Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 2015 Moot Transcript

[13:30] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): well I am going to get this meeting under way! Hello all and welcome to the February Moot! Thank you for taking a bit of time out of your day to come and participate.
[13:30] Podruly Peccable: Hello Wildstar
[13:30] Cee Edman waves at Admiral Beaumont
[13:30] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Todays meeting will be pretty straightforward and quick I think.
[13:30] Wildstar Beaumont: greetings everybody !
[13:31] Snowball Thrower: Snow ball fight!
[13:31] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): good day everyone
[13:31] Cierra Anatine: Greetings Wildstar
[13:31] ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (LiliaiFlower Resident): waves to Wildstar
[13:31] Wildstar Beaumont: whe she says that the princess is ready to drop the bomb
[13:31] Cee Edman: Greetings, Gish
[13:31] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): First bit of business is the reminder that the weather is warming up and the snow will start to melt this week.
[13:31] Podruly Peccable: Hullo Miss Gish
[13:31] ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (LiliaiFlower Resident): giggles
[13:31] Nicholas Murdock boos.
[13:31] Bain Finch (bainfinch Resident): Hello my Lady
[13:31] ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (LiliaiFlower Resident) whispers: she isnt in Indiana
[13:31] Panza Finch (Panza Eilde): Hello, darling.
[13:31] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): tut tut, Murdock
[13:31] Podruly Peccable: I blame global warming... wait, SL isn't a globe...
[13:31] αイιуα đєღєイєℜ-đαωєѕ (FaythNoele Resident) nudges lili
[13:32] ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (LiliaiFlower Resident): gigles
[13:32] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): I am lagging something fierce so sorry I have not rezzed you and tried to sit on someone!
[13:32] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Hello Mrs Finch
[13:32] Nicholas Murdock: Have I missed the big snowball fight next door yet?
[13:32] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): (yes the grid has been sloggy today)
[13:32] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): no, I will get to that shortly, Murdock
[13:32] Panza Finch (Panza Eilde): Good day, Princess Selena.
[13:32] Bain Finch (bainfinch Resident): must get ride of all this snow somehow
[13:33] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): So spring thaw will be happening this week and completed by the beginning of next weekend
[13:33] Podruly Peccable: The seat to my right is empty, Miss Gish
[13:33] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): that is so strange
[13:33] Wulfenbach Barony is recording as programmed but has no idea where it is.
[13:33] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): these chairs appear empty until i try to sit. forgive me
[13:34] Oriella Charik: I am authorised by Duchess Liz to say hooray
[13:34] Nicholas Murdock: I've used that line myself a few times ;)
[13:34] αイιуα đєღєイєℜ-đαωєѕ (FaythNoele Resident): third from end is empty
[13:34] Cee Edman: Gish, the third one from the end is empty.[13:34] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): phew finally. again my apolojizes
[13:35] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): we will be using textures from the Skye Spring and Grassy collections again - please let me know later this week if you need the name for your own uses
[13:35] ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (LiliaiFlower Resident) whispers: its ok i liks round butts in my lap especially female ones
[13:35] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): very funny Aisling
[13:35] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I will be using more grass and less "flowers" this year
[13:35] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): Aww but the flowers are so pretty
[13:35] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): to offer more of a neutral background for your landscaping
[13:35] ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (LiliaiFlower Resident): pouts about less flowers
[13:36] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): oh dear... *laughs*... I didnt think there would be such a response
[13:36] αイιуα đєღєイєℜ-đαωєѕ (FaythNoele Resident) listens and eats rest of pastry
[13:36] Nicholas Murdock: less hayfever this spring maybe.
[13:36] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): this is the painted on flowers.. not the use of less flowers
[13:36] ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (LiliaiFlower Resident): smiles
[13:37] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): I have mesh hydrangeas i could share
[13:37] Eilidh McCullough: A less fussy grass, if you like
[13:37] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I always use many plantings on top of the grasses
[13:37] ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (LiliaiFlower Resident): i have TONS of Flowers
[13:37] ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (LiliaiFlower Resident) whispers: TONS
[13:37] ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (LiliaiFlower Resident): AND TONS
[13:37] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): :D
[13:37] Podruly Peccable: Hooray!
