tairov): Seems like the last RFL season ended a week ago.
[14:37] Jade (Myst Serenity): oh MY thats right!!
[14:38] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): 3pm SLT
[14:38] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Formal dress
[14:38] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): are we doing dance cards?
[14:38] Eilidh McCullough: I shall tender my apologies - need an early-ish night tomorrow
[14:38] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): yes there will be dance cards, but you dont have to use them
[14:38] Savannah Blindside: And there is also a memorial service for Alistair Whybrow and Miss Bluebird tomorrow in Caledon. 1 PM in Caledon South End.
[14:39] Jade (Myst Serenity): forgive me, what time is it?
[14:39] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Eva's programer revamped the cards so they are a bit easier to use this year
[14:39] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): the Snowflake Ball is at 3pm SL
[14:40] Savannah Blindside: Jade there's a sign in the castle entry way with a landmark
[14:40] Jade (Myst Serenity): thank you- I lost the notice
[14:40] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): yes, thank you Savannah - I forgot to say that part
[14:40] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): :D
[14:40] Savannah Blindside: No problem. :)
[14:40] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Thank you all for coming and making this moot such a crazy silly meeting

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