[13:37] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): so,:)
[13:37] ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (LiliaiFlower Resident): i have tons of alll kinds of landscaping
[13:37] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) reviews her notes
[13:37] ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (LiliaiFlower Resident): Lots and Lots and low prim
[13:38] ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (LiliaiFlower Resident): and copy
[13:38] ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (LiliaiFlower Resident): hushes
[13:38] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): next bit of business is the Spring Home Tour
[13:38] Nicholas Murdock: I have tons of organic fertilizer if needed. I'm told I spread it quite heavily ;)
[13:38] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): we talked about wanting to do that again this year, are we still of a mind to do that?
[13:38] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): sounds nice
[13:38] Bain Finch (bainfinch Resident): The Finch's must arrange a time with Princess Selena to finish our setup at Edgewood Manor
[13:39] Eilidh McCullough: I think a Spring tour would be pleasant
[13:39] Herndon Bluebird: Me too.
[13:39] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): okay, I was thinking the 7th and 8th of March
[13:39] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): as the official "dates"
[13:40] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I am also thinking it will be a self serve tour
[13:40] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): were we can create a notecard with descriptions and LMs
[13:40] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): and let people wander at their leisure
[13:40] Wildstar Beaumont: we should have an event accompanying it ... like a country dance
[13:40] Podruly Peccable: Good idea
[13:40] Nicholas Murdock: Too early for a maypole dance.
[13:41] Eilidh McCullough: That needn't preclude impromptu groups exploring together.
[13:41] Bain Finch (bainfinch Resident): We could also have a party at out tavern maybe
[13:41] Podruly Peccable: Mists should be ready for viewing by then
[13:41] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) looks at the calendar
[13:41] Gabrielle Riel looks at the calendar
[13:41] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): lets do this the 28th
[13:41] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): feb
[13:41] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): and our new home is nearly finished
[13:41] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): we can have a dance then
[13:42] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): Relay For Life Kickoff is March 7th and 8th but would not interfere
[13:42] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): all the better to move it to the 28th of Feb
[13:42] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): Well isnt Feb a bit early for a spring tour?
[13:42] Gabrielle Riel: I am scheduled to play StfN on Sunday March 1.
[13:42] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): well spring comes in feb here
[13:42] Gabrielle Riel: I can easily make the theme "country dance".
[13:43] Nicholas Murdock: I'm currently getting the garden bed ready for planting RL.
[13:43] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): snow is usually around unil end of April at least in New England it is
[13:43] Wildstar Beaumont: sounds good, Miss Gabi
[13:43] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): :)
[13:43] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): we thaw this week, Lady Gish
[13:43] Cee Edman rremembers why he moved south from New England
[13:43] Nicholas Murdock: Something tells me the groundhog in Winterfell doesn't know what a shadow looks like ;)
[13:43] Wildstar Beaumont: :)
[13:43] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): Oh ok sorry
[13:43] Bain Finch (bainfinch Resident): wish we could schedule spring that nicely in RL
[13:43] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): me too!
[13:44] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Gabi, the 1st is a wed?
[13:44] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): me three
[13:44] Gabrielle Riel looks at the foot of snow out her window. Me four.
[13:44] Gabrielle Riel: March 1 is Sunday
[13:44] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) frowns and looks again
[13:44] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): we got hit with two feet when I was away to utah where it was brown apart from Deer Valley
[13:44] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): oh yes!
[13:45] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): my calendar was playing a trick on me
[13:45] Gabrielle Riel kills multiple birds with one stone these days :-)
[13:45] Oriella Charik: Also, St Davids Day - bring leeks
[13:45] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): So Sunday March 1st ?
[13:45] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Gabi, would you be okay using your event as a spring dance then?
[13:45] Gabrielle Riel: Yep
[13:45] Gabrielle Riel: That works just fine.
[13:45] Cee Edman: Is the tour to be two days, or only one?
[13:46] Eilidh McCullough: For the tour, shall we use the "Google Forms" aetheric registration again?
[13:46] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): sounds like the 1st of march will be our tour and dance day!
[13:46] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): Sounds perfect !
[13:46] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): no- that form drove me insane
[13:46] Podruly Peccable: Excellent
[13:46] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): it did not work in a way that my brain could handle
[13:46] Gabrielle Riel: For those of you that do not know, my event runs from 12:30-2pm SLT.
[13:46] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I dont mind meeting with people and getting info the old fashioned way
[13:47] Aethelswith Resident: Are we required to be present if we're on the tour? Do we need to be able to greet people?
[13:47] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): good question
[13:47] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): no, dear. we do a self serve sort of thing
[13:47] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): so leaves the scones out
[13:47] Nicholas Murdock: Just lock up your silver beforehand ;)
[13:48] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): if you would like to list times that you will be home, we put that in your stop's description
[13:48] Eilidh McCullough: Noms are appreciated, though ;)
[13:48] Cee Edman grins (especially waffles)
[13:48] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): excuse me a moment.
[13:48] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I am going to add a photo contest to the home tour
[13:48] Gabrielle Riel: Excellent :-)
[13:48] Nicholas Murdock: mmmm I have a catapult that launches waffles :)
[13:49] Kate McCriðe (KateMcCridhe Resident): Fun!
[13:49] Wulfenbach Barony highlights this fact for the Baron.
[13:49] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): so people can take photos as they visit and add to the entries
[13:49] Herndon Bluebird searches inventory for tea & biscuits
[13:49] Eilidh McCullough: Are most people on Flickr?
[13:49] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): i am not
[13:49] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): flickr hates me
[13:49] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): no
[13:49] Cee Edman: no
[13:49] ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (LiliaiFlower Resident): do you have a link fo rthe google forum ?
[13:50] Bain Finch (bainfinch Resident): I haven't used mine in ages
[13:50] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): i dont use google forum
[13:50] Podruly Peccable: Bad flickr!
[13:50] ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (LiliaiFlower Resident): neither do i
[13:50] ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (LiliaiFlower Resident): giggles
[13:50] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) laughs
[13:50] Eilidh McCullough: If you mean form, we're not using it this time.
[13:50] Kate McCriðe (KateMcCridhe Resident): Once upon a time I was... but I had to become more an more of a cheapskate in RL...
[13:50] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): ACTS uses Wildstar's
[13:51] Eilidh McCullough: I've started one
[13:51] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): winners to be announced at the Moot on March 7th
[13:51] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Dance on the 1st to kick it off... a week of tours and photos... and the tour ending on the 6th with the photo winner being announced here at the moot
[13:52] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): sounds tidy to me!
[13:52] Kate McCriðe (KateMcCridhe Resident) smiles.
[13:52] Cee Edman: What is to be the subject of the photo contest?
[13:53] Podruly Peccable: Perfect :)
[13:53] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): the home tour
[13:53] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): photos taken while on the tour
[13:53] Nicholas Murdock: "A Tour of Homes: Don't be Caught Unawares" ;)
[13:53] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): *laughs*
[13:53] Kate McCriðe (KateMcCridhe Resident) smiles.
[13:53] Podruly Peccable: hehe
[13:53] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): Good Admiral Murdock!
[13:53] Wildstar Beaumont: regarding flickr : https://www.flickr.com/photos/wildstar_b/16279576488/
[13:53] Cee Edman: "Underwears", you say?
[13:54] Aethelswith Resident giggles
[13:54] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): boys
[13:54] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I will send out the details for the events in a group notice, so keep an eye out for that
[13:55] Eilidh McCullough: That's the beauty of Flickr - very fast to use from the viewer :)
[13:55] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I may be put together enough to send the info to the people here using the chat transcripts
[13:55] Eilidh McCullough is a convert
[13:55] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): speaking of pictures of homes
[13:55] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) listens
[13:56] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): did I give you a copy of the article I wrote where Winterfell and you are showcased?
[13:56] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): you did not
[13:56] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): Cassie and Old Soul your castle is one of the pictures
[13:56] Bain Finch (bainfinch Resident): someone already added a few pictures to the Winterfell Flickr
[13:56] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): runs to my office to collect a copy
[13:57] Nicholas Murdock: That's a nice castle. I'm still hoping you put in a monorail :)
[13:57] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): Thank you Ms. Guardian
[13:57] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): monorail....
[13:57] Eilidh McCullough: fine if wooden?
[13:57] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Mr Murdock.. my mother warned me about you
[13:57] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): the castle now belongs to the Finches
[13:57] Wildstar Beaumont: :)
[13:57] Cierra Anatine hopes the transcript of this meeting will be posted on the blog, since she missed most of it in IMs.
[13:57] Nicholas Murdock looks innocently at the princess, a devilish twinkle in his contacts.
[13:58] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): we have many new neighbours
[13:58] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) supresses a smile and shakes her head
[13:58] Bain Finch (bainfinch Resident): We love that castle too
[13:58] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): The magazine is called Imagine and the article that Princess Selena is in is called IS SL Dead?
[13:58] Podruly Peccable: It is splendid
[13:58] Panza Finch (Panza Eilde): It's a wonderful home...we're still exploring and finding things.
[13:58] Gabrielle Riel: Wonderful!
[13:58] Wildstar Beaumont: is the Princess a suspect in the murder of SL ?
[13:58] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): Mr. Finch is still finding rooms
[13:59] Cierra Anatine: ahahaha Wildstar
[13:59] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) blinks
[13:59] Cee Edman: One hopes, Miss Guardian, thst thre conclusion is that SL is very much alove.
[13:59] Bain Finch (bainfinch Resident): I think I found them all :-P
[13:59] Cee Edman: *alive, even
[13:59] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): no on the contrary she was definding it's life everafter
[13:59] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): :)
[13:59] Cee Edman: (although the typo is not so far off, either)
[13:59] Panza Finch (Panza Eilde): Excuse me. I shall return shortly.
[14:00] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): Princess I will resend you a copy and if I may I will give others a copy if they so desire one
[14:00] Cee Edman: Yes, please.
[14:00] Eilidh McCullough: Please
[14:00] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): I would love to have one or could it be placed in a notice ?
[14:00] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): okay next bit of business is announcing the 2015 Consulate Winter Game Day
[14:01] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): here you are
[14:01] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): This is a event that happens twice a year
[14:01] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): and encompasses the participation of many of the Steamland Nations
[14:02] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): we are hosting the Snowballmageddon again
[14:02] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): snowball fight for title of snowball king or queen
[14:02] Wulfenbach Barony applauds in a metallic fashion
[14:03] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) passes out the schedule
[14:03] Nicholas Murdock: I've noticed the permission on the property don't allow my catapult to send exploding bombs over :(
[14:03] Cierra Anatine: I have heard the Princess is formidable with a snowball.
[14:04] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): we noticed that too Admiral
[14:04] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) smiles
[14:04] Kate McCriðe (KateMcCridhe Resident) gives a crooked grin.
[14:04] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): well... I DO have my wits about me time to time and took care of any sabotage opportunities
[14:04] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): well taught by her mother
[14:04] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): Princess what is the date for that big day?
[14:05] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): oh wait i see it
[14:05] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): the Snowballmageddon?
[14:05] Eilidh McCullough: Tomorrow
[14:05] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): tomorrow afternoon
[14:05] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I am excited and hope you all can come and have some fun
[14:05] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): runs to get on my gown the Ball is going on now
[14:05] Nicholas Murdock: Your mother is entirely too free with her advice ;)
[14:05] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): oh wait finished :(
[14:05] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) giggles
[14:05] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): there is another ball at the closing!
[14:05] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Duchess Gabrielle is the host for that dance
[14:06] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): pouts I have rehearsal tomorrow
[14:06] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): oh drat
[14:06] Nicholas Murdock: I always avoid the Texas capital. I kknow what kind of scum and villainy goes on there ;0
[14:06] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): be nice
[14:06] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): Oh my Nicholas, hold your toungue
[14:06] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): it was a lovely dance
[14:06] Nicholas Murdock: ((Sory, joking. I live in TX rl).
[14:07] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): It was quite lovely and the ballroom was gorgeous !
[14:07] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): Oh lovley , I have been invited to open my next play in their Opera House
[14:07] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I think that is the end of my agenda... does anyone have anything to share or announce?
[14:08] Nicholas Murdock: One question. is the ferry service still working?
[14:08] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): it is
[14:08] Cee Edman: So far as I know, Nicholas
[14:08] Nicholas Murdock: Ok, I hadn't seen it in a bit and wondered
[14:08] Cee Edman: Not many are using it. unfortunately.
[14:08] Bain Finch (bainfinch Resident): Princess Selena, we will need a bit of assistance finalizing our set up at Edgewood Manor on Revelry., mostly with setup our group so I can set home at the Castle
[14:08] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): I just rode it the other day
[14:08] Eilidh McCullough: It sails on demand, as I recall
[14:08] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): correct, it is not an auto runner
[14:08] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): Yes I would like to add that one of the scenes from our play will be presented right here in Winterfell but it won't be for another month or so.
[14:09] Cee Edman: Yes, Eili, it does.
[14:09] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Mr Finch, Id be happy to come over and set that up
[14:09] Bain Finch (bainfinch Resident): smiles
[14:09] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): oh lovely, Gish, I cant wait!
[14:09] Podruly Peccable: Let us know when it happens, Miss Gish
[14:09] Nicholas Murdock waves "Take care all, I need to run back RL"
[14:09] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): See you later, Murdock
[14:09] Kate McCriðe (KateMcCridhe Resident): Take Care! Nicholas
[14:09] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): recently I had squatters though so I had to close it for a bit, the chateau that is.
[14:09] Bain Finch (bainfinch Resident): Take care Nicholas
[14:09] Podruly Peccable: Goodbye Mr Murdock
[14:10] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): I will be sure to have it ready for the tour!
[14:10] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): hurray!
[14:10] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): but when the acting begins it might not be until late March
[14:10] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident) nods
[14:11] Eilidh McCullough: Squatters rezzing their things?
[14:11] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Hello, Jeanette
[14:11] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): *waves*
[14:11] Jeanette Mavendorf: Greetings Selena
[14:11] Kate McCriðe (KateMcCridhe Resident): Greetings Jeanette
[14:11] Kate McCriðe (KateMcCridhe Resident) smiles.
[14:12] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): no just living there
[14:12] Jeanette Mavendorf: Greetings Kate *smiles*
[14:12] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): all the time
[14:12] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): it is my home you see so I had to ask them to stop
[14:12] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): *nods*
[14:12] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): of course
[14:13] Bain Finch (bainfinch Resident): Now there a use for a catapult to deal with the squatters
[14:13] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): alright, if there is no new announcements... I suggest we call this meeting closed and get on with our regularly scheduled activities?
[14:13] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): Ms. Ori and the Duchess have an excellent system at Trikassi from one who knows
[14:14] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): I just tp them home and she had 25 reenteries to my land that is how I know she was living there.
[14:14] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): giggles
[14:14] ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (LiliaiFlower Resident): smiles and claps happy about spring and stands to Pull her Mistress chair out
[14:14] Kate McCriðe (KateMcCridhe Resident): Speaking of squatters... I have a pack of alts that need homing at my place...
[14:14] Eilidh McCullough: That's a case where a specific ban can be justified
[14:14] OldeSoul Eldemar (OldeSoul Resident): Relay For Life Begins with registration on Feb 11th
[14:14] αイιуα đєღєイєℜ-đαωєѕ (FaythNoele Resident) stands
[14:14] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): I hate banning
[14:14] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): yes you are able to ban individuals from your parcels
[14:14] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): but yes I agree
[14:14] Bain Finch (bainfinch Resident): Was lovely meeting you all
[14:14] Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian): Thank you Selena for the wonderful organization
[14:15] Princess Selena (SelenaAnansi Resident): Thank you all for coming!
[14:15] Eilidh McCullough: If you point out nicely it's private, and they insist on returning...
[14:15] ℓιℓι đαωєѕ (LiliaiFlower Resident): : thank you Princess
[14:15] Cassie Eldemar (Cashew Writer): Thank you Princess
[14:15] Cierra Anatine: It was nice to see everyone again. Take care!

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